If you’re like me, you’ll be taking great pleasure from the fact that it looks as if Cesc Fabregas is finally on his way to Barcelona.

For the figures that are being bandied around, Arsenal could actually go out and strengthen their team with the proceeds. I think that even without Fabregas, their side as a whole would be improved by signing a top striker, goalkeeper and central defender.

But will Wenger actually go out and spend the cash? It’s doubtful, considering that Arsenal must have had money in the bank for the past few seasons and he still hasn’t made any major purchases. Wenger used to be a pragmatic manager who wanted to build a winning team, but now he’s just a dreamer searching for the perfect one.

It’s not just Arsenal that are likely to be weaker. It looks as if Rafa Benitez might be staying at Liverpool and will be continuing to make terrible signings, before complaining that he hasn’t got the money to build a better team. Torres will go and if Gerrard has a good World Cup, then perhaps one of Spain or Italy’s elite will make a move for him also.

I don’t expect Manchester United to be weaker, but considering that Ferguson is claiming that they will only sign one more player, it’s also hard to see them getting much stronger. Much of their success in recent years has been built on the foundation that is Ferdinand and Vidic’s partnership, but the former is not getting any younger and has been dogged by injuries all season.

It’s difficult to see Villa and Everton becoming significantly better either. They will be desperate to hold on to Milner and Arteta respectively, but neither are going to have pots of money to throw around unless they sacrifice their most valuable assets.

Of our rivals, the only teams I can see getting much stronger are Chelsea and Manchester City. Chelsea don’t need to make a lot of purchases, but will probably be in the market for one or two special players who could make a real difference for them and give them a shot at the Champions League. Torres or Arguero spring to mind and if they get someone like that, then they’ll be short priced favourites to retain the Premier League.

City will have another crazy summer, where they will probably blow lots of cash on players who have performed well at the World Cup and are looking for a move to England. Their lack of a Champions League place will stop them from the world’s biggest stars, but there’s nothing to stop them recruiting some of the world’s best young stars and domestic talent like James Milner.

So while I won’t be placing a large bet on us to finish above Chelsea next season, I see plenty of reason to believe that at the very least, we can retain our position within the top four. City will be stronger, but I still think that we’ll have a better squad than them next season.

There’s not many teams around who are able to spend major money this summer, but we’re one of them. We also go into negotiations in a position of power, as we’ve actually got a very solid side without any major weaknesses that need to be addressed. It wouldn’t be wise to go into next season without making any major signings, but neither would it be disastrous.

I’m normally bursting with excitement at the prospect of watching a World Cup, but right now I can’t wait until August.



  1. get real, you spuds will never catch up, just another false dawn for you lot .The dust cloud was caused by spuds twats blowing the dust off their passports. colin the gooner

  2. I thought the Spurs “Rivals” would mean Villa or City or Everton!
    Never thought Spurs were actually “rivals” to Arsenal1

    Oh well, no shame in daydreaming!

    • are you from england? do you know anything about english football? or are you just a typical fan of the kiddie touchers from overseas?

  3. we have the money, the squad, and the manager to make ourselves one of the best in premier league. With Bale and Huddlestone improving with every game and the likes of dawson coming up as a great defender, we are well suited for this challenge. Theres a lot of nay sayers out there that doubt us still. Even when we were going for top 4 a lot of people said that we would fall short as always but 5 wins in 6 of our last games sealed us into 4th place.

  4. Spurs fan here..Gooners will open their purse and will remain formidable as long as Wenger is there. Citeh is a big IF. If they can get the right players that is, we shall see. Chelsea is on a roll and the owner suddenly feels generous, so you are right on that one. ManU is going to be hard to call. They tail off last season and could very likely falter like Liverpool. My bet Liverpool is not going to be any stronger than last season so it will be the same battle for 4th and I respect Everton enough to say they are also in the mix.

  5. Hahaha but the Toffees and Villa ARE your rivals not chel$ea, manUre and the Gooners…. Enjoy your two matches in the CL suckers

  6. August begin: Spurs knocked out in qualifiers.
    Sept: Spurs joint top of table (are we jokin here?)
    Dec: Spurs 4th
    March: 5th, fiting with Villa
    May: ends 8th. wonderful season. ‘Arry manager of season.
    Lennon-next best thing. Defoe-who s Messi???

    u ppl be satisfied with wat u got luckily this season and hold an open bus parade to celebrate it.

    70mn avg spending a season and only a 4th spot in 37yrs to show for it… good goings

  7. Spurs realistically only need to sell a few players, they need a strong squad to compete on all fronts. Many including myself have mentioned that we may sell Keane, which may indeed happen. But if that doesn’t happen then that is a plus. If you see the top clubs their benches let alone their entire squad are brimming with absolute quality. Spurs have been linked with a slew of players, one that caught my interest was Thomas Hitzlsperger who if I am not mistaken will be a free agent once the World Cup starts. His contract with Stuttgart will end and his loaned out to Lazio. Again I could be mistaken and he may have in fact signed a permanent contract with the Roman side.

  8. funny that, spurs fans knowing we have to be considerbly weakened for them to have any chance WHATSOEVER of catching us!! Keep dreaming pal, if fabregas goes then we will have a good wad of cash to strenghten the team in a few areas so I can only see us getting stronger as a squad! You lot live so much in our shadow that your so concerned about whats happening over at the emirates rather than looking at how to improve your own team……………i suppose it just proves the fact we are what you sorry lot strive to be!!!!

    • So apparently we are more concerned what is happening over at the Emirates…funny that. This is a spurs blog yet look how many gooners are on here spouting off their ridiculous drivel. They seem so concerned about us now it must hurt.

      • Probably because you’ve tagged it so that it appears on the Arsenal news feeds. Just a pathetic attempt to get more hits.

  9. You say you haven’t got any improvements to make but then you say that your in the same league as arsenal/united when you came below them last season! Come on… Surely you can see that you will need to spend big, integrate them ino the team quickly, keep the players you’ve got and become more consistent. A seasons a long time, especially playing the majority of it with the champions league mid week, after these tests we’ll see what kind of team spurs are.

  10. You’re getting ahead of yourself, aren’t you. Enjoy the glow of getting to the Champions League qualifiers by all means, but don’t insult our intelligence by pretending that the sides around you will get weaker. Arsenal haven’t been in the Champions league for 10 years for nothing. Liverpool under new management will bounce back for sure. Man City will simply buy their way up the table. Why is it only Spurs fans who are so obsessed by their rivals, especially Arsenal ? Is it an inferiority complex ?

  11. you spudies are such dreamers,(aaahhh bless), its the only thing you’re really any good at apart from giving us all a jolly good laugh ha ha. I mean you really think your a big club i just dont get it cos the last time you won the league wos back in the day when everyone was watching it on fuckin black and white tellies for fuck sake! can someone please explain cos i really just dont get it! Now we’ve paid a massive chunk off our debts life will be much rosier with lots of cash to spend on new players even IF

  12. Fabregas leaves so the only clubs you’ll be in competition with will be citeh and liverpool and i dont think you’ll get much joy there, so keep dreaming suckers!

  13. same old BS coming from goons its plain to see we are on the up and you have stalled just looking on your forums you can see the amount of goon fans moaning, the future is bright, the future is lilly white COYS !!!!

  14. you’ve been checking out our forums, you wanna get a life you sad pratt, check out your own fuckin forums twat head

  15. From some of the comments on this site from the gooners.
    Is there any gooner out there.With a brain.Not so from the comments posted.usual drivel and out pourings of hatetred.Its a shame really.Still waiting for an intellegent one to come on to the site.FAT CHANCE there.

    • Brian.
      When casting aspersions upon the intelligence or wit of a rival set of supporters, it might do you good to spell the word ‘intelligent’ correctly. Otherwise you might look a bit stupid. I am not outpouring any ‘hatetred’, just a friendly word of advice.


  16. Let’s just wait and see shall we… Woolwich just may be going south. The bookies know best. If the odds on your team winning some silverware get better every year, you’re a team on the up. If the odds of your team winning some silverware have gone down every year for the last 5 years you’re heading in the wrong direction. How big is the gap between 3rd and 4th and which team is heading in which direction? The Woolwich fans should get used to living on past glories – 8 homegrown players over 21 in a squad of 25 and no Fabregas? As soon as AW in the coat quits 5th place beckons…

  17. We cannot consider ourselves ‘rivals’ to Chelsea and Man U, not until we are consistently in the upper reaches of league for several seasons. For now, our main rivals would be ManC, Villa and the likes.. Give it time Dan. COYS!!

  18. How many years is it now that arsescum have not won anything, the days of dominance are a long time over, bye bye fab, even your own captain cant wait to jump ship, well i suppose youve always got bentner to fall back on, you know the one who plays in pink boots. sums arsescum up perfectly.

  19. As a spurs fan i think articles like these are asking for trouble even though to a certain extent i know what the author means. City could be in the top 3 next season, Chelsea will get stronger and probably win the league again. Arsenal i’m honestly not sure about it could go either way, Wenger will prob find the new Messi from a small french club somewhere for 100,000 peanuts. United have a amazing 1st 11. Then there is us, if we sign 3 world class players(Dzeko, Van Der Vaart, Kraej) Then maybe. But lets not get ahead of our selves too quickly and qualify for the group stages of CL first.

  20. What an ignorant tosser you are. You can’t see Everton getting stronger? Lol we have had massive injuries this season more than any other team and never finished miles behind you. Full strength Everton would slaughter Tottenham

  21. LMAO !! ……… You delusional Spud mugs never change as you approach your Golden 50th anniversary without a league title !!
    The author of this article proves to be the archetypal Spud mug more obsessed with Arsenal than their own lot, otherwise the article would be titled ‘ Spurs Must Build on Last Season’s 4th Place’ ………. focussing on themselves. Arsenal improved from 4th to 3rd with more points than the previous season despite poor end of season run. Fabregas has not definitely left yet & even if he does without at this stage being able to judge replacements & any other signings to come it’s false to judge Arsenal as weaker. You would think one day the Spuds would grow out of their bitter & twisted, Arsenal chip on the shoulder mentality but clearly they never will. It’s been a great source of amusement these last 25 years since I regularly attended Arsenal matches !!


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