What a lovely position we Spurs fans are in today. We could have been still needing a win today and all be incredibly nervous that somehow we would muck everything up against Burnley, and reclaim our position as the laughing stock of English football.

Instead we won at City and all that is at stake today is the icing on the cake. If we win and Arsenal lose, then we finish third. Arsenal almost certainly won’t lose against a Fulham team preparing for their first European final, but it’s still a nice position to be in. There’s something at stake and yet there’s really nothing at all. There will be no snide remarks if we fail to finish third.

Because we have already surpassed everyone’s expectations, including most of our own. I certainly didn’t see us finishing higher than sixth and just didn’t think that we would have the bottle to beat Arsenal, Chelsea and Manchester City at the crucial point of the season. Our tough run-in was the moment when we were meant to collapse, but instead we somehow became better.

Now here we are on Arsenal’s coattails. The team who play in a different football stratosphere to Spurs. We’re supposedly nothing more than a tired punchline to their jokes… and yet here we are, with basically nothing standing between the sides at the end of the season.A dare you to go another arrogant summer without buying a proper goalkeeper Wenger. Then we’ll see where we are next year.

Today, against a relegated Burnley side, I expect us to try give a game to a few fringe players and still be able to do a professional job and win the match. Most of all I’d like to see Danny Rose in action on the left. Let us never forget his part in getting everyone at Tottenham Hotspur to believe again, after that dispiriting defeat to Portsmouth. He deserves another chance after what he did in that one half against Arsenal.

We’re used to playing league games at the end of the season that don’t really matter, but not in these circumstances, when we’ve already achieved our primary aim. So let’s keep the positivity going with another win and hope for a bit of magic from Fulham. Third or fourth, it’s been a great season and the players can be as proud of themselves, as we are of them.

Come on you Spurs!




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