TottenhamBlog v Gray v Lawro v Stelling: Arsenal

Last week everyone correctly predicted a Tottenham win to gain a point each, but no one predicted the rather unpredictable 4-2 scoreline. The league table now looks like this:

Mark Lawrenson: 11
Andy Gray: 6
TottenhamBlog: 6
Jeff Stelling: 5

Last week I also vowed that I would become more realistic in my predictions and stop letting my heart rule my head. Obviously I can’t do that against Arsenal though. Here’s this week’s predictions, featuring a surprising pick by Jeff Stelling:

Andy Gray: Arsenal 2 Spurs 1

Mark Lawrenson: Arsenal 2 Spurs 1

Jeff Stelling: Arsenal 1 Spurs 2

TottenhamBlog: Arsenal 2 Spurs 2

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  1. jackgolf says:

    jeffs always been my favourite

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