Is This Tottenham’s New Kit For Next Season?

Yesterday I received a comment on the site, with a link to what might possibly be Tottenham’s new shirt for next season.

According to ‘Pete’, the following image was found in a US Puma vendor catalog, by his friend who works in a sports shop in Ohio.

Obviously this could be a red herring, but I’d be quite happy for this to be our new shirt. It’s got a real retro feel to it and above all, doesn’t feature any silly yellow streaks.

Now we just have to secure a sponsor that doesn’t want to slap their logo in bright red, onto the middle of the shirt.

UPDATE – 30th April: It does appear that this is our new kit. Another picture has been leaked of the players wearing the kit for a photo-shoot at White Hart Lane.

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77 Responses

  1. modric14 says:

    im not sure about this kit with no sponser come on mr levy why u want 10mil sponsership deal just get a deal done plz so we can all buy the super spurs shirt yid army

  2. Raymond Cowen says:

    Just read that Mr Levy is looking at the idea of 3 different sponsors and that the first couple of games may not have any, does this mean that we have to wait til end of Aug beginning of Sept before we can buy the shirt. Also lets face it no matter what it looks like we will all still buy it (unless it was fecking red).

  3. daniel says:

    spurs website, the new prem league kit will be sponsored by a company called Automny, and the there will be a second sponsor for all other competitions.

    Levy knows how to make money but a bit much i think.. at least the prem sponsor will be blue so nomore red on our Kit!!

  4. Benn273 says:

    say hello to the new Barclays Premiership kit we now have…..this is only a mock up but it wont be far off


  5. Jonny Melbourne says:

    I will buy this shirt for myself and kit for my boy but to be fair its not the best looking quite shit, i wish we would go adidas! COYS!

  6. kyle roe says:

    im a big tottenham fan but this shirt sucks no affence you should keep the old 1 but put some changes

  7. Raymond Cowen says:

    Having waited weeks for the shirts to be confirmed and launched I went to buy it only to read i was pre-ordering for the 24th Sept 2010. Why the wait THFC?

  8. william says:

    we would at least need a sponser

  9. Is a very simple style of the shirt, just some vague picture

  10. annette says:

    I’m called cain I love spurs once I went to a white Hart lane for a tour and went to a mach.tot v spurs I would like to say thank you for putting this website.COME ON YOU SPURS!!!!!!

  11. annette says:

    Oh and I meant tot v west bomwich

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