Memories of Dean Richards

Memories of Dean Richards


The football world was saddened by the loss of Dean Richards on Saturday at the age of just 36. Fittingly, two of his former clubs, Wolves and Spurs will meet next Sunday and he will doubtless receive a warm tribute.

Deano joined Spurs in 2001, arriving from Southampton and following manager Glenn Hoddle. Sadly, much has been made of the fact that he was the most expensive player to not represent England, but many will remember him as a brave centre half who, we occasionally saw the best of, in amongst a run of injuries.

Richards retired from football in 2005 when he should have been coming into his prime and his loss over the weekend is immensely sad. Memories of former games tend to get hazy at times, but I seem to recall a pre-season match against Lazio where he was sticking his head in when boots were flying, giving his all even though it was just a ‘friendly’. What were your favourite memories of him?


  1. I don’t have any particular memory but I remember, particularly in his earlier days with the club, feeling a lot more confident if he was starting.

  2. He was an amazing hard tackling but fair defender when at Spurs and Southampton.He was a bargain at 8million pounds when you think how much some defenders have been going for and are no where near as good as what Richards was Retiring at 29 was such a shame as he was coming into his prime and would have graced the Wembley Pitch for England im sure of that.
    RIP DEANO xx

  3. He nailed me 72 pounds on his debut against Man U for the first goalscorer. We won`t mention the rest of the game. RIP Deano, a fine man.

  4. Lets not beat around the bush, he wasnt great for us, so no point pretending he was. Tragically, he was clearly already having the problems that would eventally lead to his demise at such a young age, and this must have impacted his performances. Its difficult to see how anyone could play to their potential with balance issues and migraines.

    If I were to judge his career, I would rather look to his outstanding form at both Wolves and Southampton, a real giant and good on the ball. I had a period working in Birmingham from 1994-1996 and recall vividly the Wolves supporting colleagues drooling over his performaces. We didnt get to see it at Spurs, but he was a giant of a man with truly outstanding contol for a centre half. Got his fair share of goals too of course – as he did for us (Man U and the winner in the 4-3 against Pompey spring to mind).

    His death is such a tragedy. To be impacted by his health issues in his mid-20s (still a boy in most contexts) – and to be dead by 36, is just horrific. Personally I am greatly saddened by his death – it brings the triviality of kicking a bit of leather around a pitch into perspective. RIP Deano – we wont forget.


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