5 More Beauties Scored By Jermain Defoe

When he’s not knocking in the goals for fun, Jermain Defoe is busy scoring with the ladies.

Despite the fact that he is hardly Denzel (I mean Washington rather than the bloke from Fools and Horses), Defoe never goes long without bagging himself another beauty.

Here are 5 ‘stunnas’ that Jermain has ploughed through as if they were a leaky Wigan defence.

5. Sarah Giggle

Hailing from Essex, Sarah is a DJ and glamour model, who has been born with the sort of name that an author might use if they were writing a novel about shady East End villains and wanted to base a character on Barbara Windsor.

The Giggle had a brief fling with Defoe, which brought about the end to his fairytale romance with Danielle Lloyd.

Jermain obviously had an impact on Miss Giggle.

Jermain obviously had an impact on Miss Giggle.

4. Chantelle Houghton

Having appeared on Celebrity Big Brother, Houghton turned the head of Preston and managed to ruin the career of The Ordinary Boys (a group who shamelessly copied from others, but at least had the good taste to rip off people who I really like).

When Preston proved to be too intellectually challenging, Houghton looked around for someone less stimulating and ended up with a footballer. However, her decision to get together with Defoe backfired amid rumours of him cheating on here (hmmm, we’re seeing a pattern emerge here).

"Sorry, what were you saying about George Galloway?"

"Sorry, what were you saying about George Galloway?"

3. Charlotte Mears

It looked like Charlotte would be the one to make Defoe settle down. They even got engaged and appeared on A Place In The Sun together.

Unfortunately, the restless Jermain was soon moving onto pastures new, as he kicked Mears into touch and ended up with…

Never did get her hands on that holiday home.

Never did get her hands on that holiday home.

2. Danielle Lloyd

It was somehow inevitable that football’s premier WAG would one day become familiar with football’s biggest player.

The romance was short lived though, as rumours abounded of more dalliances by Defoe. These days Danielle is on-loan with Jamie O’Hara, who is himself on-loan at Portsmouth.

Stay classy San Diego.

Stay classy San Diego.

1. Imogen Thomas

Will Imogen be known as ‘the one that got away’? Possibly, but it is doubtless that Defoe will be far too busy working through the rest of Zoo magazine’s contact book, to either notice or care.

Paula Abdul once sang that ‘Opposite’s Attract’ but this is rarely true in real life and Abdul’s utterances have largely been discredited anyway, ever since she went on American Idol and proved herself to be nuts.

Jermain and Imogen recently parted after she revealed that she wanted to settle down, while he wanted to be out partying every night. This news might not please Harry Redknapp.

Imogen went from Big Brother to Small Striker.

Imogen went from Big Brother to Small Striker.

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