TottenhamBlog v Gray v Lawro v Stelling: Aston Villa

TottenhamBlog v Gray v Lawro v Stelling: Aston Villa


Mark Lawrenson is running away with this, due to his refusal to predict a Spurs win ever week. Here’s the current league table, followed by this week’s predictions. Remember, it’s three points for a correct score and one point for a correct result.

Lawrenson: 5
Gray: 1
Stelling: 1
TottenhamBlog: 1

Andy Gray: Spurs 2 Villa 2
Mark Lawrenson: Spurs 2 Villa 0
Jess Stelling: Spurs 1 Villa 2
TottenhamBlog: Spurs 1 Villa 0


  1. fuck lawrenson and his mates, especially that scotch fucker andy grey. never has he given spurs any credit in any game since he has been doing punditry. a complete bollocks

  2. What I dont understand why that horrible, Brummy Gooner Alan Smith commentates on Spurs games. Why oh why? Everytime I settle down to watch Spurs this tw** is always commentating while Arsenal are on the other channel. When Spurs have a good period of the game he says nothing & when the other team syart getting on top he starts to comment oon how Spurs are getting outplayed – come on Sky SPorts sort it out & STOP this plum commentating on our games…..

  3. Maybe the insults ‘Lawro’ has received for his inaccurate forecasting of Spurs results seems atlast to be having an effect on his forecasting.


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