The Liverpool game has been rearranged for the 20th January.

This means that our upcoming fixtures are as follows.

Jan 16th – Hull -home
Jan 20th – Liverpool – away
Jan 23rd – Leeds – home
Jan 26th – Fulham – home
Jan 30th – Birmingham – away

It could be worse. The Hull game at home should be relatively easy, whilst Liverpool have a tough away match at Stoke. After the Liverpool game, our home draw against Leeds in the cup gives us an opportunity to rest a few players, before the Fulham match.

Playing 5 games in 14 days is tough, but we should come in as the fresher team against Liverpool, as they face Reading tomorrow, before tackling Stoke on Saturday.

The nightmare scenario that we all envisaged when the game was first called off, was the Liverpool game being sandwiched somewhere in-between our consecutive games against Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester United. This is definitely the lesser of two evils.

The fixture pile up will be a test for our squad, especially if we pick up injuries in positions where we lack cover, such as central midfield, but with the window open, there’s always the chance that we’ll strengthen the squad during January.

Of all our January games, I have to say that on recent form, the trip to Birmingham promises to be at least as tough as the trip to Anfield. Bring it on.



  1. JACKO

    you cock can u read? i never said we were a bigger club, i said that financialy were are better and have a better squad, also i mentioned that its a start of a new arra for tottenham thats how football is, so in my opinion i can see spurs being above liverpool for a very long time, we are a better club at the moment, we are run properly and have a propper manager and fans, u guys are crying like babies now that the rest of the league has caught up to you, accept irt YOUR SHIT AND RAN BY A BUNCH OF MUPPETS U NEED 10 YEARS TO GET OUT OF YOUR MEES, and start by getting a propper manager, then an owner, board etc lol lol lol

  2. Err have we forgotten we already beat them 2-1 at home?

    I never thought I’d dislike Liverpool supporters, I genuinely get along with them but reading the comments from some of them you can tell they feel threatened. Having Lennon back should make us much stronger so postponing that game was a big mistake Liverpoo!


  3. Reina vs Gomes, 1 nil lfc
    Aurelio vs Ekoto, 2 nil lfc
    Johnson vs Corluka, 3 nil lfc
    Carragher vs Bassong, 4 nil lfc
    Agger vs King, 5 nil lfc
    Benyoun vs Krancjar, 6 nil lfc
    Maxi vs Lennon, 7 nil lfc
    Gerrard,Masch,Aquilani vs whoever 8 nil lfc
    Torres vs Defore,Keane and Crouch 9 nil
    Cavilieiri better than spurs 2nd choice
    Skrtl, Insua, Lucas, Babel, Ngog, Riera and you spuds are trying to tell me that spuds have a better team or squad than lfc, your having a laugh and financially??? what is spuds turnover per season??? your miles behind Arsenal in every way and always will be let alone Chelsea so enjoy fighting with Fulham and West Ham for the coveted 3rd best team in London, well done lads so so jealous of your pathetic club

  4. Oh lfcforever can’t hack the fact that Liverpool are a 2 man team and we all know who they are, don’t we??! Liverpool’s record against Spurs in the last four games (in all comp)
    P4 W1 D0 L3 – oh dear! End of argument me thinks – should and most likely will be L4 after the imminent game at Banfield.

  5. lfcforever are you a retard? no really are you? or are u just from liverpool? cause there is no way your team is better than spurs, credit where credit is due gerrad and torres are good but the rest are shit and have done NOTHING all season they are all holding on to torres to keep there head above water. as for benitez how much money does a guy need to win the league, he could have bought every team in the league with the money he spent. as for your board LOL nothing needs to be said. where are fulham and west ham? think we easily won that battle considering he are only a few points behind arsenal and chelsea would logic not tell you we are battling them? or if you want to disagree you are fighting everton for the best club in liverpool. finacially spurs have NEVER made a loss hence why we can afford a new staduim, your club like manu spends all its profits paying back the loan your owners took out to buy the club. hence why both clubs over the next few years are going down the shitter. rooney, gerrad and torres for spain/chelsea or man c 🙂


  6. lfcforever –
    SHUT UP!
    1 – this season, gomes is better than reina – 1nil
    2 – aureilio wont play! 2nil
    3- johnson and corluka are equal in my opinion and i would much rather have corluka. still 2nil.
    4 – carragher v bassong??? ahaha!! at least bassong gets the ball in the OPPOSITIONS net and not his own. 3nil.
    5 – agger v king – AGGER IS SHOCKING! 2 good goals and thats it. plus he wont play. but hopefully king will of course. 4nil
    6 – benayoun vs kranjcar – again, equal players but on recent form, its all about kranjcar, so shhhh! 5nil.
    7 – Maxi vs lennon? YOU WONT HAVE MAXI BY THEN or infact at all so how stupid is that? plus how do you know he wont be a flop? like most people turn when they go to you (e.g. keane, voronon and dossena) and now lennon has recoverd, postponing the match was a stupid move! 6nil.
    8 – gerrard and masch and aquilani – gerrard maybe on his day is good but has been poor – masch compared to palacios? shut up there, palacios is a train!. and aquilani??? OMG! the WORST summer buy of 2009. and compared to modric? shut it. 7NIL!
    torre vs CROUCH AND DEFOE AND KEANE. – if all 3 are up against the single torres, hes awful. and only having gerrard to supply him. how sad. EIGHT NIL!
    TWO man team. youre a TWO man team!
    and those subs you named. oh dear, well. im only really “scared” of babel. but by then we will be 3-0 up and you will bring him on at 85mins. CUS YOURE STUPID MANAGER KNOWS NOTHING!
    and the record does prove that you shouldnt be so confident. if u only manage a draw against READING with a FULL squad. well…you should be more worried. 9NIL!

  7. sorry, I’ve just also saw

    ‘masch compared to palacios? shut up there, palacios is a train!’

    The captain of Argentina and a player rated at £40m is not as good as Wilson Palacios

    Comedy gold

  8. Gomes better than Reina???????!?!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?ahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha That’s the biggest joke i’ve ever heard!!!!!!
    Johnson and Corluka EQUAL????!!!!ahahahahahahhaha
    Palacios better than Mascherano???!!?!?!?!?!?!hahahahahah
    you tottenham fans are miserable to say things like that…i admire Lennon from tottenham he and modric are all your squad…Reina,Carragher,Mascherano,Gerrard and Torres are players world class and not compared to Gomes and Palacios who are decent!!looool

  9. gomes is though. whos conceeded more? if its not true, its that spurs’ back four is better than liverpools. yeah, that may be it.
    and the masch issue, ever heard of OVERATED? thats masch. he doesnt even want to play for you! what does that say?
    £40 mil? whatever, thats just how much liverpool want to help their debt! i would never EVER trust american poeple to take over a football club. they dont know what they’re doing.

  10. also,
    i see where “Spurs Vs Liverpiddle” is coming from.
    he has good points.
    there will always be arguments who is better.
    but at this stage –
    gomes is better. (at this stage he is)
    corluka and johnson are equal really – prove to me johnson is better.
    palacios – cmon, he works alot harder. he is a very good player. will get even better.

  11. johnson is better than corluka going forward but is so shaky defnsively, i’d take corluka because though he’s less likely to score or set one up than johnson he’s also far less likely to concede, johnson is just a chelsea reject. if you look at the stats for krancjar vs bennayoun krancjar wins on goals-game ratio and i cant remember assists but its not too different. and lennon will be far more effective than maxi, he’s 3rd in assist so far this season and is a goal threat too, btw carragher’s past it

  12. Pepe Reina has the golden gloves award in the Premiership for the past 3 years doesnt he?

    Gomes has hit a bit of form and you think he’s Gordon Banks haha

  13. Surely it should come down to 1) clean sheets 2) goal difference

    im sorry but liverpool are on the decline it is that simple!!!!
    Look at the table top four you will be lucky to get top six and if you really lucky gerrard wont leave you at the end of the season.

  14. yes hes won those “golden glove” things, whatever.
    this is now!
    i dont give a crap about some little trophy.
    its all about now.

  15. The bindippers feel they should automaticly be up there, the fact is over the last 20 years only last season did they come close, its not banter just pure facts.
    They have 2 world class players in Gerrard and Torras and great passion in Jamie C at the back, but his lack of speed is starting to show him up.
    Mashcerano is a really good player but he so doesn’t want to be there anymore, could you blame him, cheshire or Barcelona, I know what I would want, lol
    As for us lilly whites, Kranjar is the buy of the decade, £2m obviously linked to us lending Pompey Jamie O’Hara.
    Lennon is in great form and is still learning the game, Modders is pure quality and will improve, Defoe and Crouch are a decent partnership and will and are getting goals, our centre backs are injured so it shows what a good squad we have in Bassong and Dawson taking er and doing a fantastic job, considering we dropped daft points against Stoke and Wolves, along with DEGRADING vILLA AND cITEHHHH, lol i THINK we have a decent chance of taking 4th spot, Liverpool are a great club but history means zilch as us Spurs fans know only to well.
    The Future is bright the Future is lillywhite.

  16. Only 3 players Liverpool players would make the current Tottenham squad Reina, Gerrard and Torres. On current form Reina wouldn’t however he is a class act. League position and GD does not lie, i like Liverpool but your fans are beginning to sound as arrogant as Man.Utd and as deluded as the Geordies. I have close friends who are Liverpool season ticket holders and they echo the same opinion as me. Your club has a good manager but shit owners. Get behind the team and make the 12th man count, stop putting pressure on the lads and stop jeering them, maybe you might see your side qualify for Europa league? I’m realistic, as much as we have a great team i would be happy with 5th place finish as lets be fair Man.Shity will spend silly money, offer obscene wages and buy their way into top 4. Arsenal have a great team for the future, with a couple of additions they could be serious title contenders next season (begrudgingly admit that) United are in financial dire straits and are a team in decline. Neville, Van Der Sar, Ferdinand, Vidic, Giggs, Scholes, Brown, Owen all need replacing next summer. Then a genuine top 4 challenge will be on. Just concentatre on the fixtures and the best team will be determined at season end.

  17. all i hear is liverpool are a 2man team. this may be true and its also true the same 2man team has finished ahead of your 11man team in the last couple of seasons.if any team are going to break into the top 4 it will be man city and not spurs.liverpool will finish ahead of spurs again with 9 less players

  18. It will be a very tight game,liverpool are still a very strong team and if we can at least get a draw i would be happy.
    As regards to who has the strongest squad,i would say this,if liverpool lose their 2 best players they are a bit
    average,we on the other hand would not be so badly

  19. Stavros….do us all a favour and f*ck your own mum up her timid Mick you pointless and no nothing pathetic c*nt……….and get a job you dole money claiming Scouse pr1ck, I pay your benefits and for what? so you can sit on a computer all day, if you aint careful I will buy your house off the local council for a tenner and sell it to someone else… shhhhhh no little boy

  20. I hate Liverpool and everything about them!

    Milktruck and Stavros what a pair of complete helmets you both are.

    Well said Wadsy your a hero of mine.

  21. Wow, this is infantile. “x better than y hahahahah” ” your mums a *****” …brilliant, good insight from both sides.

    Loving the comments from liverpool fans that a) involve permanent crocks like Aurelio and Agger, seriously thats like us spurs fans claiming Ledley king as our usual CB b) Carragher as world class – are you actually joking? yeah, 3 years ago he was, now hes average at best.

    On Reina vs Gomes, i genuinely think they are both in the top 3 keepers in the league at the moment, although Given has to be the best.

    Krancjar is massively on form at the moment so to claim Benayoun is better is fairly naive I think. Gerrard and Torres are obviously world class, and I would take Mascherano over palacios (much rather have both) but in every other position spurs are better. Johnson is fantastic going forward but he does a good Gareth Bale impression in defence – Id rather have a defender who can defend thanks. Lennon, modric and Krancjar vs Riera, Babel and Kuyt is just no contest. Dawson and Bassong are looking v good in defence for spurs the moment, Dawson in particular has made huge leaps forward. Would take either over Carragher. Another point, you only have one striker, spurs have 4 (soon 3) all of whom are at least decent ie much better than Ngog. On paper they are two fairly evenly matched teams I think, but spurs squad is far superior, Liverpool have no quality back ups at all. And all that without noting that Gerrard and Torres are both made of glass and will almost certainly each be out for 4-5 games of the rest of the season with hamstring strains. Either team could win on wednesday, but I think spurs will finish above liverpool in the table…could be 5th and 6th place tho

  22. Ha ha ha ha ha ha @ Wadsy.
    Pathetic and childish, next thing you will start cussing my Mum!

    L, I, V, E, R, P, O, O, L Liverpool FC.

    Greatest club in the world.

    Torres Best striker in the world.

    Gerrard Best palyer to ever have played in the Premier League END OF.

  23. or in summary, Liverpool are a two man team, but those two men are very, very good at scoring goals. Defoe has two more goals this season than Torres tho…, Kranc with 1 goal and 1 assist less than Gerrard…

  24. Hang on a minute if he aint left for the job centre Stavros will tell us how good Liverpool were in the 70’s and 80’s zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Gerrard the best player to play in the premiership?? ahahahahahaha ahahahahahha ahahahahah bloke lets his country down time and time again…..

    Torres is the best striker your right, but wonder how he will feel playing in the Europa league ahahahahah

  25. Us Scousers dont class ourselves as English thats why Gerrard dont paly well for his adopted nation.
    If Scouse had a national team we would win the World Cup just like you lot claim to have done with Porters, Hirst and More.

  26. That will be West Ham fans not Spurs fans…… you know anything about football? you jobless c*nt.

    I think its more a case of England not wanting to admit to having scousers to be fair, jobless, all theives, disgrace England abroad etc etc…..

  27. Wadsy – I know loads about football been following the Mighty Reds for 5 years now.

    Glory Glory Reds.

    Torres and Gerrard to take over the world.

    JC – Your boring.

  28. Stavros,we English don’t class you as english either, more
    the decendants of thieving dregs from stoneage ireland.
    I bet your English when it comes to claiming social security


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