It has been confirmed that either Spurs or Fulham will face Portsmouth on April 11th in the FA Cup semi-final.

Should Tottenham get there, it means that the North London derby, which is currently scheduled for April 10th, will have to be rescheduled.

Our fixture list around this time already looked tough, with Arsenal on the 10th, Chelsea on the 17th and Manchester United on the 25th, but if we make the semi final we could be looking at that game on the 11th, Arsenal on the 14th and Chelsea on the 17th. If that doesn’t already sound bad enough, consider that Arsenal would be going into the game on the 14th, having had a week of rest following their Champions League quarter final.

I’m sure that if it comes to rearranging this game, we will be campaigning for it to be later on in the season, somewhere between the Bolton and Burnley games. If Arsenal make the semi final of the Champions League then they will be in action on either April 20th and the 21st and then again, on either April 27th and the 28th.

Essentially, there is bound to be some dispute over when this game gets played, unless we balls up our game against Fulham (which is always likely). If we were to get our way and the North London derby were to take place very late in the season, with Arsenal chasing the title and us possibly still in the hunt for fourth, then things could get very messy indeed.



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