You can understand the thinking. The idea was that we thrash Portsmouth to within an inch of their lives to progress to the final of the FA Cup and then awake the next day to receive our season ticket renewal forms from the postman. The club no doubt imagined that we’d be frantically calling the ticket office to simultaneously renew and book our cup final seats.

As is often the case with Spurs, things didn’t go to plan. The last thing that I wanted landing on my doorstep this morning was a request for the best part of £700 from an institution that yesterday caused me a great deal of emotional distress.

Even the cover of the envelope was all wrong. I love Michael Dawson and of course don’t blame him at all for what happened, but did I really want to see his big smiling face looking up from amongst the bills? I was instantly transported to that horrific moment in time when he fell flat on his face and disaster became inevitable.

The good news is that the prices haven’t gone up dramatically. My ticket in the Park Lane lower has increased from £622 to £650, which isn’t too bad when you consider that this will include two Champions League Carling Cup games. The full price list can be found here.

The big change will be that our season ticket books are being replaced with a card that will be scanned. It’s an inevitable progression, but I’ll miss the chunky old books with their random allocation of numbers to matches and unused FA Cup final stubs.

I normally throw my old season tickets away, but I’ll be hanging on to my 2009/10 vintage. Hopefully I’ll one day be able to flog it on eBay and put the proceeds towards my season ticket at the new ground. I pray that when this day comes, the renewal forms find me in a happier mood.



  1. I’ve put mine in a cold dark place until I can bring myself to look at it. Had my season ticket nearly 20 years but I’ve never felt more cheated by the lazy over paid gits as I did yesterday. Blame the pitch if you want, blame the ref, I blame the useless performance put in by the starting eleven redknapp put out there. Disgusted with them all.

  2. wetting your pants ahead of the game on wednsday lads. Harry must really be twitching with your best player, and arsenal reject willy p being suspended. Unlucky lads. Up The Arsenal!!

  3. Yes Goonermo we were unluckly so remind me how did you do at Wembley this year ?

    I always find as a rule the ones “wetting their pants” are those who feel the need to search out another teams blog to make comments on

  4. Lol@goonertwat

    Yup, the very same Ar5ena1 reject Willy P that ex-scummer Perry Groves says only today that you need to sign if you’re to have any chance of ever winning a trophy again. Ignorant, one-eyed goons…gotta love ’em.

  5. Your piece brought a little cheer to what’s been an otherwise soul sapping 24 hrs 🙂 I admire and, at the same time, feel sorry for season ticket holders – paying a small fortune to an organisation that delivers consistent disappointment and emotional distress year after year.


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