Because of Arsenal’s involvement in the meaningless vitally important Carling Cup final, our home match against them on February 26th has been postponed.

With our home Champions League game against AC Milan on 9th March, it looks like we could have a tough run of fixtures if the game is rescheduled within that month.

Perhaps it could be moved to a couple of days before the away match at Chelsea, as it didn’t do us any harm last season. The kick off of our match away at Sunderland on Saturday, February 12 has also been changed and will now be televised by ESPN, with a 5.30 pm start.



  1. you say meaningless, what is meaningless, to play final in carling cup, if this is meaningless that mean u wish ur team to play meaningless game.

      • Didn’t come across that way, just came across like a bitter fan who knows their club have no chance of silverware for the foreseeable future, don’t expect any different from a spurs fan really.

          • I wondered how long it’d take! Arsenal mocked Spurs when they won the Carling Cup as it was a worthless piece of silverware and now suddenly it’s an amazing competition to win. I feel sorry for the kids that didn’t get to play this year. Just wondering how excited the scum will be if they win the cup. Hypocrits???

          • Guys if we want to educate these arsenal fans at least let’s get our own facts right. Almost 6, well in June it will be 6 years…tick tock…Hehehe

  2. Final or no final.. Saying we have no chance at silverwear is stupid, as we have silverwear more recently than them and we have even been to a another final since..

    • I came across this blog and I was checking out what you guys were saying about Arsenal, that isn’t really a joke as I am sure lots of fans do that to check out what other teams fans are saying.

      Sorry to say, yeah you have improved but you are still light years behind us Chelsea, Utd and even City, and therefore your best chance of silverware will be the Uefa Cup next year so good luck in that, who cares about the last 5 years we are a better team and a more succesful team so get used to it.

  3. It’s still meaningless rather than vitally important.

    It’s be disatrous if Arsenal wasn’t to win the league for 50 years or FA Cup for 20 though…

  4. Everywhere I look on Spurs sites there are mostly Arsenal fans putting in their bile. Still, let’s humour them as these billnomates obviously don’t have suffient articles of interest on their own club. Obviously these “gfans” don’t actually go to games. Before you deny it answer the question. How come these fans make so much “noise” on the internet but you can hear a pin drop most of the time at the Emirates.
    well done Dan. Put a tiny worm out their as bait and catch a lot of (s)prats. No mackerel though.

  5. Errmm… Yes, of course, I forgot we have been playing long ball football since 1997. That must be why players like Modric, Lennon, VDV, Defoe & Keane (not so much since the return) have been so effective, their height makes for perfect long ball tactics.

  6. Oooo the old gooners are a bit touchy on here. I guess they must be nervous about their team playing at the new Wembley for the 1st time

  7. They need to be on good form.. Brum on their day can win against anyone and would probably be taking it quite seriously, as might be their only chance at silverwear. Zigic could have a field day against their CBs & Fabianski.

  8. Recent stats claim Spurs to be about 5th in the league at attempted ‘long passes’… over 35yds being the criteria. The stats surprised me, I must say. We can pass long, though..

  9. But that is because we have players like Huddlestone, who can deliver 60+ yard passes to feet.. Slightly different.. Would also help if Defoe was playing instead of Crouch!

  10. To be fair I have a couple of Arsenal mates who have been moaning for years that they dont take the Carling cup serious enough! Although I must say most of the Arsenal fans who ring into radio stations have mocked us over the years for trying to win it. Funny thing is if we would have took it seriously at the lane this year it would be Spurs in the final! But for Spurs, bigger fish to fry!! Good luck with Barca by the way!!!

  11. In my opinion, the League Cup may not be the Champions League, but it is still a trophy, so would rather win it than not win it…

  12. What a bunch of BS, enjoy your experience against Milan because champions league at shite heart lane is coming to an end and in my opinion you won’t see any next year.

    At the end of the day football is played in the present not the past, Arsenal are in all 4 competitions, Carling cup Final being one, don’t act as if Spurs didn’t take the Carling Cup seriously, they played as many inexperienced players as Arsenal did, it is just that Arsenal’s youngsters are better than those of Spurs.

    Who gives a crap about what language people speak at the emirates or any other staduim because I am sure there are just as many “foreign spurs” fans as there are at Arsenal.

    Finally, just look at the table which speaks volumes. That is a balanced argument I believe before anybody starts saying crap about me, and that is just my opinion.

    • Couldn’t be bothered to read all that crap!! Truth is, unlike Arsenal Spurs know how to mix their play, which is why we actually have a chance in the Champions league. Laugh all you want, you know it’s true. Arsenal are on the decline, I know you had a few results recentley but we all know it won’t last, it never does!! Enjoy your glory in the Carling cup, I think you can win that, but like someone has already mentioned ” it’s better than winning nothing”

  13. Well our chances of silver ware are limited to the f a cup. The meaningless trophy we won a few years ago is the only trophy we have won for ages. It’s a pity that our only chance of success was robbed by them. They almost threw it away though. They will probably have a shout at the league although man u are 2 strong

  14. Chris: OK, lets take a look at your balanced argument.
    In the present we beat you at your home his season.
    The season isn’t over so the table on represents the present, not how it will finish.
    You claim your reserves were better than ours in the CC game at WHL. Here’s a rundown of our side that day

    Pletikosa – First and only 1st team appearance.
    Naughton – Only 1st team appearance on loan at Leicester
    Assou Ekotto – 1st team regular
    Caulker – 1st team debut – on loan at Bristol City
    Bassong – 4th choice CB (5th if King were fit)
    Sandro – Debut, after full season in Brazil
    Palacios – Reserve whose form has been poor all season
    Livermore – on Loan at Ipswich
    Dos Santos – Only 1st team appearance
    Bentley – Started one other game – on loan at B’ham
    Pav – Part time Starter/Reserve
    Keane – 2 starts in the Prem on a as sub in the CC.

    Your Reserves included: Flapianski, Djourou, Koscielny, Rosicky, Nasri, Denilson, Wiltshire, and you subbed in Arshavin, Chamakh and Clichy.
    Oh, and least you forget it was 1-1 after 90.
    I get it, you don’t like Spurs, we don’t like Le Arse. But I wouldn’t crow too loud if I were you. While it’s altogether possible we will lose to Milan, there is a greater possibility you will lose to Barca. If I were you I’d be concentrating on the CC as your most winnable trophy this season, although B’ham like to play long ball and as Ipswich proved you are dodgy against direct sides.

  15. Poor yids, a ‘tough run of fixtures’ what do you think happens to EVERYONE ELSE in the f**king Champions League every year?? F**king get real you whinging mugs..

    Now you see why other teams find the season such a long slog..

  16. Spurs last Final in anything else than the Meaningless Cup (as named by this blog) was 1991, when they won the FA Cup.

    Since then they have been in the Meaningless Cup Final 4 times, two times since Arsenal last was in the Final in 2007 against Drogba.

    In the League, Spurs has finished above Arsenal twice since Spurs last won anything other than the Meaningless Cup.

    Since Spurs last won the FA Cup, Arsenal have won:
    League 3 times (4 if you count 1991), the FA Cup 5 times, the Meaningless Cup once in 1993, the Charity Shield 4 times, The European Cup Winners Cup once, and appeared in 4 other various Finals in Europe.

    Arsenal and Spurs “Shared” the Charity Shield in 1991.

    Yes, Arsenal supporters and Arsene Wenger have not prioritized the Carling Cup in previous seasons, but have this year. However, for Spurs fans to try to make fun of the fact that Arsenal can this season can win the only trophy Spurs have had any chance of winning since 1991 just falls on its own ridicule.

  17. We are more successful then spurs in everyday past present and tomorrow which is the future,so until u do better sshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hahaha divs.

  18. on a totally unrelated subject, as an outside observer from the states, and a spurs fan, would someone please enlighten me to how defoe gets 14 matches and does nothing, while the talented giovani dos santos rides the bench? just wondering, as i’ve personally seen him embarrass our national team, i’m sure he could score against wolves.

  19. Lol, i think this is hilarious. Coming from an arsenal fan, who even congratulated spurs on their win against AC and they still cuss us on my facebook? but hey it was nice to have peace and quiet when we beat barca. I have never given the impression that the carling cup for instance is a worthless cup. I think any win, trophy that a team get is good. but seriously, spurs need to lighten up. Maybe next world cup fabio will put some decent players in, not ppl wth big names who think they are all that. i seem to remember spurs players in it, and they (the whole team) just bought a mockery to football. i could do better. Arsenal are a good team, and they play like a family, i couldnt ask for a better team. anyways thats my rant over.

    • As a spurs fan i was applauding arsenal for their win over barca probably for the same reason but saying that spurs fans need to calm down? Both trams are RIVALS its whar makes watching the games fun. And as for the idiot that said arsenal had always and would always be better than us, 1919 you had to win a vote to be promoted past us who were in a more favorable position… The only reason youre in the prem is cause you got voted in


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