It looks very likely that Jermaine Jenas’ Tottenham career could come to an end this summer, with speculation rife that he may depart White Hart Lane.

He’s had a frustrating Tottenham career in which he has divided opinion. There are those that absolutely despise him… and those that merely hate him.

Seriously, the frustration has always stemmed from the fact that he clearly has all the tools to be an absolutely top player, but for some reason has never fulfilled his potential.

You have to give credit to anyone that tries to improve though and that’s exactly what Jenas did recently when he allowed a bunch of young football freestylers from Rio Ferdinand’s #5 magazine, to come into his back garden to show him some new moves.

Unfortunately, as you’ll see in the following video, he doesn’t quite get the hang of things. You’d probably be better off practicing those square balls that always end up with the opposition Jermaine.

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  1. Problem is that the kids who can do all of those moves can’t actually play football. Stick them in an 11 a side game and they simply can’t function. It’s all well and good in the playground but it has very little actual application in the game itself.

  2. Feel you guys as are most Spurs fans a little harsh on JJ.We have had players at the club over the past decade,with even less attributes Than JJ.And while he may not be brilliant he always seems to give his all.Which cannot be said of some over recent Berbatov/Keane ect.Except when it suited than of couse.
    I off to join my boyhood favourites At least JJ has not made any such statements in regards to Tottenham.Well not yet anyway.

  3. Defended him for two seasons but as a season ticket holder watching him week in, week out he’s an absolute waste of space who is seen partying it up in Faces most saturday nights even if we lose heavily and he’s had his usual sh*t game. Can’t defend the undefenable…..

  4. Brian – I do not think he gives all – he has ability. He looks reasonably good when he joins a team, then loses it. It happened at Newcastle, then us. He lost his place to Hudd in Spurs team, and now in England squads too. He has gone backwards. Last 2-3 seasons poor – he was ok before that.


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