Our Harry is praising Arsene Wenger in his column in The Sun, for having completed a good bit of business with his re-signing of Sol Campbell.

Obviously Redknapp is a big admirer of Campbell, having worked with him at Portsmouth. He even admitted that he would have signed him in the summer, had he been working at any other club than Tottenham. Today, Harry says:

Wenger can rely on Campbell to do the business.

He will give 100 per cent and still has the ability to play Premier League football.

I thought when he went to Notts County it was a mistake. He was far better than that. He is a good, solid, experienced figure, who now will be back at home with Arsenal.

As well as being good on the pitch, Campbell will strike an inspiring figure for the club’s young players.

He has gone full circle. It will not help England’s cause but Arsenal’s title challenge has just moved to another level.

Far be it from me to disagree with the highly-paid views of our esteemed manager, but really? Yes, he’s free, but why is he considered a good signing at 35-years old?

Campbell hasn’t played a game since September when he walked out on Notts County, having decided that the thirty pieces of silver he received to join the League 2 club wasn’t worth the aggravation reassessed the challenges that he wants to take on at this stage of his career.

Let’s not forget that Campbell’s one game for Notts County was a 2-1 defeat against Morecambe. That was his first game, since last playing for Portsmouth in a 1-0 end of season loss against Wigan.

So adding his appearance for Arsenal reserves to the equation, Campbell has played in three games in eight months. He might still have the experience in his head, but so has Mike England and I wouldn’t want him turning out for Spurs next week.

I for one would like nothing better than for Campbell to playing for the Goons when they turn up at White Hart Lane on April 10th, not just so that we can give him one last rousing reception, but also to witness Jermain Defoe and very possibly Peter Crouch, outpacing him at every opportunity.



  1. I’m with you Campbell looked lost for pace in his last few games for Portsmouth and he will have only gone backwards further since then. It will also help to stir the crowd if he appears when we play the Goons, so bring it on

  2. Dear Editor,

    Still Dreaming of our History.
    Still Dreaming of our Titles.
    Still Dreaming of our Stadium.
    Still Dreaming of our World Wide Recognition.

    We own you…and always have…..


  3. Wishful thinking from the author obviously. I assume the Crouch outpacing comment is an attempt at irony. Harry knows all about crocked centre backs so I go with his judgement rather then yours.

  4. @ Pez “We own you…and always have…..” always have? You’re way out ahead currently, but before Wenger joined you we were pretty much inseperable, so either your memory only stretches back 12 years, or you’re one of these mouthy new fans with no clue on history, and who probably supported a different club before Arsenal started winning. Either way, your opinion is worthless.

    @ I brady: “Attrack”? Also, our defence has kept five clean sheets in a row. Care to enlighten us on why that means they’ve had it?

    Yeah, thought not.

  5. Benny….

    Know your worth and history…Wenger has won only 3 titles….(yes thats more than than the spuds in their entire history) but we have won another 10 before he came……

    George Graham;s teams although boring were better and stronger and won more…….You have had 2 years in your entire history!!!!

    You have always wanted us to lose before you win…..
    I could go on and on…..but i wont as it will hurt you big time!!!!


  6. Gooners you can hear their bottles going from here !!! mind you nothing new for them is it ? Judas back at the Lane, yes please if only so i can say hi !!!! lol

  7. ”before Wenger joined you we were pretty much inseperable”

    Really? Remind me again how many league titles you’ve won? And how many Arsenal had won before Wenger? Hmmm…

    Now if you mean that we were inseparable in the league for the 1-2 seasons just before Wenger arrived… well, maybe then you’d be right. Otherwise you’d be very wrong.

  8. @benny…….. I well remember pre Wenger standing in the enclosure at White Hart Lane on a monday night as Kennedy scored past Jennings and the ground turned red and white as we won rhe first leg of the double.

    Didnt something similar happen in Wengers time LOL

  9. watch your potty little mouths spurz – if you try ragging on ‘where’s your captain gone?’, the old william might be publishing more photos of your ugly fuckin mugs.

  10. oh wow spud62, that was so funny. lol lol smiley face wink lol lol lol lmao lmfao…

    that was the funniest thing since Cesc waltzed through your defence in October.

  11. i am – and for your information, we named our boy spud 62 because i was able to narrow his biological father down to 62 men.

  12. herdee ahhhh you a big mouth internet goon are ya you scum fuck, see you at the Lane if you got the balls you mouthy muggy little shit YID ARMY!!!!!!

  13. oh teddy – you really scare me. what a tough guy you must be.

    have to decline the invite old bean. i find ‘the lane’ and the surrounding area more repulsive than your face.

  14. you certainly did baz – well done.

    and you also beat the ‘reserve scum’ 3-1 back in 93 at our place. that was the last time you ‘won’ there – pretty poor show…

  15. To attempt a reasonable response, I (as a season ticket holder at the Arse) expect that Wenger has taken on Sol as a “nothing to lose” signing, or at least a “not much to lose” signing. Sol was perhaps deluded into thinking that a top club would come in and offer him first team football, and when this didn’t happen he had a chat with Arsene. We’re under no obligation at all to give him first team football, and given the rather pants nature of our back-up centre backs (Silvestre, Senderos…) and the injury to Djourou, it makes sense to have a bit more cover.

    Sol may have had many months absence from the game, but so do players with long term injuries – yet they often return to prove a point. If he can get fit then maybe he’s still sharp enough to do a job.

    The reality is that we have no idea whether or not this is the case – but if he turns out to be useless then we simply won’t field him. It’s cost us nothing, and I expect his wages will be relatively slim.

  16. yes i am – and i forgot to add ‘string’ to my name intentionally on the last post.

    and i dream of having baz and ted cum on me at the same time the next time we bash spurz – to give them a bit of consolation.

  17. oh sorry to disappoint you herdee i,ll be sending round a little fudge packet goon all of your own who you can love and dress up all day long, ooooh you lucky boy ahahahaha

  18. WTF !!!! Tottenham hotsh*t fans are trying to give it large when they got a manager who’d be more suited to selling dodgy motors than managing a club ? Wenger is respected WORLDWIDE (do you see RM or Barca knocking at White Fart lane trying to get old dodgy eyed Redknapp to manage them?? NO !!!). He has transformerd the public opinion of Arsenal from a defensive 1-0 winning team to a team ANYONE would be happy to watch play and be entertained by. He’s churned out WORLD CLASS players that have been coveted by everyone (er…who have spurs producd that can be sold for more than the price of a mars bar ?). Granted, spurrs are now a adecent team but still got a loooooooong way to go before they can dream of being compared to the MIGHTY Gooners mate!!! And to end this i’d just like to shot from the terraces UP THE ARSENAL….and no doubt you spuds can relate to that but moreso in a queer manner !!!!!

  19. I like your blog. But I don’t know why you bother wasting words on Arsenal. Who cares what they do? This is always the problem with Spurs fans – even when we’re watching our boys play someone else – the pointless chant ‘Stand up if you hate Arsenal’ has to ring out. I know it’s to annoy stewards – but seriously for f*ck sake get some perspective.

    And now you’ve mentioned Arsenal. You’ve got all manner of cretin (barring a few exceptions) from the red side of North London.

    We don’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to success. You’re just opening yourself up for a hiding when trying to ‘outdo’ Arsenal on bragging rights.

  20. The ever-increasing intensity of the Spurs inferiority complex never ceases to amaze me. In fact, I suspect that it might be one of the few things that is in reality limitless. Staggering really.

    The obsession with Arsenal is so endemic now that it’s hardly surprising that every single thing that Spurs do means nothing without the context of Arsenal.

    Sad and pathetic. Did someone say ’61…??

  21. I take Campbell back and start him
    rather than Woodgate, Dawson, Bassong
    twice the centre half than any of that shit.
    Up the Arse !!!!!!

  22. tottenham are shit and always will be you handicapped retarded bastards i hope you crawl away and die slowly u dirty mugs….stat a this blog….the only reason you write this is because you are a fukin nerd…who wastes there life writing up blogs…yes you…the people who have no life….jeeezez fukin christ the absolute stat a u is diabolical aids infested cunt!!!…i support neither.. but had to comment on this shit its so fukin childish as the person who wrote is been the hard man when actually hes nothin but a fukin soft boy behind a computer screen leading(not really…rather being an object)his life…FUKIN STAT A YA!!!…ohh and for the record spurs r good but ya fuk on too much about it as if ur better…Arsenal however deserve where they are and have some history..so can talk bout it..in there respected blogs..goodbye.

  23. ye thats my point…your all a bunch of softboys…why dont ufuk off and give ur mum aids and maybe get raped by ur daddy tommy..

  24. As an Arsenal fan i would just like to point out that some of you are immature children.

    I love my club the that does not have to mean a blindly oppose and hate everything about THFC.Good and bad in every club and every set of fans.Some of the posts here are disgusting but not shocking considering some of the complete fuck nuts posting,Success is only relative to time and lets be honest neither side or its fans have a whole lot to brag about in recent years.Just be grateful you are not chavs lol

  25. whogivesashit well named boy, One thing i will say is that for a long time now we have looked at Chelski and the Spammers more then the no firm gooners, as for the Pedo getting Judas back then its been good for a laugh and i hope the loon plays at the Lane against us but thats all, its you mouthy muppets getting all hot and bothered. COYS


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