Harry confirms Hutton return

Harry confirms Hutton return


Spurs manager Harry Redknapp has bemoaned the injury problems at the club while in Dubai this week, but revealed that Alan Hutton looks set to make a return to the side.

Taking a break from training and watching the tennis, Harry told a local newspaper: “We’re trying to finish in the top four and it’s so close. But we’ve got so many players injured, people forget.

“We’ve got Tom Huddlestone, Younes Kaboul, Ledley King, [Jonathan] Woodgate, [Gareth] Bale, [Rafael] Van der Vaart. If you could pick a team of injured players it would be a fantastic team.”

On the subject of Hutton, stories regarding a dressing room bust up broke last week, but Harry claimed his absence has been due to a minor injury.

“Alan had a groin strain, but he’s fit now. I changed it after Fulham. I brought Corluka back in and we went and won four games on the spin, went to Milan and won. But that’s football. Now Charlie [Corluka] is injured, so Alan’s got a chance to get back in the team.”

Whatever the reasons for Hutton’s absence, it looks like he will be back in the starting line up for the Wolves game. In the corresponding home fixture he scored a bizarre goal as he embarked on his last first team run.


  1. so the alan hutton storys appear to be rubbish.it looks like hutton will play in the next match.hes had more good games than bad.hes a good player and what you see is what you get.we have had so many defensive problems that it must affect other players play.with non functional strike force,boy we have problems.to still be 4th just shows that the league this year is below par.

    • ..no it doesn’t show that the league is below par. We have more points than last season. We are doing better than last season. Why is it that people cannot realise this?

      • cos last season we did it with conviction and intent, this season we have scraped uncharacteristically our way back from many of our wins. Cos players that were doing the business last season, have been bloen out this…cos crouch makes the game of football resemble an olympic pillow fighting event…I reckon these are soem of the reasons that fans ‘ cannot realise this’..

  2. yeah tony, it’s a real problem being 4th and in the champions league, boy, i feared these days when we were languishing at the bottom of the table, or when jason dozell was first name on our team sheet… get a grip.

    • Problems are relative though… and we do have real problems with regards to the players available helping us to reach champs league again – not that I don’t half agree with your logic to certain extent… I’m delighted with where we are and how the season’s going, but just because things are better, you have to ignore the relative problems we now have with regard to our defence and injuries

  3. Why are some people so negative. We are up against two other (Chelsea and Man city) pretty good teams. If we finish 3rd we will deserve it, 4th and we will deserve it, 5th and we will deserve that too.
    We are enjoying some great times when every game is a big game. We have a fantastic squad of players. Plus we have a strike force unique in the premiership (they dont score any goals).
    It is only a game, I hope we finish 3rd but anywhere in the top 5 in certainly no failure compared to our recent past.

    • I disagree – 5th is a disaster. Both financially and in terms of undoing the good work we’ve done and the momentum we currently have.

      If we ever want to be considered heavyweights / serious contenders and possibly move on to the next target of challenging for the title – then we have to at least finish amongst the Champions League places.

      With Chelsea slipping up badly and Man City not gelling as yet, we’ve have the best chance in the world to grab the opportunity presented to us with both hands, if we don’t take it – that can only be viewed as a failure.

  4. I f a manger who spends half his time writing in ‘gutter press’ spouting on numerous tv channels about what his expectations are, only to u-turn in a dramatic fashion, then he must except that ‘some ‘people would question his ‘logic’. personally I still reckon he’s a chancer who has landed on his feet, his behaviour and record of achievement on the past speaks for itslef…A sense of perspective doesn’t necessarily require blind loyalty or commitment, I reserve that right for my club, not the manager.


    • I personally felt that if we could have beaten Man U at home there would have been nothing to suggest we couldn’t keep up with them. They’re the team to beat to the title every year and if you can’t beat them at home it’s a big 6pointer lost for a challenging side. But we drew and then at Newc. All the while Man U haven’t slipped up much… I think it’s quite a feasible change of mind in what is, let’s face it, an ever changing situation. Keep up.

  5. Bearing in mind the Hutton/Lennon understanding for an attack force I see no reason why Hutton should not return.
    Hopefully when our strong players are back from their problems, and I hope it will be very soon we have a fairly easier run in compared to Man City and Chelsea and having to play both these are very vital games we at least have to draw.

  6. All I want is for our defensive unit to get back. Gallas at RB is a disaster and with no other natural RB we will have hard time keeping the ball out of our net. Times like this we have to thank God for making BAE healthy as we do not have a natural cover for him. Oh, one more prayer, Lord please forgive any any sins our strikers may have caused and restore their striking powers. It is not natural to have 3 international strikers on a team and none of them can find the back of the net in the league.

  7. >”and with no other natural RB we will have hard time keeping the ball out of our net.”

    The why the fook is K. Walker on loan at Villa !! Idiocy…

  8. Don’t use injuries as an excuse for our inconsistent performance. We recently achieved successes without our “big” name players & were victorious against our opponents. However, it’s nice to hear that we are still in the running for the top 4 position. Our time starts on Sunday & we should not look back.Dont leave things until the very last day like last year ( against Man City). Our chances are good since most of the top 4 clubs are faltering along & we should capitalize on their mistakes.
    Get the team spirit going by telling the underachieving players to pull up their socks.



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