Apart from William Gallas’ boots, the attention following the Sunderland match, has rightly focused on Niko Kranjcar, but I thought it would be interesting to see what people thought of Sandro’s performance.

The Brazilian seemed more assured on Saturday, than in any other performance he’s made this season and seems to have got some decent ratings in Sunday’s newspapers.

He now looks set to start in our crucial away game against AC Milan, which is something of a turnaround for the young midfielder, considering that he wasn’t named in our 25-man squad for the first stages of the Champions League.

So for anyone who was at the Sunderland game, or at least saw it on ESPN, what was the verdict? Was this a turning point for Sandro in his Spurs’ career, or do you think that the jury is still out?



  1. Not the turning point but think its unfair to say the jury is still out. I didnt expect anything from him this year, he’s young and come from a league which is about the same as ours as football is to cricket!! He’s learning his trade over here, and hopefully can become a good player for us, he has the attributes and from what I here has the attitude which some brazilians lack. i think it will be unfair if he has a few dodgy games in the next few weeks to label him not good enough.

  2. Thought he had a superb game. Watched via internet link, not the greatest of ways , but he looked very useful and assured. Welcome to the CL Sandro, you’re very welcome.

  3. he was a big star in brazil and so it would pronbably not have worked but i think he should have been sent to a championship side until christmas. he would have learned to pace of the english game and now be useful to us. how does he learn the pace of the game when he plays once every two months. frankly away at bolton he was dreadful, completley off the pace. he has lots of ebergy, a real box to box player and strong in the tackle. just a slow process to learn when not getting immersed in the game
    against italians he could have a blinder, they are not going to be playing at the english pace. of course , i t wont help if we are tryiong to

  4. Sandro:He has the drive and grace that we have lacked for a while. Wilson was a breath of fresh air initially, but we have since moved on. where as he hasn’t..sandro looks tough in the tackle, good anticipation of play and with time will mould integrally in to our side.

    BBBiiiiiig game tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I thought he had a really rough first half, but improved greatly in the second. Tackling was more assured, passing more accurate, and I liked the clipped cross that led to Niko’s goal. Only thing that worries me about him is he seemed to foul a ton in dangerous areas.

  6. thought he played well ” his movement when attacking was great ‘ and his closing down was top throughtout the game……… welcome samba boy””””””

  7. He is a brazilian who has made it over there winning the copa libatidores, he is in the brazil team and played the other night last 20 minutes in there friendly.
    So he must have ability on the ball to pass and the required technique otherwise they wouldnt go near him, what he has that makes him different to a typical brazilian is determination, size, strength and work rate.
    I like his attitude too when he was taken off at Fulham after Dawsons sending off he didnt moan at all.

    He is up against Pato and Robinho Brazilians around his age so he will be looking to impress, Id have him and Palacios in anyway to be fair just hope either one of modric or vdv plays to dictate the game coz the 3 of milans midfielders r similar to our 2 in being rough and ready with little flair.

  8. As a Brazilian, I can assure that Sandro was instrumental for his former team winning the South-American championship early in 2010; it was good to see him showing some flashes of his former self last Saturday. He has much more attitude and focus than the average spoiled Brazilian football star, and is certainly not afraid of big games.


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