This is a big one and not just because both sides could do with a win, after achieving disappointing results on Saturday.

A win for Liverpool will firmly put us in our place and give them the psychological advantage in the race for a Champions League spot. A win for us would open up a gap of 7 points and possibly cost their manager his job. If it’s a draw, everyone will just shrug and bumble along as they have been doing all season.

After the initial postponement, everyone was disappointed and accusing Liverpool of ducking the game, but now that Torres, Gerrard and Benayoun are all out, you can only say that it has worked in our favour.

Liverpool looked completely toothless against Stoke and only scored a goal because of their keeper making a clanger, which is pretty much the opposite story of what happened to us against Hull.

They should look somewhat more potent tonight, as Riera looks as if he will return to the left wing, with Maxi Rodriguez on the right. I have to say that I used to be a massive admirer of Rodriguez, but haven’t really seen that much of him over the past couple of seasons. It will be interesting to see if he’s still got it. For a wide player, he has always chipped in with a lot of goals.

There’s even talk that Liverpool will give a rare game to Aquilani, who should add some guile top their midfield. Even so, this is a Liverpool team missing their three main creative threats and we have to aim to capitalise on that.

We’re missing some players of our own, with Lennon the one that will hurt most. I’d have loved to seen him running at the Liverpool defence tonight and might have even advocated him switching to the left and having a go at Carragher at right back. Without Lennon’s pace, I hope that Harry isn’t afraid to give players like Naughton and Rose some time on the pitch, though neither will start.

Huddlestone is out with a knee problem, so you would assume that Jenas will step in, although O’Hara is also available after his loan spell at Portsmouth. Both are hard working players and with Kranjcar and Modric both likely to drift infield we should be the equal of Liverpool’s midfielders in terms of numbers.

You have to expect Crouch to return alongside Defoe. Of course both Crouch and Keane have a point to prove against their old club and you could also argue that Keane has a point to prove to us, also. Keane has scored the last four goals that we’ve scored at Anfield, but he’ll probably still start on the bench.

In defence Ledley is a big doubt. Without Torres to worry about and with Dawson and Bassong in fine form, I don’t think that we will be taking any chances on him.

The major thing that we need to develop to win games like these, is belief. In the Carling Cup against Manchester United, we also faced a weakened side. In that game we had a lot of possession and created chances, but never looked as if we really believed that we could win.

If we win one away game against the Sky four, it will give us the mentality to believe that we could do it again. I guess that makes this game even bigger in terms of it’s importance.



  1. liverpools torres, our el nino is out, johnson is out, benayoun is out, gerrard is out and more importantly is kelly our young english 6ft right back who will be our best right back when fit, yes even though johnson was brought, martin kelly is twice the right back johnson is and next year johnson will not get many games, as we also have maxi down the right. Lucus is out, banned for the disgusting ref that didnt give us that penalty at stoke, thats lee mason is a joke, a waste of time. abfield will be packed, with some plans arranged for us reds to be waiting for team buses, the crowd will be huge, kop will be doing a special thing just before kick off!
    if rafa plays with 2 wing backs you will find it hard to get down the sides, but if we play with just 4 at the back the game will be open, reira is a plus to have back, even though he is being sold in the summer to bring in mata, kuyt will play maybe with maxi just of him. may the best team win, youll never walk alone, oh buy the way we have the useless babel back,,,,, do you want him, ill drive him to you……

  2. Come on Spurs!!! We can beat this liverpool team, we have to believe it, we have to attack them. 1st goal is vital, get the fickle crowd on there backs and we can smash them! Lets put them out of the top 4 race and into mid table where there manager and scally supporters belong…. COYS

  3. This will be tougher than we think as Liverpool will almost certainly raise their game. But I think the quality we have in midfield, even with the loss of Lennon should win the game for us…that and an imminent, spectacular overhead scissor kick from Crouchie ;-). And Should we keep a clean sheet that would really push us to win more and more. COYS!!!

  4. oh no they have lucas out!! must mean we can beat them now, i was dreading playing liverpool before not because of torres or gerrard but because of that man lucas!! what a pile of shit, the bin dippers have no chance of getting a win best result they can hope for is a draw, the fact of the matter is we have a better squad than liverpool by far even with both squads fully fit, i have said this repeatedly since the start of the season and it has proven to be true thus far, there’s only 1 team playing with fear tonight and it won’t be spurs!! COYS


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