Tomorrow sees the last game of the season at White Hart Lane and it’s the first one that’s really meant anything, since the season that we don’t like to think about, when we just missed out on fourth.

If memory serves me right (and I’m not in the mood to look it up), the last home game of that season was also against Bolton and we won that day. A repeat tomorrow would do us fine.

Whilst it’s true that we have froze against many teams this season that we really should have beaten, I see Bolton as a slightly different proposition. The disappointing results against Stoke, Wolves, Hull and Portsmouth all had one thing in common. Our opposition were all mightily motivated to get a result against us. Bolton don’t have anything to play for.

That’s not to say that they’re not dangerous. Kevin Davies always scores against us and played absolutely brilliant in the first FA Cup match, before being thankfully rested for the replay. It’s true to say though that under the leadership of Owen Coyle, Bolton are now playing a more open brand of football, that suits Spurs more than the stifling rubbish that Sam Alladryce’s teams would frustrate us with.

Harry has a few big decisions to make. First there’s the walking wounded. I’d be surprised if we see Ledley King tomorrow, as surely he will be needed against Manchester City more than Bolton and Burnley. Then there’s Aaron Lennon, who came on as a substitute against United. It would be great to see him start, but I’d rather we didn’t risk him if he’s not completely fit.

Will Palacios keep his place, or will Huddlestone and Modric resume their combination at White Hart Lane? I’m pretty sure that we won’t be playing BAE at right back, so Kaboul should return. I’ve also got an inkling that there will be a change up front. Pavlyuchenko didn’t play well against Chelsea or United and could be dropped. Defoe didn’t play much better, but I can’t see Harry not starting with him.

Whatever the team, we should beat Bolton and we have every reason to be confident. We’ve won our last seven home games and if we can create the sort of electric atmosphere that we managed against Arsenal and Chelsea, then our boys can’t fail to be inspired.

It’s another huge game tomorrow, so there’s no reason why we can’t raise the roof off White Hart Lane once more. Come on you Spurs!



  1. Interesting dilemmas for Harry.
    I think he should put out the strongest team available tomorrow and then see where we are against Man. City.

    We put ourselves in all sorts of trouble if we don’t beat Bolton and its not worth the risk.
    Lennon and King should start if fit.
    I disagree about Pavlyuchenko and think he did more than Defoe although neither scored.
    I would have Bale and Huddlestone in the middle of midfield as Palacios did little to justify his selection last week and the consequent reorganisation that resulted from his inclusion.
    Still 4th with three to go. ‘I’m lovin’ it’.

    • I don’t think Palacios should have been put straight back in against Man U. The team had done brilliantly in the previous two games so why change it?!

      Personally I hope King is saved for the City game. It’s a bigger game than Chelsea, Arsenal or Man U.

      Looking forwards to it anyway 🙂

  2. Jimmyg2 surely you didn’t mean you would play bale alongside hudd in midfield ?!
    I would rest ledders as bassong has proved he is more than capable of doing a good job with daws. For me bale and a&e are our best and obviously most natural left side pairing. I’d give thudd a breather to be fair and stick sergeant and ‘the little fella’ in the middle. Bentley on the right with walker at right back (though I’m pretty sure harry has gone off him) and Defoe crouch up top. Must win game. I’ve got a 4 o’clock flight to Cyprus so I’ll be in half time score agony for a good 4 hours. Coys.

  3. Jimmy G2 i thought you where Intelligent you want to rest Hudds have you seen our performances when Hudds sits on the bench. I will tell you we struggle and our midfield gets overrun because Palacios is on is own when Modric goes up field attacking . Surely you of all fans should have worked that one out this has got to be the team that should have beat UTD Gomes King Dawson Bassong Ekotto Lennon Huddlestone Modric Bale Pavlyuchenko Defoe

  4. Jimmy G2 .I should have gone to Speck savers its Hotspurhaig and not your good self who said rest Hudds i respectfully apologise to your good name Jimmy G2


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