After the anticipation and subsequent disappointment of the recent transfer window, it’s been incredible to note just how many transfer rumours are still doing the rounds.

One story that could be quite interesting, are the claims that Michael Carrick will leave Manchester United at the end of the season. Carrick has been reduced to something of a bit part player at Old Trafford and there are reports that Alex Ferguson will let him go in the summer for a fee around the £10m mark.

Harry worked with Carrick at West Ham and as we know, he isn’t afraid to bring ex Spurs men back to the Lane and Tottenham have naturally been linked with him.

Carrick played just two seasons at Spurs and his last game was the lasagne-gate affair in 2006. Now 29, he seems to have dropped out of the England picture and his appearances for United are limited.

Having come close to signing Charlie Adam, it’s clear that Harry is interested in buying another ball-playing central midfielder. £10m sounds a bit steep for a 29-year old Carrick, but if the price was lower, would you welcome him back at White Hart Lane, or is he past it? For what it’s worth, I’d have him straight back without question.



  1. Our current midfielders are better than he is now (and maybe how good he was when with us to). He would not get in ahead of Huddlestone or Modric in the middle. Don’t see where he’d get in the team, so even at £7m he’d be too much.

  2. The answer is no we don’t need any players because Blackpool have beat us and none of there players cost moe than Lennon at 17 . What we need is better drug testing and the FA to name and shame energy cheats i reported a team who sold there best player to Chelsea when they finished second. They admitted they cant catch players because of mixing energy drinks we have bean beat by teams raising there Tempo when they are in danger of relegation and the shock football is being Fuelled by energy to make sure teams can defend for 90 mins plus and this and some bad refereeing is the Twelve man. So why pay Millions when Wigan West Ham Bolton Blackpool have got squads costing less the our players on loan. and beaten us this is a true scandal being hidden by the FA. who is run by Man City’s ex Chairman so don’t expect any names to appear on drug testing site Ukad the names are blank for the premiership. Ufa ave stopped this misuse of energy by naming two three players Mutu and two Russians who tested positive against Utd when they where winning 3-0 it finished 3-3 So with what i no about this form of cheating we are getting shafted by it because Ufa Test Spurs Utd Chelsea Arsenal evnen when they are not playing in there comp. Blackpool Dj Campbell said we work for each other so thats how you win well i no that is not the whole truth and so do the FA

  3. Carrick looks all washed up at Old Trafford. We did Manure a favor giving up. We sure as hell don’t want to repeat the favor by taking him back.

  4. Not good enough for Mrs.Jones: not good enough for us.
    Charlie Adams looks a better bet.
    Strong and quick on the ball and a dollop of the vision thing that we love so much and which Carrick certainly had.
    Haven’t we moved on?

  5. Carrick has looked after himself.He gives no loyalty and inspires none.Perfidious???He is now second hand and second rated—NEVER


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