Headphonesgate: Which Spurs Striker Caused Air Rage?


    The Times broke the story yesterday, in which airline staff spilled the beans about what it was like to deal with the stars of the Premier League at several thousand feet.

    Manchester United were singled out for particular praise, being described as polite and courteous. Unfortunately, Tottenham were named as the rudest team that the crew had to deal with.

    “We often get football teams flying to European games, and it’s always interesting to see how they behave. Without doubt the rudest was Spurs. They were going to Prague a couple of years ago, and they were all very impolite. None of them said thank you for anything.

    One player in particular, a striker, sat with his headphones on and refused to take them off, and none of them would lift their window blinds for takeoff and landing.”

    So just who was the oik with no manners, who refused to take off his headphones? Well, we played Slavia Prague in 2006 and then again in 2008. I’ve taken a look at the squads for those away visits and the likely culprits are as follows.

    Defoe- Evens favourite

    Defoe started against Slavia in 2006. His recent sending off against Portsmouth points to a petulant nature. Looks the type to always have headphones plugged in.

    Mido – 13/8

    Started alongside Defoe that day in 2006. His family are pretty much aristocracy in Egypt, which may explain such haughty behaviour. Also likely to be too lazy to take off his headphones.

    Berbatov – 3/1

    Played against Slavia in 2008 and like Mido, may consider taking off his headphones as being too much like hard work. There is also the chance that the headphones might have got caught up in his alice band.

    Keane – 4/1

    The only man to have played in both games. Unless Spurs were flying with Ryanair it’s possible that some sort of translation problem was at the heart of the disagreement, or that Robbie was listening to The Pogues at too high a volume to hear anything.

    Bent – 8/1

    Came on as sub in 2008 and the rank outsider. Twitter rants aside, he seems too likeable a character for such arrogance. Worth an outside bet though, as he would have definitely have bought his iPod along with him to listen to whilst sitting on the bench.

    Harry, find out who this is and if it’s either Keane or Defoe, give them a good lecture on East End manners. Say what you want about the Krays, but they were always polite to their mother.



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