The Sun is full of tittle tattle today regarding the news that 16 members of the Tottenham squad nipped off to Dublin prior to our home defeat by Wolves, for a spot of festive cheer.

This makes our manager seem rather stupid, because a couple of days after the shindig, he was busy telling everyone that there would be no Christmas party at Spurs and that his players should wait until the end of the season to see if their achievements warrant some kind of celebration.

Apparently Harry was informed that the players were going away on a midweek golf day and was happy enough with that. Doesn’t he realise that one of the main reasons why golf is so popular is because it’s one of the few sports where you can get away with drinking, whilst playing?

Of course, our lads were more interested in sinking pints than sinking putts and in actuality spent their time in Dublin at a nightclub called Copper Face Jacks, which if reports are to be believed, makes Faces in Ilford seem like Studio 54.

The Sun have gleefully pointed out that this party came just 72 hours before our defeat at Wolves. We certainly played that day as if we were hungover, but Harry has claimed that the team trained perfectly well on the Thursday and Friday.

Everyone’s favourite fish and chip wrapping, have made a desperate attempt to stir some trouble up at Spurs. The tone and language of the article is hilarious.

‘It was an audacious plot planned with military precision’ they begin. No it wasn’t. It was just a few blokes flying to Dublin to get hammered. My mate is having his stag night in Copenhagen next year. What would The Sun call that? An SAS mission?

‘Skipper Robbie Keane – the mastermind behind the plan – had been on reconnaissance many times to Ireland’s capital city.’ Reconnaissance? The man was born and brought up in Dublin. He is the captain of the Irish national team, who play in Dublin. Surely then, Keane has plenty of legitimate reasons to return there, without it meaning that he’s been holed up in a van outside a nightclub, like Richard Dreyfuss in Stakeout.

It’s likely that Redknapp probably isn’t too happy about this whole affair, despite his protestations, as it does rather undermine him considering his statement about Christmas parties just last week. Other news outlets are already following hot on the heels of The Sun’s story, with speculation that Keane will be sold as a result of his part in the plan.

If Keane is sold, I don’t think that it will have anything to do with the party. Redknapp has been in the game a few years and this isn’t the first time that a group of footballers have sneaked away to get leathered. Don’t forget that Harry played with Bobby Moore and Jimmy Greaves, who were hardly adverse to enjoying a bevvy.

What actually concerned me about this story, was the fact that only 16 players and not the whole squad, went to Dublin. You can understand Wilson Palacios not being interested after the year he’s had and Dos Santos is probably still hungover from last year’s event. However, Pavlyuchenko’s non-attendance smacks of a player that just wants away from the club and I hope that this isn’t also the case of the other absentee, Bale.

The real scandal here is a newspaper trying to stir up trouble with a story about an event that ultimately, doesn’t warrant much fuss. Today’s it’s our football club in the headlines, on every other day it’s some other target. It’s about time that people started following the example of the city of Liverpool and just stopped buying this rubbish.



  1. “Keane has plenty of legitimate reasons to return there, without it meaning that he’s been holed up in a van outside a nightclub, like Richard Dreyfuss in Stakeout.” LOL.

    Don’t buy the Sun, Don’t watch X-Factor… All together now… “F**k you I won’t do what you tell me!”

  2. This is all Harrys fault working for a gutter tabloid a conservative one as well they could give out some scandal and brown envelopes full of money when they where in power ,Harry should bring Jamie spice man to Spurs because H is losing the dressing room he could tell is dad to calm down.This Portsmouth tax problem is clouding is judgment. Poor Robbie could only get 16 players to go the rest can party any time because the don’t play anyway .We have one of the strongest none playing squads in the Premiership

  3. There is still time for Spurs players to shot The Sun’s mouth trap by coming out and declaring they actually celebrated Hanika. That would certainly be enough for hypocrites at this rubbish paper to immediately drop the story and HR to cool off.

  4. Yes, davspurs is a blight on many a Spurs website. You’d have thought with all that writing he’d be at least a bit more literate by now.

  5. DAN you must have bean hit with a frying pan and BFSN What kind of name is that its sounds like a new flu virus .Leonardo Merry Christmas and a Happy New year from Davspurs Therumourman Nwcockerel all true Spurs fans fighting our corner from dodge piss tests .We had Irish finest beer in our piss expect more from Blackburn my spy in the north west the NWcockerel tells me that big sam was seen talking to the Duracell bunnies physio.Ho Ho Ho Merry Christmas and a Wonderful new year to Super clean and 10/10 for entertainment and skill Tottenham Hotspurs ,

  6. I think the above posters are missing the point on this – not least the guy who wrote the above piece. It’s a STORY people. The Sun aren’t trying to “stir up trouble”, like they’ve got some Spurs vendetta. They’re trying to sell newspapers. And reporting the Spurs team did this after their manager had banned a Christmas party, is fair game and reasonable journalism, if you ask me. Any other paper would have reported it too – though perhaps not in quite the same OTT style. We’re missing the point. The players DID go behind Harry’s back. Let’s not start making excuses for them. It’s not the worst thing in the world – it will blow over. And in a way, it’s almost heartening that so many of the squad went to such trouble to go out on the lash together. It proves they like each other and get on at least. Can you imagine the same thing happening at Man City? Or Arsenal? No.


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