Harry Redkapp’s been left with a tactical dilemma to contend with after Crouchy and VDV twice combined to silence the Villa faithful.

On the verge of half-time, Super Pav’s whipped cross was headed back across goal by Crouch, before the 5’7” frame of Van Der Vaart climbed high above Richard Dunne to nod home.

In the 74th minute lightning struck twice, as a ball by the fresh Aaron Lennon, was again met by Crouch, who again found VDV, who AGAIN FOUND THE NET.

Harry, ever the Englishman, loves the good old 4-4-2… but with Spurs’ newest hero inevitably playing off the striker, wherever he may begin the game, Mr Redknapp will have to re-think his approach.

Although I have an unexplained love for Crouch, over the past year I could always sense us turning into Bolton Wanderers. It wasn’t Crouch’s fault that Michael Dawson just couldn’t help himself smashing seventy yard balls to him all game long, but I started to unfairly wish that the England striker would start on the bench.

As of late, things I feel are looking up, with Crouch finally using that height to good use in the absence of our talisman, Defoe. Crouch has become the first striker to get pencilled onto the team sheet and has lead the line well, notably banging in a hat-trick against Young Boys, to secure our Champions League qualification.

Aaron Lennon has not looked himself after a long-term injury last season. As a consequence, he’s found himself watching on, as Bale became our only wide player (I do sometimes wonder to myself if it’s the sudden impact of Bale on the left that’s knocked Lennon’s confidence).

This created a nice gap for our Dutchman of the moment to slip into. As much as I get Harry’s need to fit VDV in wherever he can, it hardly seems worth it if he goes walkabouts, leaving whichever of our many (slightly off the pace) right backs open for the onslaught. Luckily, I thought Lennon looked fairly lively against Villa and up to his old tricks, which would solve all of our problems.

So here it is…I’ve figured it out…the clue’s in the title folks.

Four, Four… VDV and then Crouchy!

(At least until Mr Defoe is fit and then we can discuss this all over again!)



  1. Its definitely a dilemma but a good one to have. Hard to leave Pav out but I’d agree that 4-4-1-1 is the way to go with VDV and Crouch


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