TottenhamBlog v Gray v Lawro v Stelling: Liverpool


    Last week I came within minutes of correctly predicting a score of 2-2 in the North London derby. I’m still quite pleased that I was proved wrong though.

    Jeff Stelling was the only pundit to pick out a Spurs win, giving him an extra point. Here’s what the league table now looks like:

    Mark Lawrenson: 11
    Andy Gray: 6
    Jeff Stelling: 6
    TottenhamBlog: 6

    This week Jeff has again gone for a Tottenham win, with Lawrenson predicting the same score and Andy Gray sitting on the fence. Here’s the predictions:

    Andy Gray: Spurs 1 Liverpool 1

    Mark Lawrenson: Spurs 2 Liverpool 0

    Jeff Stelling: Spurs 2 Liverpool 0

    TottenhamBlog: Spurs 2 Liverpool 1



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