Whilst I would have preferred that the capacity of Tottenham’s new stadium was slightly bigger (such as one seat more than whatever the Emirates holds) it’s hard not to be impressed by the designs.

The aspect which has drawn most attention is the ‘kop’ stand, which looks stunning. It will be interesting to see what group of fans get moved there. Daniel Levy has talked about keeping current season ticket holders together and I would love it if the Park Lane got moved to this new stand. What an atmosphere we could create.

However, this would mean that I would probably have to find a new pub to drink in before the game, as I generally turn up late as it is and the extra walk would probably see me pitching up around half time.

Small gripes aside, I don’t really see how we could have done this any better and it’s proved that the club were right to take their time. Not only are we staying in the same area (unlike our restless neighbours down the road), but the new stadium is as close to White Hart Lane as it possibly could be.

The stadium retains the bowl atmosphere of the Lane and keeps the crowd close to the pitch. The naming rights are a bit of a pain in the arse, but this is going to cost a lot, so it’s a necessary evil. There’s nothing to force ‘us’ the fans, from actually calling it by the commercial tag it gets given anyway. The naming rights will probably only last for a set period, at which point we could rename it to something more suitable.

It looks as if the complex as a whole will bring a much needed dollop of class to what is now a very run down area. I’m not quite sure who will want to stay in the hotel if there isn’t a match on and the ice rink is bound to soon be tainted with blood stains, but overall it’s a laudable idea to try to regenerate the area.

Let’s just hope that Levy doesn’t hire the Australian mob who built Wembley at a snail’s pace and we have the place up and running on schedule and in time to compete with Arsenal’s by then passe morgue, for the privilege of hosting some World Cup action.

It’s going to be a sad day when we leave White Hart Lane and tears will be shed, but I think there will be a part of every Tottenham supporter that will be looking forward to settling into our new home.

Beatiful stadium but a shame that we seem to be wearing the same yellow streaked shirts in the future
Beautiful stadium but it's a shame that we seem to be wearing the same yellow streaked shirts in the future.
Even an area like Tottenham can look nice in the dark.
Even an area like Tottenham can look nice in the dark.



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