Having watched the Bayer Leverkusen v Villarreal match – which ended 3-2 to Villarreal – there was one player that really stood out.

It was not Giuseppe Rossi but his strike partner Nilmar. He came on as a substitute in the 68th minute and scored in the 70th with a neat turn and finish. He is 5ft 10″, can head a ball and finish well. The Brazilian international clinched the game in the 94th minute with a composed finish.

I believe this would be a perfect signing for Tottenham. He’s quick and is generally an all-round good striker. Perhaps Harry was looking at the wrong Villarreal forward?

This man would not cost much more than £14 million and I think that he would easily justify that price, Nilmar looks like a player that would be well suited to the Premier League, while Rossi is too one-footed.

Would Harry and Daniel be willing to take a gamble, or will they be after a more established name this summer?



  1. Yeah Nilmar is a real quakity player, great intelligence, great movement and very good skill and vision. He struggled when he first came to Europe but since he came back again a little older and more mature he’s looked a top player

  2. Rumors in the papers say that Harry will be offered Forlan AND Aguero by Atletico for £40 Million. Nilmars good, but Levy would rather invest cash in these two i bet…

  3. Nilmer is good but the only Brazilian we should be going in for is Neymar. Having lived in Sao Paulo for 2 years I have watched him a lot live and on TV believe the hype this kid is the real deal. Fear he might have a bit of a attitude problem but a real,real talent that I’m sure will be one of the worlds best players within the next 5 years. Would cost maybe 25 million but trust me you would double your money in no time. All the rumours are that Chelsea we go in for him plus it was also rumoured there was a first refusal deal in place for City when Robinho went on loan to Santos last year. However with Chelsea spending 50 million on Torres and City over loaded up top if we get in early like we did with Modric we could get a real world class player to add to the ranks.

  4. Forlan can go swivvel, he didnt have much to say about us in January so now we get to the Quater finals he’s up for it naaaa forget about him.

  5. Ozthe players are there for the money but if you were english then you might understand there is a tradition and expectation that players respect the team theyare playing for whether it be Tottenham Arsenal or Torquay united so you can LoL your ever so smart selfback in your box..

  6. I do not care who we get so long as he can hold the ball up and score. Crouch does the former but not the latter and although both Defoe & Pav can be quality its a bit like taxis: rarely when they are needed most.
    Give us ONE fit reliable striker a spare LB and a keeper who scares me less than Gomes and we can beat Barca over two legs as our midfield is fast approaching theirs. Not in pure quality alone but in strength & determination & creativity. Barca can be dominated and locked out, Mourinho showed that, at a cost to football yes. But as winning is all that counts, beauty alone is not enough.

  7. I’ve never really thought of Nilmar at Spurs. I’m a bit (teeny bit) gutted that we missed out on Suarez and Carrol; they look like fantastic prospects for the near future.


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