Which Former Spurs Skipper Conspired Against Glenn?

Which Former Spurs Skipper Conspired Against Glenn?


The former Spurs midfielder Rohan Ricketts has been writing a series of articles for the excellent Sabotage Times. His latest effort examines what happens when a manager loses the dressing room, with Ricketts using his time at Spurs under Glenn Hoddle as an example.

Unsurprisingly Ricketts paints a picture of Hoddle as a manager who was not well liked by his players, although Ricketts himself was a supporter of the White Hart Lane legend. The article features some interesting insights into Hoddle’s time as manager of Spurs, but what particularly tickled my interest was the following:

“I was new at the club so I was more of an observer than a talker. I personally did not want to see the manager leave but I could see that I was only one of a few. It was different from me than any other player because he’d given me my chance in the Premier League. He’d played me ahead of big name players and had never taken me off – I was even on the verge of playing for England.

“So it shocked me when I first heard the skipper was having meetings with the chairman about the manager. I thought that was a touch unfair but once the senior players had expressed their feelings against Glenn’s methods it left the chairman with no other option than to wield the axe.”

Hoddle was sacked in September 2003. The Wikipedia page for our 2003/04 season cites Ledley King as our skipper, although I seem to remember that Jamie Redknapp was the club captain at the time, but rarely wore the armband because he was always injured.

I’m still sad that Hoddle’s managerial career with both Spurs and England ended on a sad note. It’s clear that he upset a lot of players in both of those jobs, but he had a lot more tactical nous that he is given credit for.


  1. Sherwood and Hoddle definitely overlapped (Sherwood left in 2002).
    I do remember reading something about Sherwood and Hoddle at the time, and think Sherwood was captain at some point.

  2. Hod is God as a player

    As a manager he is shite and prefers washed up players to talented players

    People moaned about Graham’s treatment of Ginola well Hoddle’s retarded treatment of Rebrov was much worse

  3. Hod was a fine player for Spurs but he didn’t cut it as manager what with him “scratching his head” at how we’d lose a match. Just as all the managers haven’t for yonks going back to Bill Nic, until now.

  4. Hoddle in my opinion was a troubled man when he managed Spurs and England . His life of the field had gone wrong with his marriage on the rocks and his Bizarre behaviour with the lady whose name escapes me . I belve the Hoddle of today would make a good manager for both Spurs and England because his life has settled down now and his job in the Football media and his coaching failed youth players has made him a better communicator and football tactician.

  5. As I remember, Sherwood was a Graham signing. Could be our next manager too. Not a popular player but neither was El Tel.
    Wasn’t our captain back then a certain Sulzeer Campbell. Wonder what ever happened to him.

  6. After a game at the Rebok in 2002, I met a player who was staying at the hotel. Me and a group of supporters, invited him for a drink a he was alone. I asked him about Hoddle as a manager and his reply was quite a revelation. He said that Hoddle had no time for players who couldn’t do the things he could and belittled them rather than trying to get the best for them. Hoddles tenure was probably the worse period I’d ever watched spurs in, in fact the game at home to Man City was the only match I’ve left at half-time in my entire life, bearing in mind some of the games I’ve witnessed before and since. Great player, possibly the worse manager ever, maybe that’s why?

  7. Essexian – Any reason why you can’t mention the name of the player? Is it because you are living in a fantasy land and simply trotting out the same quotes that have been flying around for years but pretending that you know more than everyone else?

  8. Royspur, dont get all defensive because you cannot offer anything tangible to the conversation. I wasn’t certain about the legalities of naming the player firstly and also it’s not relevant either, as the issue was about Hoddles abilities as a manager, not that players perspective. If you’re going to get involved in an adult debate firstly try growing up, acting like an adult and saying something relevant! Matthew Etherington was the player in question by the way!

  9. The funniest thing about this is Rohan Ricketts thought he was on the verge on an England call up! Decent player but don’t think so mate, you only played a handful of games for Spurs…


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