Duo want out of White Hart Lane

Midfielders Jamie O’Hara & Niko Kranjcar both seem almost certain to be headed for the exit door this month, either on a temporary or permanent basis.

Over the weekend, the Teamtalk website first announced that Kranjcar had confirmed his desire to leave the club. The catalyst seems to have been the arrival of Steven Pienaar. Prior to that, Niko had indicated that he would be happy to stay but Harry Redknapp has now confirmed otherwise.

“Niko really is looking to move. I had a chat with him yesterday and he wants to play. He doesn’t like playing on the right. He is not happy there. It doesn’t suit him. He wants to play off the left but Gareth has been playing there and been playing fantastic. He understands that.”

The injury to Gareth Bale might possibly stall a move, but chances are Krancjar will be gone. Joining him could be Jamie O’Hara.

The same website quotes the player as saying: “I never wanted to leave Spurs, but there comes a point when if you’re not playing you have to think about your career. I am not one of these people who is happy just sitting in the stands and picking up his wages.”

Meanwhile, Teamtalk reports today on a strange story linking Jonathan Woodgate with a move to Arsenal. Harry Redknapp has been quick to refute it by declaring: “No, not a chance. We wouldn’t let him go there.”

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16 Responses

  1. Horny Helen says:

    I really dont understand why we bought Pineaar if Nikko was wanting to stay, we could haved saved 4 million there. I don’t believe we should get rid of Jamie he is the type of player we need, Spurs through and through and is very capable in several positions (just the sort of boy I am looking for). I do think Faiano as been lined up and we are just waiting to get rid of Robbie sand/or Pav. perhaps we will also get Benzema and Diarra. HHXX

    • Johnnybade says:

      Ooh HH you really are a revelation and a Spurs man’s dream woman. A genuine football lover and horny into the bargain. Of only I was that boy you were looking for! ;-). All power to you!

  2. YIPYIPYID says:

    reason been he little slower than Pineaar same with Jamie O’Hara not that quick this why number of good players miss out English league toward America football style of players ie Quarter back or very fast wide receiver type

  3. Paul says:

    Maybe Nico decided he wanted out after Bassong was sent on when Bale got injured against the Toon. I really didn’t understand that one from Harry.

  4. parely says:

    maybe because bale was playing left back you Tool Paul…….


  5. parely says:


  6. jo says:

    “I really dont understand why we bought Pineaar if Nikko was wanting to stay” because niko is slow and lazy whereas steven is quick skillful and hardworking

  7. JimmyG2 says:

    Not sure that Piennar is much of an upgrade on Kranjcar our highest scoring midfielder last season.
    He’s a bit quicker but is not a noted goalscorer and crucially doesn’t speak Croatian.

    We might actually make a million or two on the swap which will appeal to Harry and Daniel.

  8. The Holy says:

    Paul your suggestion that you couldn’t understand why Harry replaced Bale with Bassong was one of the funniest things I have read. Time to stop pretending to be a Spurs fan and reading half of a match report and making a complete fool of yourself. Bale moved to left back to allow Pienaar to play on the left of midfield. Once Bale was injured there was only one option available in that position and Bassong moved into left back. More seriously though, I personally cannot see why any manager would want to moved one of the hottest attacking wingers in the world to a position further back just to make space for Pienaar. Harry we all agree Bale needs some rest but rotate them instead of trying to fit them all in.

    On a much more sinister note it is clear Spurs need a holding midfielder. Palacios is simply half the player we thought he was, and I believe that Jermaine Jenas is seriously the worst holding midfielder I have ever seen. I am baffled how some see good in him when everytime I watch him he seems to do nothing. My review of Jenas in the Newcastle game can be summarised as follows:

    1. He was supposidely our holding midfielder with Peinaar, Modric and Lennon all attacking. He attempted 4 tackles in the entire 70+ minutes and actually failed to win the ball on one single occassion.

    2. He is our box to box solution and yet he was the player failing to get back on several occassions leaving hige holes in between midfield and defence.

    3. He apparently can pass forward but on the 6 occassions he made one simple unchallenged forward pass that my grandmother could have successfully achieved, and the other 6 positive pieces of play all failed to reach their intended target.

    4. He plays in the central role helping to assist the pace of attack, but makes 92% of his passes sideways or backwards and dwells on the ball almost every single time slowing up the whole attack.

    5. He is the one player that is supposed to be the rock in midfield, and certainly with such a lack of ambition you would expect few errors. Jenas seems to get caught on the ball and was the perpetrator in the one on one Lovenkrands Cudicini error that really should have gifted Newcastle the win.

    6. So perhaps Jenas is the leader in midfield, acting as the general lifting the team morale. Well in a word NO !, he drifts around without purpose and never seems to lead in any way.

    7. Hunger and energy is the last thing I can think of, but once again he seems to lack both. Look at Bale and watch his desire, his effort, his commitment and compare him with Jenas who seems to have none on those attributes.

    8. So it must be his fantastic finishing or ability to creates chances from nothing. Well once again he failed to have one single attempt on target, infact he didnt even have a shot off target.

    9. When we substituted Jenas for Crouch we totally dominated the game, scored an equaliser and should have won in in the dying seconds.

    I cannot understand what anybody sees in Jenas and the sooner Diarra is signed and Jenas, O’Hara and Palacios are sold the better for me. Huddlestone is in a different league to the three and will soon be back, and I would prefer we played Sandro than play any of those three. This is only my opinion but I feel he is a pinacle reason why we fail to push on.

    The obvious choices are clear for every Spurs fan and therefore I am sure Harry and the awesome Levy have this sorted. Everyone knows the requirements and the Bent deal have repaid the big debt from Sunderland not to mention the £3.5m sell on clause in addtion, now go get them done chaps:

    1. Keano to West Ham – £8m
    2. Pavlyuchenko to Real Madrid – Loan
    3. Krancjar to Everton – £5m
    4. Jenas to Juventus – £7m
    5. Diarra from Real Madrid – Loan + Option to buy £10m
    6. Suarez from Ajax – £18m
    7. Fabiano from Seville – £12m
    8. Jagielka has the makings of a really top left back

    The Holy

  9. squilty says:

    You are all being a bit harsh there. When Harry got desperate in the last 20 minutes he actually went 3 at the back….something he could also have done as early as the Bassong substitution but chose not to. We did not have to have a fourth defender as demonstrated by Harry’s choice at the end of the game

  10. oli spurs says:

    The only reason pienaar played was because benni was injured therefore bale drops to left back and pienaar is our best option at left mid, its time for kranjaar to move on he did a great job for us last season but if bale or lennon are injured he fails to make any kind of impact due to his lack of pace which is why harry bought pienaar which i think was a great move.

  11. GEORGE says:

    The Holy for manager please.

  12. uneekspur says:

    pavchunka shite, ohara shite, kranka not quite good enuf, woodgit finished so whats it matter where he goes, “notso”keene notso good anymore, palace eos should go to C Palace..SPURS NEED QUALITY

  13. sideburn says:

    To the Holy, bale was put at left back because assou was injured, thats the funniest thing ive heard.

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