If the lads need some inspiration before tonight’s game, they could do worse than to look at this video of Tottenham winning against Wolves at Molineux in the first leg of the 1972 UEFA Cup Final.

Do you think that Martin Chivers would have been tapping shots within easy saving distance at goalkeepers, against the likes of Stoke, Hull and Villa? Check out this video, watch his second goal and see what damage can be done by simply giving the ball a good belt.

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  1. Great pictures wow to see the big man in full flow and hitting one of his trade mark shots Priceless .And to see Gilly jumping round Chiv like a big chimpanzee even better. Makes me wish they where playing tonight i would be supremely confident of Spurs Winning. Harry should show all our great teams to the Lads to let them see what it feels like to make History at our club .And why so many fans allover the world are drawn to support the mighty Cockerels .COYSWIN

  2. I was 10 years old when a mate of mine, took me to my 1st spurs game.Were in the old cage right at the front,the atmosphere was electric and was instantly in love with spurs.Any to cut to the chace,Chivers was blinding that day,then the ball is lobbed to where I was and caught it, then chivers came over to me, I remember him being a giant as I was tiny(and still am),I gave him the ball ,then he tapped me on my head and winked at me, that was it ,I became a spurs fan for life.Bill Nicholson managed the game the spurs way, Harry for me after tonights result should go and study how Bill Nichs managed us, as he is clueless.


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