Yesterday I hosted a poll to find out what you thought was Tottenham’s greatest match of the last ten years.

Quite a lot of people quite rightly pointed out that I had omitted our 4-3 triumph over West Ham at Upton Park, which was remiss of me. Let’s face it, Paul Stalteri didn’t get many moments in the sun during his Tottenham career and didn’t deserve to be snubbed.

I don’t think though that even if I had included the West Ham match in the poll, that the overall result would have been any different. The top three as voted by your good selves were:

In third place… take a bow Arsenal 4 Tottenham 4, with 12% of the vote.

In second place… our Carling Cup final triumph, Tottenham 2 Chelsea 1, with 23%.

And the winner is… Tottenham Hotspur 5 Arsenal 1, with a whopping 45% and because you can never watch it enough times, here’s the highlights again:

Thanks to everyone who took the time to vote and make comments.



  1. I am not sure a win against arsenal’s fringe should be no.1. I would have put the chelsea top and what about the 6-4 against reading? 4-4 against chelsea, 0-0 (mendes goal) was a good performance if not a win against utd. Of course we seem to be forgetting 9-1

  2. Epochery, it doesn’t matter what you think individually, it’s a poll… get it? where lots of people vote and collectively decide the winner. Go with it and enjoy the collective love rather than trying to tell everyone that they got it wrong. 5-1 against the Arse is 5-1 against the Arse and I personally don’t care who was in the side.

  3. Tbf the average age of our players in the 5-1 was younger than theirs, so they can’t claim inexperience 🙂 The atmosphere that night was immense too.

    I think I’d still prefer the 3-4 against the Spam, if only they’d gone down! If we relegated them it would’ve been the perfect revenge…Luckily it seems we’ll get the chance to send ’em down this season though – a 9-1 at the Lane would be a nice start.


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