While Spurs were playing two players out of position in central midfield against Stoke, in an effort to make sure that Wilson Palacios didn’t get another booking and leave us even shorter staffed in this area, a potential solution to our problems was busy down in Portsmouth.

For all those people who always say that Jamie O’Hara isn’t up to playing for Spurs, I offer you this. Excluding deflected efforts by David Bentley, exactly how many goals have we scored direct from a free kick this season?

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  1. You cant disagree that JH has progressed as a player with all thats going on at pompy and for a youth player i would love to see him in the team, but is he ever going to be at the level of a top player, also i dont understand why we can not recall him when its just a loan move, Jenas is on his way and not good enough Hudds almost fit and theres the youth players waiting for there chance, maybe one of them might make a name for themselves on Wednesday as Palacios may well be rested, lets hope so.

  2. All it means is we’ll get more money for him in the summer. Could be a decent £7-8m now.

    Bale WILL regain his free-kick taking form and they both use their left feet. It’s a no-brainer, the amount Bale adds to the team attacking and defensive wise.

    Love a spurs fan in the team but he’ll be off now, no question. Probably Sunderland, Newcastle, Bolton or West Ham.

  3. Jamie O’Hara isn’t good enough for Spurs!!!!!! I’m sick of hearing about his development at Pompey and how we would have needed him now. He has improved – great! But he is not the player we need if we want to be a top 4 team! So stop this nonsense already!! And to the genius who posted this: Did you see last game against Liverpool??? Never seen a worse performance since Jason Dozzell. All pompey players were bad, but O’Hara was a disgrace. He thinks he is a perfect combination of Cantona and Beckham while he is the perfect combination of Dozzell and Nethercott! And to make things worse: People are blaming Harry for loaning out Keane now(!) I can’t believe what I am hearing. Keep up the good work, Harry! Yours sincerly, Eidur GUDjohnsen

    • i was at that game in liverpool and if you knew anything about football you would have seen that the system the team played was jamies downfall, he was playing off the lone striker and never received the ball for twenty minutes as they played into liverpools hand with 4 defenders and 2 defensive midfielders, he has won portsmouths player of the month for the last two months and has consistently been their best player and gives his all for the team ,so how you single out one game to abuse him when he loves spurs makes me sick and proper spurs fans also know that if your consistently playing without fear you will show your true ability just look whats happened to Gareth Bale who wouldnt have had a chance if Benoir hadn’t got injured

  4. I agree we could really do with o’hara right now but when we have our full strength team theres no way we can fit him, modric and lennon in same team, Also with the acquisition of sandro that is meant to happen soon it’s unlikely he will settle with a place on the bench. Good luck to the guy as he has improved so much over last couple of years and with him doing so well for pompey it will be nice to get a good amount of dosh for him, so we can buy a new berbatov.

  5. Yeah, maybe if Sandro comes in then we should let him go, but frankly I feel it was irresponsible to try to make it through a whole season with just three proper central midfielders. We’ll need at least four next season if we get into Europe.

    O’Hara would have played a lot this season. Hudd’s style doesn’t suit every game, while Jenas has been playing like a horse ready for the knacker’s yard.

  6. it was a good fk but thats not enough. I think hes a decent player but in all seriousness we could do much better, plus Bale is a very good free kick taker.

  7. We could certainly do with him at the moment, as he is better in midfield than Kaboul and our bench was very weak last weekend.
    I am afraid loaning out so many players could cost us fourth place now we have so many players injured as the players on loan are generally better than those on our bench.

  8. as long as his bird keeps her mouth shut, I’m ok with him warming the bench for spurs.

    “I want liverpool to get 4th place sorry spurs fans! And I would love jamie to play for the reds but I know he loves spurs X”
    8:55 AM Mar 21st via UberTwitter http://twitter.com/MissDLloyd

    Ok Miss Lloyd, you’re ‘hubby’ needs to be good enough to play for the Spurs before he can consider Liverpool.

  9. Jamie’s missus need to watch she doesn’t walk into the Spurs dressing room again with her mouth wide open, someone might pop something in it!

    Let’s set the record straight Jamie is a decent player but he will never be anything other than a squad player at Spurs and he knows it, that’s why he’s saying what he’s saying about the FA cup and his missus is towing the line, to pee Spurs fans off, so that the club give him a transfer.

    He’s signed a long contract and this will inflate his price and ever since he’s gotten with this recent slapper he’s gotten gobby and even umming and arring about playing for the Republic of Ireland, because those around him have deluded him into thinking he’s world class and that he has a chance to play for England. WAKE UP MATE, the reason you left SPURS on loan is cause half the squad & training staff have run through your missus and you couldn’t take the banter! Then you made the mistake of marrying the slapper!

    Sorry Jamie, the sooner you wake up and realise you need to play for Ireland who are a pretty decent side and you’re Father’s land and settle to play for some crap side like Stoke, the better, as long as they’ve got the cash!!

  10. There are times when it would be nice to have JO’H about…shitty games like Wolves where a bit of running can be as, if not more, important than a bit of class.

  11. Good free kick taker or whatever he is a spurs player who is committed to the cause wherever he plays he wasn’t getting much playing time which is why we loaned him out but we also tied him to a contract I honestly cannot believe we did that just to have a bigger sell on value. Look at this boys commitment when he plays he’s got a good engine on him would run through fire for the team and he’s a spurs man what more do you need? If we let this young talent slip through our fingers trust me we will regret it, these players are the future. Are we going to sell out our future for a few million? I think everyone is resigned to pompey going down but there is a future for Jamie at Spurs. Lillywhitetilidie.

  12. I’m cracking up that anyone thinks ohara is a central midfielder..rotflmao. the guy is an ordinary player. he runs out of puff..he struggles to defend and just isn’t up to scratch. he’s looking good now coz he’s exactly where he belongs in a mid to lower tabled club. spurs have bale..kranjcar..modric..rose (can’t get a run) all better than J O’. why would anyone try to compare him with hudd..palacios or even jenas. jenas is a better option and he’s not much chop. I’m more excited about the prospect of seeing bale and lennon tear teams apart with their pace rather than watch J O’ run out of steam and sag all over the place. sorry boys but for me he’s not overrated just not rated at all.

  13. JOH will be good enough for Spurs. He shows all the signs of being another Darren Fletcher – a late late developer. Like Fletcher he has the work-rate and appetite and decent technique. Also look at Gareth Barry, poor for so long but developed of late. JOH has late develoepr written al over him. Keep him. in 2 years time he’ll be playing for england. im irish and i’d love him though

  14. Howard Pleb show some class man that’s a next mans wife you’re disrespecting like that, ok so she has history who doesn’t? Aren’t we blessed not to have been delivered into the hands of men who know not forgiveness. Moreover who is to be judged? Whose morals be bought to question? She is someone daughter. Was your partner virtuous when you met? Who is the “slag” the woman that sleeps with all those men or the men that slept with her? Know this Howard Pleb respect due to Jamie O’Hara he knew what kind of stick he was going to get over his wifes past but he stands in the face of his detractors like you and declares his love for his woman, in the face of such adversity I tell you this theirs is a relationship that will last. Who are you to curse or condemn that which God has made in their union. Good Christian people like myself also follow football Howard be mindful how you so quick to condemn. Lillywhitetilidie

  15. Will be gutted to see him go,I think he deserved a chance really.Sell Jenas,Keep Him,He could be a perfect back up for palacios ,Luka and Niko,We need great squad player like him.

  16. Karate Yid there is no way that Palacious will be rested!. The whole idea of Harry not playing him was so that he did not pick up a yellow at Stoke and miss the FA cup game.

    He will also be “under orders”, (of course Harry would not do such a thing! 😉 ) to pick up a yellow card.

    He will then make sure he only misses the games against Portsmouth (at home) and Sunderland ( away). Games we should ba able to cope without him.

    He will then not be under threat anymore and be available for all the tough games that start then. ( Portsmouth FA Cup (hopefully), Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool).

    Hope he don’t go mad and overdo trying to get a yellow and get a red. LOL! COYS!

  17. Wanna know why we need him? We lack them players with FIGHTING SPIRIT FOR THE CLUB! Heck look at those MAN Utd players! They all got the spirit! Us? 1 goal down im sure we lose without fighting back. Jamie got that spirit, he is still young even if he is used as a super sub then be it. Tough games we should have him rather than some merc playing for us. Look at Jenas~ Runs with the ball. Falls down and complains its a foul! We dont need pussy ass players

  18. Lot of rubbish being written on here. I cant quite see what JoH has done to raise such animosity in some fans. He’s a good player, plenty good enough to get a run of games at Spurs, or indeed Liverpool, Man City, Villa. I for one would take him over BAE any day of the week. Bale LB, JoH left midfield – nothing wrong with that at all

  19. JOh divides me and my cousins as much as the fans on this
    post..is he is’nt he??? For me if he cannot except being a useful squad player than so be it. case Closed, he aint Lennon not as good as Bale. Infact it’s only JJ i would consider him on par with, albeit on a day against physical energetic opposition he’d get the nod (Inmy books).
    Still wold much rather see a man who loves the club play averagely then a mediocre player who is passionless.

  20. There is one glaring problem that you have forgotten he is with top wag Lloyd and she is pregnant and her ex is Jermain Defoe .I don’t no why Defoe broke up with her but he was getting engaged at one stage so the word uncomfortable springs to mind .Harry is not daft and if the window was open now Ekotto would be joining him what he done is compromise our dressing room spirit and by walking of he should be dropped and young Townsend should swap with Bale they would cause any defender trouble. COYSWTHEC

  21. I am always amazed that so many people have so much against O’Hara. What has he ever done, but give whatever he’s got? Loaned out to Pompey, yet, from what I’ve seen he’s continued to progress and has probably been the best all-round player at Pompey this year. He is a very direct person, both on the pitch and in public. He has had run-ins with teammates, and while none of us were there, it’s not a stretch to suggest he’s defending his wife’s honour just as he would Spurs. My only objections with O’Hara are his comments regarding our upcoming match with Fulham (I understand them, but don’t condone them) and his suggestion that he won’t be a squad player. I, for 1, would rather see O’Hara on the pitch than Jenas or Kaboul, any day of the week, and think he’s the perfect person to put a boot up the butt of Bentley, Kranjcar, Hudd, Palacios, or any other MF who’s just not giving it their all. Truth be told, I don’t expect he’ll co-exist with Harry or Defoe, so he’ll probably be sold on, hopefully with a decent sell on clause. He is a competent PL player, who always gives 100% and, on occasion, will show a real flash of brilliance. I wish him the best, but I hope he doesn’t see the pitch again in this year’s FA Cup. COYS


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