A couple of days ago I stumbled upon a website, with a rather addictive premise. It’s called greatestspursplayer.com and as the title suggests, it asks you to rank Spurs’ great and the good.

The site does this by randomly throwing two Spurs players together of past or present and then simply asking for you to vote for who you think is best, in a style evocative of Top Trumps. Only players of the Premier League era are included, because as we all know, football didn’t exist until Sky Sports started their £3 a month subscription charge.

So you might be asked to decide who was the greatest out of David Ginola and Luka Modric, or just as likely – David Tuttle and Steve Slade. The site then uses the information to see who has won the most head-to-head challenges to publish a list of the greatest ever Spurs players and also rank our defenders, midfielders, attackers and the best ever team, in a 4-4-2 formation.

Our top 10 players of the Premier League age, according to the site, are as follows:

1. Jurgen Klinsmann

2. David Ginola

3. Aaron Lennon

4. Michael Dawson

5. Jermain Defoe

6. Ledley King

7. Robbie Keane

8. Teddy Sheringham

9. Gary Mabbutt

10. Luka Modric

I wouldn’t necessarily agree with that ranking myself, but I’m sure things will even themselves out when more people start voting. It is worth going to the site and having a few votes, if for no other reason than the fact that Judas currently ranks as our ninth best defender and it is our duty to get him off the list.

The site is available for other teams as well and there is also a general Premier League one, which has obviously only ever been used by Arsenal fans, as the top 23 players out of 50, are all ex-Scum. You know something is wrong when Steve Morrow is ranked just outside the top 10.



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