On the day that David Beckham finally donned a Spurs shirt, albeit only a training one, the furore over local ‘rivals’ West Ham’s suggestion that the whole affair was just a publicity stunt to help with Spurs bid for the Olympic stadium, was back in the news.

In her column in The Sun over the weekend, Hammers Vice Chairman and Lord Sugar’s right hand lady on The Apprentice Karren Brady had stated: “Call me cynical but I smell a rat in the ‘Beckham for Spurs’ reports. They may feel he could help their rival bid to ours for the Olympic Stadium.”

Beckham’s camp have now got round to rejecting the claims: “We would never get involved in anything like that.”

Meanwhile Beckham was pictured taking part in his first session at Spurs Lodge today and Harry Redknapp suggested that he was fully fit.

The reasons for the failure so far of the loan deal may be medical or financial, but it is starting to look unlikely that David Beckham will ever take the field in anger as a Spurs player. One thing is certain though and that is the media circus will be with us until he returns to the MLS.



  1. As much as I can’t stand the woman I have to say she does have a point. What on earth are THFC doing getting involved in all this nonsense with Beckham when, as they keep telling us, he is only going to be around for a few weeks. There is definately an ulterior motive. Time will tell I guess.


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