Thanks to the wacky antics of Nani, Heurelho Gomes and Mark Clattenburg, Jeff Stelling picked up his first three points of the season last weekend, while Andy Gray and Mark Lawrenson both picked up a point. The league table now looks like this:

Mark Lawrenson – 10
Andy Gray – 5
TottenhamBlog – 5
Jeff Stelling – 4

This week the trio of experts have all picked exactly the same score, while I remain upbeat having witnessed one of the greatest results in our history on Tuesday night. Here’s the predictions:

Andy Gray: Bolton 1 Spurs 1

Mark Lawrenson: Bolton 1 Spurs 1

Jeff Stelling: Bolton 1 Spurs 1

TottenhamBlog: Bolton 1 Spurs 2



  1. Thanks to the Baleathon we are now a marked team by every club, there will be dirty tricks by teams who want Bale . Harry has already waved the white flag by saying Bale will be staying even if we don’t make fourth or better he noes this will start a stampede of big clubs with no regards to rules or financial dept. The most important players in all this will be Plattini who has made rules to stop clubs buying there way to the champions league with dept. We will have to judge our team in the premiership because with all our best players linked to other clubs we will see who is playing for a move and who is playing for Spurs. We all watched Berbatov miss sitters my eyes will be on Van der Vaart Bale Modric Lennon to see who goes missing with injury or in games. The great Jimmy Greaves once said its a funny old game well its not now its a dirty new game that’s not very funny , while the World his bleeding with the weather and Massive dept football carry’ s on oblivious to its plight rewarding a player in bad form on and and off the field with a massive pay rise from massive depts. And we are now dragged into this obscene wages by a media frenzy to sell a lad who has only had half a season with his club for staggering amounts ranging from 30 40 50 million upwards aged twenty one. Football needs a reality check quickly or fans and the media will turn on it and bring it back down to reality.


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