Fresh from the training ground comes a picture of David Beckham wearing the famous old lillywhite shirt sky blue tracksuit.

Beckham had his medical today in preparation for his period of training at the club. Only time will tell if we will ever see him in Tottenham colours on the pitch.



  1. I can’t help but smile seeing him in Spurs colours. I really think that if he gets some mins on the pitch for us that he would make us sit up and realise just how class he is.

  2. Welcome to Spurs Becks. Great to have players with his experience around the club. You can see what a difference Gallas and van der Vaart have made to our young squad already. Looking forward to seeing him in the home kit at the lane passing the ball about and scoring from free kicks.

  3. Becks is a legend and still loving to play at the highest level, they’ll be talking about him in 40 years still as Pele is still spoken about today. COYS

  4. I suggest Beckham Is a jinx and I predict we have no chance of beating Man United if he shows up to watch or play I will have a very good bet that cockerals lose
    I want Spurs to win but hey this is easy money for sure
    stupid thing I haveseen for long time what the hells wrong with spurs management they have the best team ever now now they are heading for distruction for being stupid dickheads
    SEE IF I AM RIGHT WEEKEND mmmmmmmmmmm

  5. looking at photo of Beckie the old boy looks under nourished and ill I wonder is this the whole reason Redknapp is taking pity on him
    must be some sort of twist to story it beggars belief what other excuse could it be


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