Where’s Alan Hutton? After Vedran Corluka’s injury you may have been forgiven for thinking that Hutton would slot straight in at right back on Tuesday night, but the game saw William Gallas take over, just as he did at the San Siro when Corluka went off.

Spurs are almost at the stage when any more injuries at the back would put them in ‘emergency loan’ country and you may think that Gallas should be rested with such important games coming up.

Hutton was preferred to Corluka earlier in this season and while he’s not been everyone’s favourite, Harry certainly seemed to want him in the side. Only this week he earned the praise of team mate Rafael van der Vaart who said: “Alan is a fantastic player. He scores goals, is strong and gets up and down the right-hand side. He is a winner and we need players like that.”

So the absence of Hutton is a bit of a mystery. Attempts to find a news story explaining his absence have proved fruitless. It could be quite a simple explanation, but it’s odd to hear nothing. Maybe signing Phil Neville wasn’t such a bad idea after all.



  1. Rumour has it, he went a do-laylee in the dressing room after the Fulham game.

    We won 4 on the bounce with Charlie back linking up well with Lennon on the right anyway.

    Walker to replace Hutton for next season anyway IMO


    • apparently H he was “unavailable” for Tuesdays match, and not injured! Like all of you Im still waiting to hear from Arry what unavailable means!! #:)

    • where does it say in any of these links Hutton is injured?? It doesnt!!! I did read tho he threw a wobbler in the dressing room at Blackpool, but cant find out if any boots were thrown around”!!! Can anyone actually get some facts on this? Someone ask Arry ffs!!!! #:)

  2. Sci-fi scenario:
    Alan died of a new virus that the government wants to keep a secret so we are looking for a look alike or cloning methods to replace him.

    Possible scenario:
    Arry doesnt fancy him any more

  3. This is an odd one. The Physio Room doesn’t have him down as injured (mind you, they don’t list Bale either) and while they’re not infallible they do usually get it right. My guess is the Fulham rumour or something like it is probably correct. This is the bloke who – allegedly – beat up his old man in a drunken rage so anything could have happened. Given the total silence at the Lane about it and the fact that no one seems to have asked H an awkward question at any of his numerous press conferences, my guess is he’s been internally disciplined or H has said he doesn’t want to see his face at the Lodge just now because of something he’s done. Pity cos I would have loved to see him take out Flamini next month.

  4. He is actually, a horrendous player. After a deflected goal at home to Wolves, Harry decided to tout him as the new Gareth Bale. I’ve rarely seen a right-back as nervous on the ball although this has the benefit that he does cross the ball early for strikers – and he can cross the ball. Nevertheless, his defensive positional sense is bordering on the inebriated – is Kaboul likely to be back in 10 days?

  5. he has a drug problem..the same thing happened a coupl of seasons back and before he went on loan to sunderland…he just dose it! he obvs isnt in any of the ‘injury news’ because he is in rehab.

  6. All is well with Alan Hutton. It is the manager who is sick. The sooner he sod’s off the better he is clueless. Blaming the strikers for not scoring my arse. The so-called defence let in 3 yes 3
    against Blackpool, or was it 4 no sorry that was Fulham. As sure as God made little green apples Wolves will beat Spurs.

  7. I heard he has a cocaine addiction ( apparently this was the reason for him being out for so long before he went to sunderland) would be very surprised if this is why he is not playing again..shame as I think he is half decent ( has pace which corluka is definitely missing!) seems very odd no-one in the media has highlighted his absence ? I sense a cover up!!

  8. Spot on Macker!!!! well done!!

    After the coke & booze dad bash he was on very thin ice and as his judgement seems to have decreased lately as has his mood I think that the talcum powder on the table is back on .

  9. He’s a very poor defender anyway, no great loss to the cause, and should be sold as soon as possible. He shouldn’t of been in the side so much this season anyway because Corluka is a far better player.


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