1. Reasons to be cheerful

This was one of those games where you couldn’t help but think ‘we have to win this one’ going into the match and therefore it was a disappointment when we didn’t.

However, the expectation of a win was largely built upon the fact that we lost our last game to Blackpool and that both Manchester City and Chelsea were/are likely to win their fixtures. City have stolen a lead on us, as will Chelsea if they win tonight, but in the next round of Premier League games they will play each other, while we should pick up our annual three points when we play at home to West Ham. We’re still in there and fighting.

Also, a draw at Wolves is not a bad result, despite what the league table might tell us. They have beaten Manchester United, Chelsea and Manchester City at home, so to come away with a point against a team that beat us twice last season is not a disaster.

2. Time to start scouting a new keeper

I couldn’t really be that disappointed when Wolves pulled it back to 3-3, as their disallowed goal should have stood. Had it been awarded, then we would now be blaming our goalkeeper for losing us two points.

It’s the same old debate when it comes to Gomes. On one hand he makes some remarkable saves, but on the other he makes a lot of needless errors. In my opinion he’s only worth a space in the team if the former outweighs the latter and at the moment that doesn’t seem to be the case.

Harry has never seemed to be that taken with him and I expect him to be looking for a replacement in the summer. As for who that new keeper will be, is a question for another day…

3. Harry continues to confuse

Redknapp has done a brilliant job for us, but he confuses me from time to time with his choice of selection and substitutions.

Yesterday was no different. Playing Modric and Pienaar on the flanks did make some sense against a five-man Wolves midfield, as they both work hard and are inclined to move infield. Yet why on earth was Bale played on the right and Lennon on the left when they came on in the second half?

Again, it made some sense when Bale first come on, as Modric as happier drifting in from the left and the Welshman was clearly going to tear apart their left back when it came to pace. There clearly should have been a switch though, when Lennon came on for Modric and it was frustrating to see Bale bursting into dangerous positions, only to have to cut inside onto his left.

4. Defoe should watch Jimmy Greaves videos every week and the ones that got away

There was much talk of how Jermain Defoe had spent some time watching Jimmy Greaves in action last week and it looked like a worthwhile exercise, as JD hit two sweet shots that Greavsie would have been proud to add to his collection. Let’s hope that this signals a run of form for Defoe.

Despite the goals from Defoe and Pav, I still couldn’t help but cast envious glances at the riches in Liverpool’s attack (I don’t mean Dirk Kuyt, despite the hat-trick). Carroll would have been the perfect signing for our team, but the fee was prohibitive, so I’m willing to let Harry and Levy off for that one. Suarez however, looks every inch a bargain, even for £23m.

Whenever we’re linked with a striker who plays in Holland, someone always mention Alves, Kuyt and Kezman, while conveniently forgetting that for every failure to emerge from the Dutch league, there has been a Romario, a Ronaldo and a Van Nistelrooy. Suarez looks as if he’s destined for the second category.

5. Sandro looks better with every game

One of the plus points against Wolves was the performance of Sandro. I thought he looked superb yesterday – always cool in possession and able to pass the ball intelligently. I hope he is allowed to play against Milan, having played very well in the first leg, but I suspect that Palacios will be preferred.

In the long term though, it looks as if we have a very good defensively-minded midfielder who will prove invaluable on those away trips where we’ve looked so brittle over the years.



  1. 5 excellent points. Sandro was mind-blowingly brilliant yesterday. Hutton + Jenas – Mugs! Pav and JD to start next wknd against Wet Spam.

  2. Looks like people are jumping on the “Gomes isn’t good enough” bandwagon. Not in agreement at all personally, Gomes loves Spurs and the rest of the team love Gomes. He was under pressure for the whole game given a poor performance from our defense, particularly Hutton.

    In regards to the decision to put Bale on the right, i’m not sure where the confusion lies. Hutton was getting shredded by Jarvis and Bale clearly provides a much better defensive option than Lennon. Bale didn’t just cut in on his left, there were several occassions where he took it on the outside, including the goal opportunities he made. Lennon has shown the last few weeks he can be effective from the left, so Harry’s decision seems pretty reasonable. the only other alternative would have been to bring Bale on the left and Palacios on the right, but of course Palacios wouldn’t have brought the same threat that Bale did.

    Agree with the comments about Sandro, but the most important thing we’ve learnt this weekend is that Defoe and Pavlyuchenko have shown they do still have goals in them. They might have found their feet just in time. COYS!

  3. Yes, 2 good goals from Defoe, but lets not forget about his total lack of work rate, poor movement and the 1 on 1 and open goal he missed!!!!

  4. I was doing my pelvic floor excersises when Pav scored and nearly eneded up suckered to the lino. We need a big performance on Wed and then against the spammers, who are on the up.

  5. -Dawson-Hutton-Jenas are stark reminders of the ‘darker days’.
    -Defoe and Pav, given the same chance as Crouch, would give us a greater goals return from the striker dept.

    -Gomes has me shaking again every time he’s required to ‘just doing the simple things-simply’.

    -Naughton needs to ‘bring his ass on home’..quick!

    -Bale offers more on one leg to our squad, than practically the rest of the team tumbled together, (bar one or two)

  6. Sandro will be a player for us. The ball just sticks to his feet with every interception. Harsh on JJ in some comments, he did ok and while he shouldn’t be a first team regular he is a great squad player to have. Hutton is crap, couldn’t agree more but we’ll have Kyle Walker next season who looks better every game grabbing another assist at the weekend so that problem is already fixed.

  7. Also, have just put Defoe into my FF team, he always scores against the spammers. Annoying they have just remember how to play football but we should still be too much for them.

  8. FACT Hutton is shocking! I have never rated him and I always maintained it was £9 Million badly spent! Walker will be 1st choice next season or we need to sign. If we are to keep Bale as a left winger then surely we need a left back as well to keep BAE on his toes.

    Spurs Since 82 I think your assessment on Dawson is unfair because he is a great defender and if you looked at Gallas yesterday he looked very shaky in the second half!

    Pav should have got more chances throughout the season as he will always give a better goals return than Crouch but he gets bullied off the ball too easily in my opinion and you never know which Pav is going to turn up one week from the next!

    I am starting to lose patience with Gomes now. Yes he has pulled off some world class saves but what is the point when you cannot get the bread and butter stuff right. We need to move on and get a solid keeper.


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