The morning after the night before and for Spurs at least, nothing has changed. Nobody will know how close we ever came to signing a Rossi, a Forlan or even a Phil Neville. We did come pretty close to signing a Charlie Adam but with the greatest respect, he may not be looked back on as ‘the one that got away.’

It’s easy to be cynical and despondent: fourth place and upwards is by no means out of the question and if we return to the form we showed over the Christmas period, then that should be more than just a possibility.

For most fans though, the worry has been the lack of goals from our three main strikers, with the responsibility for scoring been passed over to Van der Vaart and Bale. Around this time last year, Roman Pavlyuchenko began a purple patch that helped in no small way to secure fourth place and maybe Harry’s hoping for that again.

For me, it just seems like an opportunity missed. I’m continually told that 5th place isn’t that bad (mostly by Stoke supporters that I know!) but having waited so long for Champions League football at the Lane, I don’t want it to end up as just a happy memory.



  1. You really are a bunch of pricks. We have a better team than last year with VDV, Bale playing better and Lennon coming back to form.
    Yeah, it’s disappointing, but what is Levy supposed to do if no-one accepts any bids?
    Wise up to yourselves.

    • The only prick is you. What bids, they were all PR Stunts. You think greey levy cares. Ur the foul who broght into the lies and did no research lol.

    • MalSpurs
      Wise up yourself mate.

      Levy handed HR a £40m+ kitty to get a striker.

      The twitchy f**kwit waits until the final three days to bid for about 27 different players. About 5 of which actually strikers. Yes, bids were rejected – but it was all at the last minute!!

      And why is he loaning out midfielders when moaning about an injury crisis in the middle of the field!!

      Anyway, back to why you are a prick…

      Between our 3 strikers, this season we have scored 5 goals. Being a prick you would not realise that.

      So no, we arent the best we’ve been at the moment.

      You prick.

      Im keeping the faith, but you are still a prick.

      Ps. You’re a prick.

    • Maybe we should identify a target & then stick to negotiating with ONE player at a time next time then as it sounds like we were desperately waving 30million sheets at any spanish speaking dego. Lennon back to form ?? One good game against Evra does not mean he’s back to form my friend. Azza’s been a disgrace since he’s come back from injury . VDV is indeed quality but is yet to complete 90 mins & my guess is that he will only get quieter as the season progresses. Bale is world class at present although will be suffering burnout as we rely on both him & VDV to ‘ bale ‘ us out all too often. Crouch & Defoe have ONE premiership League goal between them & the failure to bring in a renowned striker of SOME description to assist in the challenge for 4th place & latter stage of champs league if poss will ultimately result in a fruitless season , 5th – 7th place finish & quite possibly the departure of the likes of Bale , Modders & VDV. Our decline will start with a defeat at Blackburn tomorrow as we’re unable to finish chances . Maybe YOU are the prick in this instance

    • This is what Levy needs to do, Start bidding early, closely monitor development/situation and think fast. Levy offerred about 20m for Suarez and got rejected, the same goes to Aguero at 35m. Liverpool offerred 17m for Suarez, rejected, but later upped the offer to 23m and got him. Levy has the money unused for Aguero, why can’t he use it to counter Liverpool offer, say 25m. Guess if he did that in the final hour, Levy could have signed him. Instead (becoz he and Harry didn’t think wisely) they go for Charlie Adams and still didn’t get him…. To do thing in the last minute is bad business. “Seller” might loose everything just becoz of some paperworks/requirement that can’t be done in time. That’s the reason Levy’s late bids (if he did bid…) not being accepted. Hope he learns something.

      The other thing that he needs to do is, to learn to “pay it forward”. Spend (wisely of course) to get the best, it’s going to be the club’s investment. A big and good investment will bring great returns overtime. What happens now is the club is “afraid” to invest, too afraid to making the wrong investment (unreliable talent scouts? maybe…). This could be the reason why we have all the “monkeys” around ‘coz we are only willing to pay the “monkey owners” peanuts. As the Chinese saying goes: Good thing NO cheap, Cheap thing NO good!! Hope he learns from this one too.

      Finally, I do understand that Levy and co are businessmen, the bottom lines is the most important thing even in running a football club. However, I want him to remember this; Smart businessman thinks, Stink businessman not smart!!

  2. I am very disappointed that we could not get a world class striker. Defoe was however in great form before his injury when playing for England. With him in full flight and hopefully Pav hitting another purple patch and Bale back soon we may just do it.

  3. Blimey. Reading some comments I think you won’t be able to find a spare lampost in North London to string yourself up from. Take a number and queue? We are in about the same position as last year. Does my memory fail me or were the same people saying we’d blown it? Behind City and Villa and write us off as we’ve got Arsenal, Chelsea at home and, shock horror, City away still to play. O fcourse most real fans got behind the boys and roared us in to the Champions League. We’re not out yet and while it will be tougher, I hope the players have more grit and beleif than their “supporters”. Supporting a team is about hope and the long term.

      • They lost 4-0 to Fulham is that enough grit for u.

        Dos Santos – Left footed attacking forward, sent on loan – yeah grit.

        We waited 3 months for Defoe to recover from injury and then he gets a red card. Now we’re waitin for him to score goals grit.

        Walker on loan to villa – more grit.

        Bostoc at loan to Hull.

        Did u not hear they were tryin to sign Beckham lol. Wicked, grit.

  4. What a joke this transfer window has been for Spurs. As usual leaving all of their business to the very last minute, which is proving to be a tired method of acquiring the best talent around. Liverpool have outdone us hugely this time having stolen two worthwhile transfer targets from under our noses. Levy sell up, Redknapp move on and allow someone with the calibre of Mourinho to take ur place.

  5. no chance. we may not even hold on to 5th. the top 4 will race away now. its quite depressing. i believe not signing a top class striker may mean Bale will want to leave. to be honest, himself and modric deserve better than to be supplying balls for usekess cunts like defoe (soon to go a year with no league goal), crouch (no longer can “great feet for a big man” be associated with this waster) and pavlyuchenko who despite being 6’2 has yet to win a header in his career in england. i wont hold it against bale and modric should they leave in summer. they deserve the best

  6. None. Thanks to greedy daniel levi who is countin all his profits as I type. Champion leagues was this season. I now know that it’s about makin money and puttin the blame the else where. They sent out Dos Santos and now not lookin to pay Bale the 100K a week he ask’d for. Nice one Levy u get ur money up. He Brought VDV at 8Million not cause he was a bargin but cause Levy still has change in his pocket. Short Arms and Deep Pockets, what a fat cat.
    From A spurs Fan who is just goin to watch as supportin this season is nonsense.

  7. Not a chance in hell. The 4 above us are either too strong or strengthened considerably. With Liverpool spending also I am scared for 5th place at the moment never mind 4th.

  8. I would think a slim chance, however I don’t see why we can’t. We did it last season with a weaker team. When Bale, Hudd and the rest come back we have a great squad.

  9. At a time when we should be looking to capitalize on our champs league status we have merely capitulated!!!!
    Whilst watching Chelsea and Liverpool substantially strengthen their respective squads we are left wondering if even 5th is going to be attainable now. Liverpool are currently only a few points behind us at the moment and have made serious moves to strengthen their squad whilst we are merely “hoping” that our strike force finds some form that they haven’t had all season.
    I don’t believe pool will get champs league but I do worry that the team we were competing with have taken a massive step away from us in the battle for fourth.

  10. It is obvious that we didn’t act properly and in time during this transfer window. This shows lack of proper programming and also lack of proper organization concerning an adequate scouting system and having a responsible person or staff who will be busy with detecting proper players in foreign leagues given the shortcoming of Harry on this. All together it shows also lack of acting as a serious and well organized club and lack of ambition. Given that all direct opponents have strengthen at least on paper the only chance we have to fight for a fourth or fifth place is to use the proper tactics in each game aiming in getting results rather than offering a show and the right players for the right positions without any personal preferences on behalf of our trainer. Also it is important to use full backs who primary can defend successfully.

  11. Is 4th now 1st . I would rather win the Carling Cup and finish 11th than finish 4th every year . If the game as Mr. Blanchflower said was about glory then 4th is nothing . Unfortunately it is now about money .

    • Wonderful, except we got knocked out of Carling cup by the scum 4-1. We got knocked out of FA cup 4-0.

      It isn’t about money, CL means more money, which means better players which means more trophies.

      If you truly believe Carling cup and 11th is success then you’re probably very pleased that we tried to sign Phil Neville- nothing says 11th place and Carlign cup like Phil Neville.

  12. No we will finish between 6th & 8th. Why? beause we have gone backwards under Harry recently. Even over Xmas our displays were not that inspiring, it is individual brilliance that as got us through and not a top team display. It is not just strikers we lack it is the way we play the game, other teams have sussed how to stop us playing and it seems to work. Lennon is a waste of space at times in that he recieves the ball far to early and all he does is passes iot back to Hutton. He needs to be getting the ball into his feet when he is sweeping majestically down the wing passing defenders in his wake. Modders and VDV dont fot together well in their current positions, especially when JD plays becasue there is no height and no one to push and shove. We are not very good at harring teams eiother and we loose possesion of the ball to easily and find it hard to win it back. So harry and coaching staff, get this sorted out and push these players to new heights. Also Hutton is shite and Kaboul is a far better option so when he is fit, just put him in. I say that to my bloke every night, just put him in and I will take care of the rest. HHXX

  13. Harry just play Pavlyuchenko.

    He has 179 goals in 370 games.

    33 in 80 for Spurs. He can score goals, just play him.

    I dont care if he doesnt run or try hard, he scores goals. FACT.


  14. WHAT ARE WE DOING!!!!!

    This is was our big chance and we are blew it!

    Our squad has performed admirably dont get me wrong so far this season on all fronts ecspecially europe. But getting into the top 4 is the most important and with man citys form we cannot afford to miss oppurtunites like the transfer window to add the last couple of additions that will make the difference and help us challenge. If we finish 5th the big oppurtunity is lost to cement our future at the top of the league.

    We only needed a world class striker!! (maybe a couple of full backs and a central midfielder!)

    What is this nonsense waiting to sell keane before going for a striker!!! that is not how we should be thinking at all to progress, never mind stratford!! if we are not willing to invest money required in a special player at a sensible time to progress then whats the point! we have just generated millions from getting to the knockout stages of the CL, yet we wait till the last minute make all theese supposed bids for top strikers all across spain! so the selling team has no time to replace their outgoing player! so they all reject the bids and you end up having to pay well over the odds to make them think about it, like carroll. we couldnt even do that!! instead we bid 250k for phil neville!!! just to insult everton who would want to give up their captain for 1 weeks wages of yaya toure!! ridiculous!!
    charlie adam – do me a favour, that was a desperate move at the very last minute because we had failed on all fronts and to try and appease fans!! we dont need him!!

    Yet there was HUNTELAAR; HULK; SUAREZ (we could of had !) ; GOMEZ, CARDOZO; FALCAO; FABIANO; FORLAN; BENZEMA; ROSSI; AGUERO, LLORENTE to name but a few that have been linked are prolific and could take us to the next level. But then we go on about wages, we wont pay 80k for a player ..boring boring boring! why not we have the money and if that is what is required, its not like were man city or chelsea throwing money about ridiculously all the time. Bale needs to be on 80k atleast as he is worth it. But to miss out on these players after upsetting our current strikers like pav, crouck, keane by saying they are not good enough then not signing anyone because we are unwilling to spend its shooting ourself in the foot. its so frustrating !! spend 20m on a world class striker , pay his wages and lets have a crack at the CL and finishing in the top 4 for pitys sake otherwise we will seriously regret it !!!!! too late now of course : (
    loan all your players out – dont bring anyone in ..brilliant!!
    I think it was luck Levy managed to pull off the VDV signing – this was a sham.

  15. There is a chance. Yes huge wasted opportunity, what’s done is done, now all of us need to get behind the entire team and support them to do the best they can. Please stop knocking your own team, it does not help any player when they hear their own fans at them. COYS

    • No matter what our views are. The players, manager, fat cat greedy who owns the club gets paid win or lose. They should not be wastin the supports time gearin us up and when it come down to it lets us get on with it. It’s wrong

  16. Play pav and defoe and we will score goals simple.drop vdv in to the right side and the goals will flow.that being said this window was bollox.Jamie o hara is a better player than Adam.arry we are not wet spam or Pompey sort it out or fcuk off

  17. Ok, there is no other way to say it than we desperately needed a striker. I am a huge admirer of Andy Carrol and I was absolutely gutted to see him donning Liverpool’s Addidas jersey. He’s the only player who I believed we were genuinely after; the rest are all a bit wishy-washy. However, we obviously could not match the bucket-loads of cash Liverpool decided to spend.

    But that’s just the way it goes. Harry needs to work extra hard on the strikers; possibly consider letting go of Les Ferdinand and looking at someone else who can instill some confidence into their boots.

    What bothers me is the fact that we went after another midfielder again. Come on Harry, you’re wiser than that. A striker should have been in the cards since October when we realized we weren’t scoring goals up front. Scouts should have been sent out looking for international players, if need be. Take Javier Hernandez at Man U, for example. Someone like that, possibly cheaper.

    On to Blackburn. COYS!

  18. essex

    “Defoe to get a goal scoring run.”

    hes coming up to a year without a goal in the league. he was subbed in 14 of the last 15 games at the business end of last season when we needed real men to stand up and had to look elsewhere. he cant hold up the ball, hasnt dribbled round a player in about 5 years, and is the worst 1-on-1 finishers ive ever seen at spurs.

    isn’t it about time we de-throned Defoe of his folk hero crown and just give up on this USELESS WASTE OF F*CKING SPACE

  19. Gutted!Seriously fucked this one up. Liverpool getting Suarez breaks my balls the worst, he will score for them on a regular basis and we’ll be left wondering what could have been. Still positive but feeling like even Villa have bigger balls than our Board of Directors! Also concerned Bale and Modric will want more CL footie, we need some someone to find some goal scoring form.

  20. We don’t know what the transfer budget was, but if it was at least 20m, then Falcao, Suarez, Cardoso and Huntelaar were definitely possibilities if you start to negotiating well beforehand. We only needed a striker (ok, some extra defenders also), just for the confidence of the other players. I suppose Newcastle knew already weeks ago that they would sell Carroll to Liverpool as Liverpool knew several weeks ago that they would sell Torres to Chelsea. That’s called management. Nevertheless we have a better team than last year. Liverpool midfield still sucks, combination Suarez and Carroll is totally new, Torres and Drogba also, this might take some time. Let’s just support Pav, Defoe and Crouch as supporters should do!

  21. We missed an opportunity this window. Our league form has been patchy of late (1 loss and 2 draws last three prem games) and a world class striker would have been a massive boost for the remaining games of the season. This was also an opportunity to offer a player champions league football which we might not be able to offer next year.

    We should be positive, stay focused as champions league football is still in our hands.

    Big game tomorrow, we need a win.

    P.S. All the BS I’ve been reading since the Fulham game is tosh. One bad day at the office, that’s all it was.

  22. HH is right. It’s mainly a matter of not proper tactics. When you apply the right tactics and the players are been used in the right positions then this gives self confidence to the players and they can play to their maximum.

  23. I’m over the moon. Expectations reduced and it feels like Spurs again. Of course a bit of success would be nice but I’m realistic enough to know that top 4 two years in a row would have been a hell of an achievement. I don’t like expecting us to win. Takes all the excitement out of the game. I’m used to wondering if Wolves might turn us over. That’s what being a Spurs fan is about.

    And the best thing about this window is that we didn’t get Andy Carroll and the bindippers got shafted.

  24. Pav can only hit a ‘purple patch’ if Harry plays him…we need 2 strikers up front, a couple of good results, and with luck the moaners will go away again and Spurs will be up there where we want them to be

  25. @Roy Top 4 again would be indeed a massive achievement, top 6 is where we belong with the current squad. Let’s face it, we don’t have the money to win the league. Ending 4th (CL) would allow us to keep Bale and Modric and strengthen the squad gradually. We are still the Spurs and don’t have to get spoiled, but I liked 2 last seasons.

  26. While I am gutted that we didn’t get a striker in the Jan window and IF I’m 100% honest, NO, I don’t think we have any chance of fourth now, can we keep in mind that we are currently sitting in 5th spot having played some crap football this season, anything is possible if we hit some form at the right time…..Keep the faith !!! COYS

  27. We should be aiming to challenge for top spot with our squad, all it needed was one world class striker and a Left and Right back! (poss cm too) but I agree with HH ..hutton is sh1t, is always caught out of position for goals, Kaboul would be a much more solid option when he is fit. corluka as back up, sell hutton.
    akotto as a back up LB as he has lapses in concentration and can get caught out, but not as bad as hutton, worth keeping. but first choice LB Taiwo 5-8m (Marseille); Drenthe 6m or loan from Real as he is on Loan at Hercules and was playing really well. Santon 8-10m form Inter, young, touted as new maldini but very little game time at inter. either would have been welcome, 2 positions done.

    Taiwo/ Santon/ Drenthe LB
    Gallas CB
    Woodgate, Dawson CB
    Kaboul RB

    Centre Midfield – With Palacios’s indifferent form am surprised we didnt go for muntari who went on loan to sunderland. The only reason I can think of is that he is finally gonna give Sandro a chance who was v.unlucky to have to come off against fulham sunday, was looking forward to seeing him play a whole game. He was called up by brazil last week so still in their first team plans, so why not in ours??
    A midfield triangle of Modric/ Huddelstone / VDV – favourite for me.
    sell jenas, ohara, palacios poss? if form doesnt improve. Should just work on his passing with hudd.
    if not go all out and replace with diarra in summer

    Up front have 1 CF in middle i.e Pavlychenko who’s career scoring to games ratio is by far the best we have.
    Then 2 players off him with pace i.e Defoe and Bale (use lennon as impact sub when defenders are tired.
    The three prong that chelsea used to use when they were unbeatable under mourinho Drogba, with Robben and Kalou just off a little deeper running on. Barcelona used to use it too with Eto’o in the middle and Alves and Messi running on.

    Bale/ Pavlyuchenko/ Defoe (lennon impact sub)

    but a World Class striker was required for the centre forward position – we will just have to see if Pav can deliver what we know he’s capable of – but he is our best hope now.

    Out of all the strikers linked, which is about a dozen or so, I have watched their respective highlight reels on youtube and the most impressive for me was HULK .. he looks the business, we should definately go for him in the summer!! skills, pace, strong , perfect for premiership. and also Huntelaar was the most prolific avg a goal every 1.5 games! compared to defoe 2.74 and Crouch 3.4!! Pav was 2.17 and Hulk 1.67!!

    COYS we dont need alot ! but lets do our best in the summer to make these happen; if liverpool can buy players like suarez in their position, theres still hope if we dont make it, but please I hope we do! COYS!

  28. Hey folks, undoubtedly a disappointing day yesterday. The prospect of Forlan, or Suarez, fitting in alongside Modric, Van der Vaart and Bale had me drooling yesterday. But let’s not start kicking Harry and Levy – both have done superb jobs.

    The bottom line is that we can’t compete with the wages offered by City, MU, Arse, Chelski or – it appears – Liverpool. But 4th is still a possibility if our big players hit form.

  29. but why come this far and risk it slipping away and back to square one! i’m sorry but we needed to go the extra mile to sustain our position and have failed to do so. We had a whole month to get something sorted and we tried to be too clever and it backfired. Will be gutted if we dont qualify for CL , ecspecially as it looks like we belong there ! with our great performances!
    our existing squad may be good enough to finish 4th – but why risk it!??? a vdv, modric or bale injury and we are less dangerous – we had the chance to make sure we could be in the strongest possible position and we blew it. Now its more hope for for the best.

  30. Sorry, posted on the wrong article:
    Anyway we have now cleared pretty much our entire bench out to go off on loan and we are banking on no more suspensions, serious injuries and those coming back from inury not suffering any issues on the way to recovery and fitness. The thing I am most dissapointed about is this massive gamble we have just taken by having about 8 of our first team squad now on loan for the rest of the season. Given this situation getting knocked out the league and FA Cup’s was probably a blessing in disguise.
    A few questions: What happened to the money from the champions league? Why did we try to sign a 31 year old striker for 17 million pounds yesterday? Why do we continue to torment Gio? Why are we holding on to him season after season if we don’t want him? Where is John Bostock now? Why did we buy him? Why did we buy the two Kyle’s? Why did we buy Sandro? Having said all of this we are now apparently recalling players left right and center coz we are panicking. Look at the list of transfers and look at the “in” compared to “out” list to see the difference.
    Point being a lot of these strange purchases over the last few years need to start coming to fruition very soon or questions need to be asked. I have a feeling half of the buy’s are just for profit at a later date and half of them are for our team. I might be stretching this a little too far but maybe the occasional purchase of a VDV type or an old fave like Defoe is enough to keep us Spurs fans attention away from the underlying money making schemes going on. Or to be more precise the improvement plan of our share price for several reasons like loans we need to get for new stadiums and making us look good on paper to potential new owners. Anyone that works for a company that floats on the stock exchange know what I mean.
    At the end of the day I’m just saying, we do a lot of stuff that doesn’t make a lot of sense to success on the pitch. If someone would officialy explain it all I would be ok but they don’t.

    We will not finish 4th and will be very lucky to finish 5th. A shame becuase 2010 was one of the best years since the early 80′s in my opinion but I can’t see 2011 being better. As long as we continue to pick poor formations, select literally the same team every week (no choice now we loaned everyone) and continue to pick players like Palacios in our starting 11 we have no chance of 4th. And our keeper although very likeable and sometimes amazing is still extremely dodgey sometimes.

  31. 4th, no chance, 7th if lucky. It was on the cards after the opening match against Man City when we dominated, but couldn’t get the ball into the back of the net. Levy should have splashed the cash early on instead of all the last day rubbish rumours. It’s strikers we need, not Charlie Adam, the bloke who failed in the north of the border Mickey Mouse League. Look at the stats of our strikers, great reading isn’t it, and with the flapper in goal for us we need people who stick the ball away with finesse, just like Jimmy, not Defoe who closes his eyes, crosses his fingers and then aims for row Z, or the likes of Crouchy, who for a big lad gets beaten in the air to easily in the premiership, even though he’s proven difficult for the europeans get to grips with. So is it a chance for Pav? I guess it needs to be, but will he fire us to european glory or a top 4 finish? Not without a good run in the team. So maybe in 18 months time we will be able to go back to YBB and try not to concede 3 in 30 mins in our next champions league qualifier.

    Alternatively, has Levy realised that ‘ARRY will be off to replace Capello in the very near future and is amounting a war chest for our next manager. I think he knows ‘ARRY is on his way and is starting to build up funds, but these will be, in my opinion, for another nice bonus for himself, the other directors and for Joe Lewis.

    All i can say is please put this club back where we belong, in a new stadium at the Lane with a team capable of emulating Bill Nick’s of the 60’s, instead of just plodding on in mid-table mediocrity.

  32. Hi, I,m looking for a buddy to travel down to WHL with to watch the MIGHTY spurs. More fun going with someone to talk to than on your own. I,m from York plz get intouch
    Cheers John

  33. I simply can not believe what I have read from almost all of you. The negativity and stupidity appalls me. Im almost lost for words in fact. Spurs are 4th FACT. Currently 4th with a vital game in hand. We are 10 points ahead of Sunderland and 8 ahead of Liverpool again with a game in hand so lets put to bed those “glass half empty” guys on here saying 5th or 6th may not be possible. Id put my months salary on a bet with any one of you that we will not finish 6th or 7th.

    I am immensely confident we will finish 3rd, you may all scorn and scoff however why the hell not? We have key players out, Bale Rafa Moderic Tom Huddlestone, and as you have all pointed out strikers that simply are not operating at present, yet still we sit in 4th!! What does that tell you?! If we beat Blackpool which is our game in hand we go 3rd outright and if you all recall last season we put an awesome run together to grab 4th, this time if we do that again no reason why 3rd cant be ours or even runners up! We have lost 1 league game in what 15 matches? I think you forget that we used to be mid table at best only a few years ago!!

    You all need to get a grip and get into touch with reality and be positive believe in the side and stop being negative, how does this help? Why slate our manager who is the best we have had for decades? Negativity does not help, behave like real fans or real supporters and get behind the team rather than being doom and gloom, be grateful for what the players have done for us getting us Champions league football and trips to enjoy, we are in the knockout stages. Yes we got knocked out of the FA cup which I admit was a poor poor day but these guys are all human, everyone has a bad day at the office. So quit the negativity, COYS!!


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