Today In Spurs History: April 9th

1995 – I’m reticent to bring this one up before Sunday’s game, but on this day in 1995, Spurs lost 4-1 in the FA Cup semi-final to Everton. Having beaten Southampton and Liverpool in a dramatic cup run, the media were talking up a dream final between Klinsmann’s Tottenham and Manchester United.

We may have had Klinsmann, but we also had Stuart Nethercott at left back and Everton weren’t in the mood to play sacrificial lambs. We went 2-0 down, before Jurgen gave us hope from the penalty spot, only for two late goals by Daniel Amokachi (in what was basically his only decent game for the club) ensured our defeat by an embarrassing scoreline.

Spurs In The News: April 9th

Harry tells The Sun that he expects Portsmouth to be pumped up and we can expect a tough game.

The Mirror claims that Arsenal’s Van Persie may be fit to face us on Wednesday. All together now… Van-Per-Sie, if a girl says no…

Speaking of insulting songs, The Daily Mail warns that we shouldn’t be nasty to that nice Sol Campbell lad.

They also report that we are considering a move for Real Madrid’s Guti on a free transfer.

The Express quote Harry talking up Aaron Lennon’s importance for Spurs and England.

Best Of The Web: April 9th

Off The Post feature Richard Keys wondering who farted and insulting Theo Walcott’s boots.



  1. No doubt thousands of morons will be ensuring the usual vitriol will be echoing around the terraces.

    Fortunately I’m a moron…

    All together now : ‘Sol sol wherever you may be…’

  2. The songs that were sung were not racist. The mistake lies in the phrase “hanging from a tree” which is actually a biblical reference to Judas hanging himself in shame. All of the cases that made it to court were thrown out by the judge who reprimanded the prosecution service for a gross waste of time & resources. Those that did not make it to court were bullied into admitting a lesser charge. Disgraceful really.

    I tried to post this on the Daily Mail website but they don’t seem to want any comments..

  3. Deserves everything he gets – I pray he scores an own goal or we win through one of his mistakes and they drop out of the title race

    Lets spank Pompey first though



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