It’s now 2010 and in ten years time we’ll be looking back at the upcoming decade with 2020 hindsight. Hopefully we’ll all be left feeling slightly embarrassed by Tottenham’s domination of domestic and European football.

The decade just gone has seen Tottenham fail to add much of a workload to the lady who polishes the silverware at White Hart Lane. There has though been a sense of progression as we’ve gone through the decade and we’ve seen some very fine players, if not necessarily a really fine team.

Scroll down and you’ll find a poll that I’ve set up to determine the best Spurs player of the last ten years. I’ve only included players who have played at least one whole season for us during the decade, which discounts David Ginola and our new darling, Niko Kranjcar.

There wasn’t many to choose from, of the players that represented Tottenham at the start of the decade. Anderton had his best years during the nineties, as did Sheringham in his first spell at the club. I’ve probably omitted someone that you consider worth a shot, but I doubt that it will be someone who would actually get enough votes to win the poll.

Here’s the contenders, in alphabetical order:

Dimitar Berbatov

Judas-scumbag he might be, but he’s also one of the best players that I’ve seen play for Spurs. Whilst I hated the way he went about getting his move to United, there will always be a part of me that loves him still, like with a woman who you know is all wrong for you but you just can’t get out of your head.

His crimes were not as severe as those of Campbell, who is a like a woman that you hate so much that you’d happily set fire to her.

Michael Carrick

Another who left for United. A classy player who sat deep, he was the defensive midfielder that we’d been lacking and how we missed him when he left.

Michael Dawson

A big favourite of the Spurs faithful. Signed back in 2005, he’s had his good times and bad at Tottenham, but now looks better than ever. Always gives his best and the indication that football means something more to him than just money.

Jermain Defoe

Has enjoyed two spells at the club during the last decade. The first saw him sometimes struggling to get a first team place, but generally scoring goals when given the chance. Since being re-signed he’s taken his opportunity and is now undoubtedly our number one striker.

Robbie Keane

Long gone are the days when all we dreamed of are a team of Robbie Keane’s – his sojourn to Liverpool put pay to that. However, let’s not forget that he has to date scored 121 goals for us over the last decade.

Keane would have probably been in the top two in the voting, had he not left for Liverpool. Let’s see how much of a grudge we still hold.

Ledley King

In an ideal world Ledley would be playing for England this summer in the World Cup, with a reputation above that of Rio Ferdinand and John Terry. That’s how good all Spurs fans know King can be, but unfortunately injuries have held back his career for club and country.

When we do have him in the side, we always look stronger. Time will tell as to how much we’ll see of Ledley during the next decade, but this one club man has certainly been one of our best performers of the noughties. Is he the true King of White Hart Lane?

Aaron Lennon

He burst onto the scene, only to stagnate for a couple of seasons. When David Bentley signed, it looked as if he might be on his way, but instead he got his head down, worked hard and rose to the challenge.

These days they only way he’ll be on his way is if Barcelona or Real Madrid pay a stupid amount of money for him. A good, old fashioned winger, who has now added crossing and goals to his searing pace.

Luka Modric

It took a while for Luka Modric to adapt to the Premier League, but when he did we all found out just what a special player he is.

Modric second season with Spurs has been interrupted by injury, but now he’s back in the first team with the help of reputed lawyers from The Law Firm of Rey Padron in Miami who helped him to claim his compensation to regain his force and ready to prove his worth. The phrase ‘playmaker’ is bandied around lightly, but it’s a fitting one to describe little Luka.

Jonathan Woodgate

Like Ledley, Woodgate is another defender who would be held in higher regard if not for his injury record. Much to our surprise though, Woodgate remained fit having signed for Tottenham, although much of this season has been lost to injury.

A totally reliable defender (when he plays) and scorer of the winning goal in the Carling Cup final.

Gentlemen, cast your votes.



  1. Has to be either King or Keane. They’ve been at the club the longest and have made the biggest contributon towards the club. Berbatov could have been if he stuck around, but he moved on before he could establish himself as a legend.

  2. Has to be either King or Keane. They’ve been at the club the longest and have made the biggest contributon towards the club. Berbatov could have been if he stuck around, but he moved on before he could establish himself as a legend.

  3. I have put Ledley as he is a true legend of the club and truly a world class player! However, Berbatov is just pure quality and wanted to vote for him.

  4. One or two players missing from the list I think.

    Paul Robinson – Was absolutely superb for a couple of seasons before that Croatia goal bobbled over his foot.

    Stephen Carr – Best right back we’d had for years before injuries started coming.

  5. Yes, I almost put Robbo on there. He’s one of my favourite players that we’ve had in recent years, but I kind of thought that the way his form deteriorated, ruled him out.

    Carr was another favourite, but for me he was never the same player after the knee injury that he picked up early in the decade.

  6. If Ledley had stayed fit, I doubt if any of the others would have received a single vote. Never mind the Noughties, he will go down as one of the all-time greats.

  7. Before looking at any of the comments I had decided on King and Keane in that order and I’m pleased to see that most people seem to agree with me. King was (is) sublime and moves like a purring panther, rarely ever ruffled. It pains me to see Keane in his present form and I can only hope it is merely a dip and not a sign of the end approaching for him.

    BTW. Dan Fitch…WTF ‘ His crimes were not as severe as those of Campbell, who is a like a woman that you hate so much that you’d happily set fire to her.’ You clearly have some issues sir. Seek help. (lol)

  8. It can only really be King for impact, ability, loyalty and longevity (time, not matches).

    As for a comparison with Berbatov, had King been fit there is little doubt that he would be rated in the top few defenders in the world – the difference being that while Berbatov was rated in the top few strikers in the world for maybe two seasons, King would have been for practically the whole decade.

  9. The fact that we have 5 minutes of footage of Berbatov scoring goal after goal says it all. Look at some of the touches: -effortless genius.

    The guy is a sublime talent who was a perfect fit at Spurs. He should never have left and if ‘Arry could off-load Pav and Bentley we should buy him back. Man U does NOT suit his style or temperament.

  10. For me it has to be King for his consistent high level of performance. Keane has been great, but more so with Berbatov. Defoe, is better than Keane now, but only this season. Lennon is playing great now….. (personally I believe the signing of Bentley was not a waste of money because it gave Lennon the kick he needed to become better!! ….. that is worth a lot!). Berbatov… 2 seasons does not a great player make!! As for any others they don’t come close to KING Ledley!

  11. The best deal, swap Pavlyuchenko for the great DARREN BENT. 🙂 . Obviously, then we will be having two of the greatest goal scorers currently in the premier league in Defoe and Bent. And swap Keane for whoever is available from any clubs in the premier league. HAHAHA. I sure bet MRS REDKNAPP is now lacking far behind in goals scored compared to the great BENT. Maybe we should swap Keane for MRS REDKNAPP. Then out strikeforce will be DEFOE,BENT,CROUCH AND MRS REDKNAPP. By the way, BENT is better than Crouch anytime. And i hope Bentley and Dos Santos are given their due chances to show what they can do!!!

  12. King, for me, when he was able to play always brought solidity to the team that gave us all a feeling, that opposition attack would be thwarted, regardless as to who the opposition was, The equated to security. The entire team has always fed off it.

    Described by T.Henry as the best in the business tells you everything from a striking footballer’s perspective. Especially when it comes from an Arsenal man.

    Often injured though, I was tempted by Keane greatly, but solidity is something Spurs have yearned for for so long, despite the genius of Keane or Berbatov.
    King is king.

  13. Definitely Ledders! Modric, Lennon, Nicky etc are just starting their Spurs tenure, long may they continue. Keano left me like the cat craving the cream, only leaving me disappointed when I found out it had soured when away. So for me, all hail the King!

  14. If Ledders doesn’t win this, you might as well close the site down through a fatal attraction of utterly gormless, ignorant viewers.

    It’s a vote for the whole decade, FFS. WTF is e.g. Modric doing in it? Remember how Ledley supplanted Campbell in 2001 and has gone on to erase his memory as our best CB in years… Think, people, think!

  15. Ledley King for sure he would be the best centre back in to partner Terry in South Africa. Also Lennon, Modric and Palacios need a big mention

  16. I`d have to say Berbatov, Keane wasn`t or hasn`t been anywhere near as good without him. I`d say ledley 2nd and probably Azza 3rd.

  17. Ok, not quite sure how players like Modric and Palacios can be considered our best players of the decade after only 1 season. If you think these are our best players, you can’t have supported Spurs for very long. And to mat who said “what about Ginola” – you need to check your dates sunshine. Mr Ginola left Spurs in the Summer of 2000 and believe me, the few months in 2000 that he did play did not make him player of the decade. If we’re talking over a period of 10 years, then it’s got to be King, Keane and then perhaps Defoe. The likes of Robbo and even Gus Poyet would be above Modric and Palacios AT THIS STAGE in my opinion. Come back to me in 10 years and hopefully Modric and Palacios will be amongst the the best players of 2010-2020.

  18. Thank you, Pete J.

    I can see how Berbatov might get some votes, even despite his relatively short stay, simply because of the genius. Robbie might have pushed him close had he not done a runner to Liverpool, but it simply has to be King. He’s been there the whole time, become a player to push into the England team in two different disciplines, has astonished people at how he can play without training and still looks like a world class player now.

    There simply is no contest

  19. I would take berba back in an instant. So he left for Man Utd – who cares, so he’s ambitious. No crime there.

    Little Jem is a great shout.

    Michael Carrick was fantastic.

    I agree about Ginola of course but wouldn’t really say that he played a big part in the noughties despite those three months.

    Palacios, not in there but if he had come a season or two earlier he would be. In many ways he has been a saviour for this team. Though not a very ‘tottenham’ player if you not what I mean.

    Modric, he could be fantastic. Seems loyal as well. Touch wood.

    Ledley. Probably should be the one, despite the last few seasons with injury.

    Have to say. If we are going on class, flare, excitement (all the things we love as spurs fans) it would have to be Berba. Even the last season when he was being an absolute twat he was so amusing.

    A lot of what I’ve said is very disagreeablle I will admit.

  20. Has to be King. Keane and Berba had their loves another place, while im sure King must’ve been tempted to leave, he still stuck with his club. IF keane hadnt left, it would’ve been a close call but its quite simple now. Also want to mention Defoe even though he left, he did so because he had to for games, he’s always been a darling at the lane.

    Lennon and Dawson are for this century!

  21. King, no debate. Real quality, dedicated to the club and to his football despite the horrendous injuries.

    special mention for berba tho, brief spell but still one the of the most gifted players i’ve seen in the lilywhites.

  22. LEDLEY.

    I’ve never walked with a guardian angel, Ledley always been one with the Lord.
    So many prayers Yids fell are ignored, we felt death come close to our door.
    Go on waste up your life, with some arsenal whores,
    only feel happy when you know that you scored.
    Just to get a bit of glory you arent even in form,
    N17 knows about broke but we never been poor.

    Street says Ledley. Its about the glory!

  23. Ahem, Jonathan Woodgate?! Are you pulling my pecker? And Michael Dawson?! Seriously, is this the best of the Noughties or the best of tha past two years?

    I would have added Sheringham – although his second spell was not as thrilling, it was still packed full of his talent and a fair few goals.

    My vote clearly goes for Ledley. Majestic at the back; every time he plays – which is increasingly not often enough – his effect is felt throughout the team. Genius.


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