After Harry’s somewhat controversial claim that Spurs would need a miracle to finish in the top four this season, he has backtracked slightly by saying that the race for Champions League places will be between the teams that currently occupy the top five slots.

Chelsea jumped over Spurs last night with their 2-1 win over Manchester United which leaves us in fifth, one point behind the men from Stamford Bridge and three behind Manchester City, with a game in hand on Roberto Mancini’s team.

Speaking to the press Harry said: “The top five now will be the top five at the end of the season for sure. With Liverpool losing, it is five teams looking for Champions League football next year. It is so important for us and we want to get it again.”

So no mention of the ‘M word’ then from Harry and let’s hope he and everyone around the club believes we will be in the top four come the end of May.



  1. If anyone’s Deluded it’s Wenger mate – Arsenal fans are so boring, your banter doesn’t even make sense! Harry’s deluded by what? That we will be in the top 5 and hope we get top 4? All sounds pretty reasonable to me… how about the “my way will rule the world” delusion of Arsene ‘6 years without a trophy’ Wenger? After seeing you all cry over the CC it just shows how much times have changed – we put our youngsters out against almost your whole first team… Bet you wish you won the CC in 208 whne we did.

  2. dear
    deluded gooner f*****k orf and sulk back to woolwich like one, over that so called mickey mouse cup ,we saw u crying over, which funnly enough didnt matter to u lot not so long ago say 6yrs

  3. Well we might as well finish off our stint in the Champions league first before we pack our bags. Then all we’ve got to do is work out what to spend the CL revenue on.

    The european media have loved Spurs in the CL this year for our attacking style and the exitement it brings to the competition. They’ll miss us if we’re not in it next year

  4. Chelsea have Torres, Drogba and Anelka.

    City have Dzeko, Tevez and Tagliatelle.

    We have the beanpole, the midget and the Russian.

    I think Redknapp was right; it will be a miracle if we make 4th this season. No prizes for guessing what the problem might be.

    • agreed that the problem is definitely up the front but harry & levy cant really be blamed. They tried their best to get a striker in but the money being talked about was insane and we do not have the resources of city & chelsea. That has to be remembered. Personally i think it will be close, i think chelsea will pull clear of us & city and then it depends who has the bottle more, it will probably even come down to the game at eastlands again. But if we finsish 5th we can hold our heads high, its still be a great season but i fear our more delusional support will think otherwise.

      • 5th will be no disgrace, but let’s not pretend that a massive opportunity has gone a begging if we are to finish outside the top 4th.

  5. I personally feel it’s a little early to be writing off Liverpool. If they beat Utd at the weekend… they can still push, and City, Spurs and at the moment Chelsea, are all likely to drop points. And enough of this banter with the ars. Lets just bask in the pain the pikeys are quite clearly going through. ololololol

  6. arsenal fans have got to be amongst the worst in football. their unrelenting smugness, detachment from reality,common sense and there obsession with dirty tricks and unfair play policies have helped to bankrupt the game. Success was the aim but debasement was the compromise, un realistic, insufferably insecure…these are the qualities which stand out more where arsenal players and fans are concerned. the footy is reduced to being a mere back drop to the desperately fame hungry ideals which lie before it. Always teh first to pipe up about other teams and success…..laughable!!!!!!!

  7. Why do you not mention Lennon Bale two of the best wingers in the World Yes the World and our strikers will come good if two things happen . If we get all our players back every week and the FA allow Ukad to stop this second and first half false Tempo that the Hamilton player three south African rugby players three cyclist have all bean caught and claimed the fifth amendment and i no is being used in football.Harry was right to say it would be a miracle if we finished fourth or better but he said it for the wrong reason. We are good enough but the word Desperation could prevent us and that is a shame. Chelsea and Blackpool West Ham have all proved its impossible to stop this Tempo because of TV MONEY. Sky money started the corruption and now clubs like Chelsea and City have raised the bar even higher we do need a miracle but while have my computer we may just do it Stop the illegal Tempo Mad Micks Team will be waiting so we need to be ready


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