So Manchester City have been allowed to sign Sunderland’s Marton Fulop on an emergency loan until the end of the season, due to their goalkeeper crisis. Why?

How is the position that they have got themselves in, any different to our current problems at right back? Like us, City are struggling to fill a role within their team, due to injury and having loaned out players. They do actually have a goalkeeper at the club in Gunnar Nielsen, who they consider too inexperienced to play. This is not dissimilar to the position that we’re in with Kyle Walker.

Had we been able to bring back Alan Hutton for the game against Manchester United, then perhaps he might not have given away two penalties, as his makeshift replacements BAE and Wilson Palacios managed.

I’m not actually saying that we should be able to recall, or bring in an emergency right back. I think that if you make your bed then you should have to lie on it and I don’t believe that the Premier League should have bent the rules for City.

It was them that chose to let Joe Hart go on loan to Birmingham without a recall clause. It was them that choose to have Gunnar Nielsen as their third choice keeper behind Shay Given and Stuart Taylor. If they’d wanted someone more experienced, they could have easily recruited a suitable candidate that would have been happy with a fat wage and a seat on the bench.

Goalkeeping is a specialised area and you can argue that an out-of-position player can fill in at right back with more ease than an outfield player could, if they were forced to tend the sticks. Yet City weren’t actually left without a keeper. They have Gunnar Nielsen and no doubt some younger players in their academy they could call on. Their paucity of options is no one’s fault but their own.

All clubs will have to name a 25 man Premier League squad next season. You would imagine that clubs will register three keepers and if two of them got injured under those circumstances, then being able to bring in a loan player would be justifiable.

Another rule I’d like to see changed is the ability for clubs to send players on loan to other Premier League teams. Why should every team in the Premier League have to face a Birmingham City with Joe Hart, but Manchester City not have to? Why should we be able to face a Portsmouth team without their best player in Jamie O’Hara, for that matter?

By scrapping that rule, clubs would be forced to make a decision on young players instead of hedging their bets and sending them out on loan. They’d either be good enough or they wouldn’t, in which case they’d have to be sold and the smaller clubs in the Premier League would have a better chance of building a decent side, without having to worry that a key player would be going back to their parent club at the end of the season.

Manchester City were unable to bring Joe Hart back from his loan at Birmingham and they should have been unable to bring in Fulop from Sunderland. There will be a big fuss if this ex-Spurs keeper ends up playing a blinder when we play City in a week’s time. Start writing that letter of complaint now Levy.



  1. dear mr know it all steve, i believe its you who needs to re read the article you braindead fool… it says why should one team have to play v hart or ohara when the parent club doesnt… in some cases players can play against teams 3 times and other teams none what so ever if they are transferred in january. are u going to ban mid season transfers aswell… to the rest of you stop moaning. save it for the journey home from manchester… you clowns are going to get pasted. like players, like manager, like fans.. bunch of DUMMYS!

    • What an uncouth, Ill mannered nasty piece of garbage you really are. Do you find it difficult to write an answer without having to resort to pathetic name calling or juvenile insults?. Perhaps being a Northerner isn’t all it’s cracked up to be?, Perhaps you’re thinking with your penis, talking out of your backside, and typing with your toes, but then again having those very long arms and knuckles all scabby through dragging them on the cobblestones, make you what you are?

  2. Stevie Rhea

    No History,

    Just founded before you, won the league before you, the league cup before you, a european trophy before you, only one you beat us on is the F.A. cup

    So yes we have no history.

    And sorry have been working but admit I was unaware that we could use players that are not registered with the premier league but are registered as professional players in the Premier League.

    • Sorry to be a pedant, but European trophy before us? Spurs were the first British club to win a European trophy – European Cup Winners’ Cup 1963.

  3. brad
    1 I dont think we would cos we have youngsters and we would play them.
    2 I think the PL would of told us to play a youngster. Just like when they told us it was tough that our players were sick that year.
    3 How can you say that if we dont get it, it obviously wasnt to be? I would admit that if we lost when they played with Given but not a GK they shouldnt be using.

  4. I think City stink. I think city stink. I think City stink. So there!

    Spurs win all 3 they are home …its in our own hands. City cannot win all 3 because they play us and we will beat them because they STINK.

    I`m going to lay down for a while now…all this 4th place stuff ifs doing my head in.

  5. i didn’t see anything wrong with the article. they shouldn’t be allowed to recall a keeper and its absolutely ridiculous. we should have done the same thing when we ended up having alnwick in goal for a few games last season. i say we ask the FA for vidic and nani on emergency loan, for our push for 4th place. but about that loaning youngsters out.. you cant have a player playing for their parent club because it’d just be too complicated. they may not try hard enough and what not, so that’s a good rule.

  6. Who gives a shit. Fulop wasnt good enough for Spurs 4 years ago so why would he be any different now for City? The last time he set foot on a football field he had to pickthe ball out of his net 7 times. Harry couldn’t care less, nor can I, and nor should any of you. City NEED a win against us. They are the ones with the pressure on them. Even more so if we they lose to Villa and we beat Bolton.

    Can’t work out why City fans on here are giving us abuse. You get well fed by an Arab sugar daddy and now you think your something else? Please, get real.

  7. Fuck City
    As we all sang at the lane when they took their regular beating
    “shit club with money”
    Our record is good up there – probably our happiest hunting ground of all away grounds in the prem. I think we’ll get the result we need


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