It isn’t really the time for transfer talk, but much has been said this morning about Ipswich Town’s 17 year old Connor Wickham and the possibility of him making a summer move to Spurs.

Links to Tottenham aren’t anything new for the under-21 international. There is a suggestion that Spurs have first refusal on him and are willing to pay up to £15m for his services.

Wickham scored a stunning hat trick against Doncaster this week and there is no doubting his potential, but is he worth £15m just yet and could he be the answer to our striker search?



  1. does it really mater how much hes worth 10-15 coz were not paying for it the club is nd if their prepared to pay tht much fine with me cz are strikers are useless nd hes looking like the only striker we ll be gettin coz strikers we want are either too expensive or old

  2. The answer to our striker problem next season? Probably not. But Wickham’s a great striker for the future. I say snatch him up now and give him a year or so to develop. Future star.

  3. We don’t need to pay 15 million its 10 million and the rest if we sell him on. The lad is worth it he his 6ft3 and fast and only eighteen we should buy him now if we can for next year.

  4. Yes, we should buy him. I believe in young talent to build the future of our club. See how well we are doing with Bale and others.

  5. he’s played at all levels of international status his age has allowed, all the experts reckon he’s the real deal & most of us have seen him play & seen he can hold his own & the big lad certainly has presence.
    i’d take that chance on his past achievements & grab a bargain ‘cos if he goes elsewhere & does well you could be looking at 40 million quid (or if citeh get interested…£80 million).
    yeah… go get him.

  6. Is he worth 15m? Not now, but potentially yes. When you buy a 17 year old, his price isn’t 100% based on what he is doing now – he is far from the finished article, and will improve with experience. Given that he is playing regularly now, that increases his price. 60 apps already. Basically 10-15m is the price we need to pay to make it happen. We need 2 strikers in summer – Wickham, and one other.


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