Gennaro Gattuso’s pathetic display of petulance helped an Italian team revert to stereotype last night and it’s debatable whether his absence in the second leg will be a bigger blow to Milan or Spurs.

Amidst Gattuso’s childish performance we saw imaginary cards being waved and a horrendous two-footed tackle from ex-goon Flamini that could have easily inflicted far more damage than it did.

The referee consistently missed Gattuso backing into Crouch and the fact that Flamini only got a yellow for his ‘challenge’ was beyond belief. Thankfully the ref did get perhaps the most important decision right, when he disallowed Milan’s injury time goal.

“I lost control,” Gattuso said. “There is no excuse for what I have done. I take my responsibilities for that.
“I was nervous. I didn’t want to argue with players and I did it with him (Joe Jordan), but I was wrong to do what I have done.”

Wrong to have picked on Jordan certainly and we await the fallout with interest. Milan’s antics shouldn’t detract from our performance but if we make them lose their cool like this in three weeks time then the tie should be ours.



  1. Flamini should be out for the next game too, along with van bommell, pirlo, gattuso, cassono and ambossini. That tackle was a disgrace and to be honest i have not seen such an aggressive and out of order game plan in my life. The old men of Milan deserve to be fined and seriously hammered back at the lane. 4 nil spurs would give us all an even bigger lift!


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