Spurs’ defender William Gallas has admitted that he had reservations before moving to Tottenham in view of his association with the other side of North London.

Prior to the move, he was concerned as to how Spurs’ fans would take to him. Speaking in the club’s Hotspur magazine he said: “I wasn’t sure how I would be accepted but now I want to say ‘thank you’ to everyone because, from day one, I have been made to feel very welcome.

“The fans are fantastic for us. As a player, you want to give something back to the fans who show you such passionate support and that is what I try to do in every game.”

Gallas has been linked with a possible move away and an easy and lucrative ride elsewhere in the world, but for the moment, he’s clearly looking ahead with Spurs.

“We have the quality here, so now we have to be consistent. We have to believe in ourselves, believe that we can succeed. There is a lot to be optimistic about at Tottenham.”

Gallas’ passion and commitment have made him a firm favorite at White Hart Lane and his past seems to be well and truly forgiven.



  1. Hi past seems to be forgiven…what’s to forgive?

    So he also played for Arsenal, so what? He now plays for Spurs and gives his all every game which is all that matters.

    I have never understood the sheer stupidity of booing players simply because they once played for rivals and remarks like this simply perpetuate that stupidity.

    • I get the booing of ex goons that face us like Pires but if a player is wearing the spurs shirt who they used to play for is of no consequence and those that considered or did boo need to atop being pathetic and petty and back the team. When you back your side it makes a difference look at Brum v scum yesterday


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