It’s our first taste of Champions League football tonight and while the rest of the country sits and hopes that we ‘do an Everton’, I’m pretty confident that we’ll continue the good start to the season that we made against Manchester City.

Without Joe Hart leaping around like a demented cross between Gordon Banks and Superman, we’d have beaten City comfortably. There is absolutely no reason to be nervous about tonight’s game. Yes, there’s a lot riding on it, but it was the best draw we could have really had and a good English side should always beat a good Swiss team. Unless the English team is England of course.

King is being rested for the away trip to Stoke, so presumably Bassong will come in alongside Dawson. In midfield, I suppose that Harry might take the opportunity to give Wilson Palacios his first game of the season if he feels we need some defensive cover.

I also don’t expect Crouch to play. The game is being played on an artificial pitch and although they have come a long way from the days when Luton Town and QPR played on their billiard tables, we might want to play more of a close passing game on what could be a fast surface. Redknapp will want Crouch in his team for Stoke anyway, to help out against their barrage of throw ins.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if Keane gets a start, if only to put him in the shop window with just a couple of weeks till transfer deadline days. What a shame that Cardiff City are no longer looking for a striker.

The pitch could be a leveller, but again, if we create anything like the amount of chances as we did on Saturday, we have to score and even a score draw is as good as a win in Europe.

Of course I know next to nothing about the opposition, except that their right back Steve Sutter was born round the corner from White Hart Lane and is a Spurs fan. That’s the sort of story that tends to come up in the FA Cup rather than Europe’s premier competition and let’s hope that it doesn’t have an entirely happy ending.

Come on you Spurs and remember, watch out for the carpet burns.



  1. why are all the spurs experts attacking Keano. Every player in the worlds has dips in form. Keano has proved himself and will always be a quality player. that is why inter, leeds, liverpool and spurs spent huge amounts on him. Ask any Irish fan if keano can still cut the mustard

  2. We mustn’t be complacent about tonight’s game, yes we might have got what looks like the easiest draw but the same could be said of our FA Cup semi final a few months ago and look what happened then. I’m nervous of all the Spurs fans predicting a comfortable win, yes that’s what should happen but remember we are Spurs and we’ve all seen games we should have won but somehow lost!

    We must play with the same intensity and focus we started with against City, this is a different competition and different style of opposition for us so we must be on our game. COYS!

  3. I have to agree with George. If anything, Lennon should count his lucky stars if he starts tonight. Gio will be wondering what he has to do to get a game. Keane & Gio into the starting line-up, Wilson to come on to to protect a lead. He can’t exactly launch into tackles on carpet anyway.

  4. Speaking of carpet burns – I hope Dawson has borrowed the Hungary keeper’s Pyjama – bottoms! He’s always throwing himself in front of shots! Ouch!

  5. haha 3-0 young boys = SPURS LOSS.
    EPIC FAIL U COCKEY TWATS, boasting how u have champions league football and u wern’t even in it yet, always knew this would happen, neva knew by so much but always knew this would happen

  6. stupid team.. within 40min give young boy lousy team shoot 3 goals.. u r rubbish team.. go home la.. play what.. fuk u.. dam u bitch.. fuker

  7. Ah such hubris,

    Pity Young Boys couldn’t take their chances.. Could easily have been 6-2 – just like your official club twitter page said it would be, only to the young boys. Yeah you’ll probably scrape it through at the lane, but fans of every other team in the prem is finding this absolutely hilarious. And yes, we are hoping you f*uck it up, who wouldn’t? Spuds are the noisiest and most demented fans in the uk.

    Defoe says you’ll go farther than Arsenal in the CL… Hmmmm

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