Although being cup-tied has put Mark van Bommel out of the Champions League games with Spurs, he might well have been lining up in the Spurs camp rather than AC Milan’s for the tie.

It was widely rumoured that Spurs were interested in the Dutchman during the transfer window and Harry Redknapp has revealed that the opportunity was there to sign him.

“It was a difficult one and I dragged my heels with it. I took my time over it, too long and we didn’t do it in the end.

“I could have taken Van Bommel, it was probably a mistake. Perhaps I should have taken him. He is a proper player for sure, but that’s how it goes.”

There has been talk of Spurs going back in for the player in the summer and someone like Van Bommel could provide some much needed steel in midfield.



  1. No we need a forward not steel.

    his maistake wa snot signing one in January or last August.
    then before that his maistakes were Peter Crouch and Robbie Keane

  2. Arrr, the great wheeler dealer!!? What was he draggin his heals over? We might not be in a position to attract these types of players again

  3. these stories really do show a lack of resoect for it’s intended audience…technology allows some of us to distribute shi* at the touch of a button. (this comment excluded)

  4. No. thats not Harry’s first mistake. No decent player coming in this transfer window is unbelieveable; with the injuries and the misfiring fowards; surpris as he is known to be the best market player, the wheeler-dealer.


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