Ledley King with 47% of the vote.

I can’t say that I’m a bit surprised at this outcome. He got my vote and was the outstanding candidate based on his performances, commitment and longevity. To be honest, my reasons for conducting the poll were more due to curiosity as to how other players would fare.

Robbie Keane came second with 19% and it’s good to see that his current form hasn’t blinded everyone to his past achievements at Spurs. Had he not left for Liverpool he would have pushed Ledley harder in this poll, albeit with the same result being the most probable outcome.

Berbatov came third with 16%. After King, he would have got my vote. He was an incredible player and one with the ability to take your breath away with a moment of skill.

I consider King to be every bit as good a defender as Berbatov was for us as a striker. There aren’t many centre backs who are so adept at their job and can do it with such ease that they can take your breath away with a moment of brilliance, but Ledley is one such player.

Here’s one such moment, that demonstrates what a monster of a player Ledley King is.

Thanks to the well over a thousand people who voted. Long live the King!



  1. I voted for Keane by shear weight of performances made, but totally agree re Ledley’s brilliance… saw a similar moment to the video when he took the ball of LuaLua’s foot and my mate and I just silently looked at each other… awesome defender. Congrats Ledley, and I hope you don’t suffer too much in the future for what you’ve given Spurs.

  2. Wow, just watched that YouTube clip of King on Robben. I’d forgotten just how good a tackle that was… he just eats the ground up… amazing. Long live the king.

  3. As an norwegian I normaly dont write much on british media, but this time I just can’t let it be! I love my spurs and offcourse the yiddo icon nr 1, the one and only King! I had no doubt in my mind that Ledley would win this contest! Many great players has played for us but the combination of skills and loyality makes nr 26 my first choise! And to be hounest, King is, as I see it, the only real candidate! I honnor this man and I sure hope there is more to come! Thank you Ledley for all you have done for us so fare!!


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