Welcome to a new daily service that will link to the morning’s top Spurs stories and the best of the web.

We begin with Jamie Redknapp in the Daily Mail, who bemoans the fact that Gareth Bale is not English, as people once used to do with Ryan Giggs. Newsflash: Wales is not in England. You might as well suggest that it’s a shame that Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t born in Basildon.

The Telegraph also take a look at the rise of the Bale.

My pals at Newsnow might not be able to link to The Times, but I can and will, until the day comes when they scare the bejesus out of me with some implied legal action. Today they report on Aaron Lennon’s battle for World Cup fitness.

This is hilarious. A Millwall fan gets rather confused about the concept of a season ticket.

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