Why Do We Sing For Pav But Not Crouch?

Why Do We Sing For Pav But Not Crouch?


When Roman Pavlyuchenko came on against Young Boys the other night, the crowd immediately started the Super Pav song.

The chant made me feel sorry for Peter Crouch. At the time he had scored twice and by the end of the game he had claimed his hat-trick, but there was no singing of his name.

Along with a few others, Crouch is one of the players who we don’t have a song for. You never even hear something as uninspired as ‘There’s only one Peter Crouch’.

I know that he’s a player that divides a lot of people, but surely we should be singing in appreciation of anyone who scores a hat-trick? Or are we all big Abbie Clancy fans and still upset with Crouchie for his philandering ways?

This is the man who got us into the Champions League with his goal against Manchester City, before putting in a great performance on Wednesday. It wasn’t just the goals. Crouch was all over the place and tracked back to make several good tackles.

But that still wasn’t enough to get the fans singing and instead we were busy praising another striker. What has Pavlyuchenko really done at Spurs to warrant one song, let alone the two that we have for him? ‘Super Pav’? It should be ‘Occasionally super, but generally can’t be bothered, Pav’.


    • super pav my arse,excuse me apart from the blackburn game his goals never won us any games,as we were already in front.pav is lazy cant be arsed shoot and 9 times out of ten blasts it well over from twenty yards,id have crouch any day.

  1. How about instead of the champions league and we’re having a laugh “Champions League and Crouchies shagging a brass”
    Abbie may not be too keen mind you.

  2. When both players get an extended run there is a noticeable gulf in class and overall affect on the team’s performance, that’s why.

    It’s true that Pav was disappointing in overall performance first season, looked very lazy and had a poor attitude but that changed last year.

    One or two highlighted games doesn’t change the real facts, but Crouchie is a very useful guy to have in your squad and especially to come off the bench.

    And he does have a great record against lower teams, especially small euro teams (see England record).

    But actually for their overall game I think Crouch and also JD are overated by a lot of people in England. They are your typical one dimensional brainless English player. The development of players in England was poor, but you still produced class acts, now it is awful and the real footballers are few and far between (King and Rooney are the only two that come to mind now).

    Until people stop thinking like this and writing articles like this England are going to continue to be awful in big tournaments. They need foreigners at their clubs or underated Englishmen like Tom Hudd to fill in the large gaps and make the teams functional.

  3. I don’t know what game you were watching but apart from the goals, he did bugger all. The guy constantly has his back to the goal and has a turning circle as big as the one in the middle of the pitch. He doesn’t inspire me and alot of other fans with confidence.

    • Jeez, spurs are playing attractive and effective football, most success and consistency we have seen in years yet still you fcking moan… come on give the players some fooking credit you miserable and fickle idiots

  4. To the tune of ” Shout Shout” by Tears for Fears..

    Crouch….Crouch…He’s got a seven foot couch,
    He is the one, defences can do without !
    Come on…Were shouting for you..come on.

  5. dickhead
    super pav super pav
    because crouch doesnt close players down generally doesnt head a ball properly and cant shoot for toffee
    birmingham away etc trouble is arry doesnt like pav always
    trying to big up shaggy b*******ks and because the fans love him!
    Against man city second half crouch neaver closed any player down thats why they dominated a lot of the 2nd half.

  6. agreed. He should have a song. Crouch has been immense (no pun intended) for Spurs. Don’t forget his goal-line clearance against Stoke last week. He is irritating at times, slow, falls over, but he scores goals, and bloody important ones. I don’t think Crouch is one-dimensional- actually I think Pav is. His goal in the first leg kept us in…and I’m grateful for that, but in general he lacks too much focus. Give Crouch some credit based on his performances- not on whether he looks and runs funny.

  7. Pav is poo, we need top strikers (always have) Pav aint a top striker. Couldnt hit a cows arse with a shovel,he”s in the Heskey bracket.

  8. epochery – what are you talking about? where you at the game? Crouch worked tirelessly – closed defenders down, won the ball back and his first touch was spot on. Of course he has his back to goal when our defenders run out of options he gives them an out ball to hit long up the field to. He plays to his strengths and I am certain Harry would lambast him if he started trying to play on the shoulder and get in behind – I think people who slate crouch fail to realise the value he adds to our team. Particularly in Europe where defenders are not used to playing against him and do not know how to cope. Plus he never complains even when on the bench, gets his head down and “has a great touch for a big man”. I like Pav but he lacks pace so cannot play on the shoulder, does not put himself around as much and has annoying habit of shooting no matter where he is on the pitch even if there are better options open to him! Having said all that he is a deadly finisher if you can get him into the right areas.

  9. What planet is Rich G on Crouch is shit? LOL, what nonsense. The guy scores goals for club and country, he’s played in the CL and his experience will be fantastic for Spurs. Scores a hat-trick on Wednesday…did you not see it! Not to mention other goals, oh yeah and that small goal that sealed 4th at Eastlands. Bet you celebrated that goal….! Crouch has the most skill out of our four strikers. Only a small amount of Spurs fans don’t like him, but you get that at all clubs with players. Some people just don’t appreciate good things in life. Sad really. Thankfully it’s a very small amount of fans as most of us think he’s a very good player. We must think of a Spurs song for him. He always gives his all for Spurs. And the last player to score a hat-trick against Arsenal???? PETER CROUCH.

  10. RICK you are a PRICK if you think 2MP is our most technically gifted striker!!! 32 games 8 goals 6 assists last season… PAV did more in Feb-Mar than Crouch did in a whole season. For a man who spent his whole career having balls pinged at him, he can’t head down to a team mate to save his life.. Have been praying all summer we sell the 2 left footed gangly streak of piss to anyone..

  11. Gooner here and the way i see it, you guys should be glad to have crouch.
    The thing is you’ve got strikers for different games and thats great. In europe you will see crouch score for sure.

    And it’s true crouch hasn’t got enough attention or praise for his hatrick (though having as much as walcott did does no good either).
    He may not be another defoe or berba but he is a big game man and plays well in europe and thats definetly something your gonna need if you wanna rotate your squad to handle both tournies.

    Cya spurs in the final :b

  12. I don’t think it’s me who is the prick WhiteHartDub. Crouch can control the ball better then any of the other four strikers. Hist 1st touch is excellent. Some of his skills are very impressive. Why is it Harry would never let him go then? And most of the people on this article completely disagree with you? But I expect you know more than the Manager right? LOL. When is the last time any of our forwards scored a hat-trick apart from Wednesday?

  13. I got myself banned from a spurs forum because I appreciated what Crouchy brought to the club, I guess certain members didn’t !!! Without Crouch we wouldn’t be sitting at the top table of the football elite, I have nothing against Pav, I just don’t think he’s the messiah people make him out to be.

  14. Classy, most Spurs fans do appreciate what Crouchie brings to our club. It’s only a few muppets who don’t. But that is football.

  15. This frustrates me. I really struggle to understand my fellow yids blind loyalty to Pav. If you just compare the 2 legs of this tie the gulf in class is ridiculous. Pav’s performance in the first leg was as bad as I’ve seen in a Spurs shirt (apart from one swing of his right foot). The only striking combination we have with any sort of link up play is Crouch and Defoe. Keano is normally too busy looking at. His feet or arguing with the ref, and Pav seems to be intent on finding someone in an opposition shirt.

    Pav is no doubt a more natural finisher but with nothing else to his game it simply isn’t enough at the level we now need to operate at. I read up the page that Crouch doesn’t close down, I can only assume that this comment was from a guy who watches Spurs on Match of the Day and thinks Jenas is our best midfielder!

    I for one think we desperately need a song for Crouchie before he follows our best finisher of recent years for my money (darren bent- and before you all laugh check his goal scoring record whilst he was with us mins per goal much better than any of our current strikers) out the door.

    How about

    He’s big, he’s tall, he scores against them all, Peter Crouch, Peter Crouch!


  16. ohh..a topic which my mates and family often find ourselves arguing, I’ve got to say he has only just won me over. Granted you cannot knocka fella who’s just grabbed a hatrick and led by a decent example the other night. Overall though I’m convinced that he for the most part at spurs has
    uninspired the crowd (forget stats if he was good we’d sing songs for him from the rooftops)Fact! Some have talked up his touch, would that be the same one he lost for a year ? His lack of pace is a visible soar to midfield andother strikers at most times, his movement during attackingplay is a mile off and he lacks any strength. Like I said …this is his moment, but up untill wed night was praying like someone said that we sold the lankster.

  17. Well well, You know I thought our fans were knowledgeable and loyal, you know the sort of fans who would give an argument other than a stupid childish reply?, appears not eh?. Crouch for those of you that actually watch the game, works his socks off, sometimes it comes off, other times when he’s not on his game, he looks cumbersome and ill equipped, but what does Pav actually offer in return?. When he’s off, he looks equally awful, disinterested and a bloody liability, but I’d prefer to have BOTH options, depending on the game, the opposition and how the match is panning out. Defoe and Keane equally offer the same equation in their positions, so its a great bench for Harry to select from. But just slating a guy for the hell of it, is totally beyond me, Crouch scored the most important goal in the modern era for us, and I for one say Cheers big man!

  18. Crouchie scores goal to get us to 4th place,then 3 goals to ensure qualification,gets to bone Abby Clancy nightly and even manages to get some action on the side,is he superman in disguise?.When was the last time Spurs had a god in its ranks?.We need a song for him and i,m not very musical but here goes a simple ditty Crouchie,Crouchie super cock Crouchie super cock.

  19. Crouch will never be as good as Pav but he does offer something different even though it means we go long ball which the Swiss were not used to, Harry got his tactics right on the night. all Crouche’s goals came from dead ball situations and poor marking by the Swiss, Defoe will never be as good Keane he always promises more than he delivers and rarely troubles good defenders, Crouch and Defoe would never have conjured up the move that led to Pavs goal in the 1st leg against the Swiss, no doubt about it Pav and Keane should be our main strike force, open your eyes Harry.

  20. I agree Crouchy deserves more credit…how about stealing the old Cyril Knowles song….Nice one Crouchy Nice one Son Nice One Crouchy lets have another one…..

  21. Shut the fuck up, and create a song for everybody on the pitch, only than we wont have such stories comin’ up!

    BTW SUPER PAV touches are poor because he dosent start every game lik CROUCH DOES!

  22. intresting comments 🙂
    How about singing a song from both sets off supporters depending on how he plays.
    when he does well, sing some wicked song about him being a tower of power 😉
    and when he plays crap singing something like ..crouch crouch your f’ing nut pouch 🙂
    but better still how about just making a song up and supporting him 🙂 I personlay dont rate the guy as anything special but can see he is doing the biz for us.
    So aslong as he is banging them in i cannot fault the guy 🙂
    COYS!! oh and YES BOYS !!!!!! im still beaming when i see our name and hear the CL music 😀 the champions lolz


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