Gallas, Adebayor and Hleb have all been linked with a move to Spurs in recent weeks. Are we trying to create a reunion of the team of ‘kids’ that we beat 5-1?

The Adebayor rumour is just that I reckon. City have got too many players, we need a big striker who can pay on his own up front and journalists know that the headline will attract attention. In some ways he’d actually be a very good signing for us and is the type of player that we need, except for the fact that he is clearly a complete tosser.

Speaking of tossers, Gallas has been the latest of the former-Goons to be linked with a move to Spurs. Again this would make sense on some levels. He’s available for free and can play in every position across the back line.

Apparently though he wants a two year contract, while we’re only willing to give him one. Another problem is the fact that he clearly has an inflated view of his own self-worth. Would he be happy to be a squad player? Because that’s all he’d be at Spurs and why pay so much on wages for someone who’s going to be spending most of his time on the bench?

Finally, there’s Barcelona’s Hleb, who unlike our other 5-1 defeated targets, at least doesn’t come across as a complete tosser on a personal level. He’s never really settled at Barcelona and there could be some truth in our interest, if Harry fails to bring Ashley Young to Spurs, having already missed out on Joe Cole. As is the case with Young though, he’s not a player that we desperately need.

Ultimately I don’t want any of them at Spurs and I would be surprised if most Tottenham fans felt differently. The one bonus to signing any of them of course, would be the sheer annoyance factor that it would create for the South London Nomads. Signing Adebayor would surely annoy them the most, followed by Gallas and then Hleb.

So maybe there’s something in the idea after all. Any idea how we could change the lyrics to that Adebayor song though?



  1. I heard about this site and thought I’d have a look at who wanted to buy my old players. I got rid of all three as they had grown old and I needed younger boys like little Jack and Cesc. They have tighter arseholes and they make me cum quicker.

      • Off course you can have some, You will have to lick my rim first. I must warn you, I’ve been eating some raw garlic and frogs legs.

  2. don’t want any of the ex-gonners. tainted by filth,touched by wenger. clear off back to woolwhich you parasitic rim licking francohispanic turdburgerlas, and take your giant effeminates shitbowl burger bar with you. mouthy tourists.

  3. Yes I’m an Arsenal fan and no, I’m not here for an argument. Just to point out that I don’t think anyone would care if you signed any of those players. The reason they’re no longer with us is that they were no longer wanted- if anything it would be amusing to see you picking up our cast-offs! Other than Adebayor though I don’t see what they would bring to your side that you don’t have already and, as you said, he’s a complete tosser!

  4. You, Spuds tossers make me laugh!

    Adebarndoor was sold by us. Our decision, we accepted the £25 mill bid and told him to clear his locker.
    Gallas was offered a one year deal on reduced terms, he did not accept so we told him to find a new club.
    Hleb was going to buy his contract out so we sold him for a tidy profit. Since then he has openly admitted it was the worst decision of his career.

    Very recent history will tell you that if we do not want a player to leave they don’t leave.

    As for living in your shadow, I sadly have to agree there. We constantly live in the shadow of the 2 mile high pile of moss that has grown on the open top bus you used the last time you jokers paraded the Championship Trophy. Some……………….FIFTY years ago.

    Was your dad born when Tottingham last won the league.

    All the best for the new season. “If” you make the CL you will soon realise that the premiership becomes a little harder when you have to play top class Eurpoean clubs every other mid week. It’s not like having to play Lincoln or Rotherham in the Milk/Littleclubs/Carling/Whatever they call it Cup.

    By the way if you don’t want us on your blog, don’t put it on our newsnow page.

    • I’m pretty sure newsnow just scans the internet for stories and automatically assigns them to which ever pages apply. It’s like the other day an Arsenal blog page appeared on the Tottenham newsnow page just because the author put “Michael Dawson to Arsenal” as the title for his story and then tried to riddicule the fact that so many Tottenham fans were reading an Arsenal blog and leaving uncomplimentary comments. At least this story there is some credibility as there has been a lot of speculation from many sources whereas the Dawson story was quite simply a spot of pre-season Spurs baiting dressed up as a serious article, which I might add did work.

  5. funny how u call us that 5-1 team. Hahaha… Very ironial how spurs try to look down on arsenal. Its like poor guys trying to look down on rich pple. You guys are light years away from us. Ok … let me try and compare u sperms and us.1. We have qualified concecutively for the ucl for 13 years and you are STILL TRYING to do so agnst fiorentina. Which i doubt you will make it .2 out of 30 matches we are on the losing end thrice i think. 3 we have a better stadium. 4 we have more titles. 5 … Basically u suck

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  7. hahaha at least we got our foreskins and you will always be in our shadow hahaha george graham ,u lot always after some class haha u even got rednapp west ham icon lol . still rate bentley ?? how much did he cost lol we took ur best player and best captain to grace tht shite hole foreskin ground. you tight ba*stard have seen u lot passing around an icecube at matches to quinch your thirst tight queers!dogey dogey turkey neck

  8. @Cesky

    Quality last line in your comment mate.

    If they need some tips on how to win CL matches, maybe old twitchy face should give Arsene a bell.
    We have been winning them for 13 years now.

  9. Debate from 12 year olds and not very funny ones either so far.
    The reason we’re linked with them is that they still have a lot to offer Spurs, can still play and have experience. Ass still wanted all 3 they either in Gallas case wanted a 2 year contract which Wenger doesn’t do or thought the grass was greener. I think they could add a lot, be 1 over on Ass and at this stage of the transfer window/season you don’t get anyone cheap and there’s not much out there. We need a few holes filling for our 2 big games a week.

    Until Harry buys all speculation, but he’s not bought particularly badly yet for us

  10. I have a lot of friends that are unfortunately Spurs fans…… However, It’s only when I look at forums etc that I realise how truly retarded you all are.
    I would also like to add that you have the ugliest fans in the league. Maybe now Blackpool are going to be playing they might be uglier…but I doubt it.
    I really can’t believe you’re still referring the the 5-1 cup win after you didn’t beat us in the league for over a decade????? Surely the league win last year is more important??
    Anyway, no matter you’re all inbred.

  11. Comedy Gold. Spu*s challenging for the title, no, really. It must be something in the water. That’s why crack ho’s should be sterilised. Hhahahahahaha

  12. The reason is because you are, and always will be behind us. In our shadow and clamoring to be like us. Trying to pick up scraps. To be realistic though none of the 3 are likely to happen anyway. Even our rejects have far too much sense/class to go to your hideous den of stench.

  13. Can I please come back to the spuds? I have given all my best years to the mighty gunners and Newcastle is reminding me of Notts County. Pleeease, I would be happy to play beside sick note Ledley and if you get Gallas that would be great as he spends half the season out injured as well so I would get loads of games.



    ps Can you also please by Sylvestre?

  14. “As well as the Gunners, Tasci has also reportedly attracted interest from Arsenal’s arch rivals Tottenham Hotspur.

    However, a source close to the player has claimed that the centre-back is only willing to swap the Mercedes-Benz Arena for Emirates Stadium if Wenger came calling.”

    In a nutshell … 😀

    • Dont worry spuddies, you can have him in 10 years when we are done with his services. We’ll keep on throwing scraps to the poor beggars on our doorstep.

  15. I am fed up of being at Spurs makes me sick!I too like Cesc and Jack take it in the ass from Harry, he loves young cock, me and Danny Rose got sucked of massivley when we scored against that great team from north london last season. I wish i could wear that red shirt. I hate having to play at a ground that stinks like shit. I would love to see William Gallas here. He can strop everytime we lose.

  16. The answer to the Question in the headline is harry is a secret gooner and loves ex arsenal players. He had quite a few at Pompey (Kanu, Campbell Lauren) and he signed Wright, Winterburn and Hartson at West Ham. “Signing Adebayor would surely annoy them the most” not sure about that, we all know what he’s like, i hope he does sign for spuds.

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  18. LOL, knowing you dirty yiddos you probably have enquired about all three that we sold on. can you lot see your head in a mirror?
    One fourth place and you think your better than us, does the 20 years of superiorness shown you anything?
    Gallas would be your best defender, none of your defenders bar Woodgate who was crocked most of his time when his club was in the champions league don´t no how to cope with playing around 3 games in 7 days Gallas has done it for like 6-7 years.
    Second rate club, second rate stadium, second rate scummy jew fans. Have fun crashing out of europe and finding yourself in the same competition as Liverpool.



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