With some pointless vitally important international friendlies out of the way, the Spurs squad regroups for what could be the most important month of the season.

The club will still be looking to finish fourth at least in the Premier League and won’t be daunted by the trip to AC Milan next week. For the club to achieve their ambitions however, you feel that the goal difference will have to improve.

Heurelho Gomes will be a central figure in Spurs aspirations. Whenever he is mentioned on this site, people come on to condemn him or leap to his defence in equal proportions.

Although he seems to have put his most calamitous early errors behind him, he is still capable of chaotic moments and could easily have cost us two points against Bolton on Saturday. In amongst all this, he makes some outstanding saves and no-one can doubt that he secured the win at Blackburn.

Harry Redknapp is believed to have mixed feelings about Gomes at best and it looks like this season could be his last at the Lane, with the club rumoured to have been interested in Paul Robinson and Shay Given in January. But should he go, and if so, who should replace him? Vote in our poll below and add your thoughts to the comments section.



  1. at his best he is reasonably good, but just ok. At his worst he is terrible. All top clubs have btter keepers than gomes i’m afraid.

    • Almunia? Fabianski? Scezney? We would do better to spend our £££ on a striker or two and a left back. Right back is also a concern now but watch Kyle Walker next season, I have a feeliing it will be a big one for him.

  2. Paul Robinson couldn’t stop a thing from long range. Gomes has made more saves that no other keeper would than mistakes. He needs everyone behind him to be at his best. I would love Shay Given but I still think Gomes would be No.1.

  3. I can’t decide. Like Ekotto, when he’s good he’s great, but when he’s bad, he’s really bad.

    The goal he let slip underneath him against Bolton last week was poor.

      • I know, but he can be more of a liability than Van der Sar for instance. Don’t get me wrong though, I’d rather have him than Fabianski or Hart.

      • At first i could’nt stand the guy I thought that he was weak and appeared to crumble and go down very easily when challanged physically but gradually warmed to him when he began to cut out a lot of the silly mistakes and fake injuries. However he still gives me the jitters everytime he is faced with a one on one situation or with high ball’s into the box it’s as if he seriously lacks confidence at times caught like a rabbit in the glare of headlights. Granted he is a tremendous shot stopper and has pulled out some fab saves, real top drawer stuff but yet still makes the most astounding blooopers when you least expect him to like Drogpa’s equaliser for chelski recently and the Bolton goal. From my stand point, if we had the choice of getting in a good young top notch keeper, I would have say without hesitation get that man in fast and relegate Gomez to the bench. I’m sure he will create a stink about it but it may help him to improve, he has got the ability to do so.


    • Cost us Chelsea at home. He made a balls of Drogba’s shot. And don’t say “he saved us a penalty” because he was the one that clattered Ramires unnecessarily and gave it away.

  5. Gomes is a clown! However he pulls off world class saves that have also won us matches. I’d say replace only if we have a better keeper lined up! But if the replacement is Paul Robinson the forget it! As someone above said, he cant save any shots from long distance and he can’t come for any crosses. Bags of cement on his feet.

  6. Who would be better, all goalkeepers make mistakes just like defenders, midfield, forwards and managers … on that basis all the team better go …. Gomes is one of the best and I cannot see at the moment anybody younger to replace him, yes there are some others slightly better but same age or older … the best goalkeepers have the best defenders in front of them, that should be our aim ….

  7. Gomes probably saves us 10 points a season over what Robbo would and I rate Robbo. Very few keepers in the world i would have over Gomes.. Of course he gets caught out sometimes, he gets involved… Doesnt stand there waiting for the ball the be flying in the net before he tries to intervene.. Yes, a few mistakes this year, for example the goal against Bolton was soft and the Chelsea one her should have had stronger hands on, but when watching it in real time, it was an absolute thunder-bolt.. I’d like to see stats on which keepers have made less mistakes than him. Very few i would guess. Cech has consistantly made more mistakes than Gomes since his head injury, yet it never gets a mention!

  8. Gomez is a top goalkeeper and has saved many goals that other keepers would have let in. To blame him for a few errors is ridiculous – no keeper is perfect.

  9. Gomes is the best keeper we’ve had at the Lane in years. To buy someone better would cost a lot more than the £7.8m we spent on him!

    Why is this even a question… goalie is one of the areas of the team we are strongest in. It’s up front where we have no less than three 6/7 out of 10 players I’d be more worried about

  10. after some seconds from Chelsea and Bolton goals, you could say yes .. it’s natural, because we are always disappointment to concede such goals, let alone by that way ..

    but considering to the fact, Gomes made some key saves last season, vs Chelsea, Arsenal & City, and there are other good saves which i can’t remember, it’s a bit harsh to say something like that.

    Gomes is one of the best in UK, and we must keep faith, Brad Fridel & David James weren’t good enough before 30, and if there are something wrong with Gomes ? we might need better backup, i would love someone young .. what’s happening to young Oscar Jansson or David Button ?


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